Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 5

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Editor: Totoro

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The door is locked……. You have to find another way to get out.

At the same time, Rika also reached the living room compartment and pushed the door open with great difficulty.

“Ah! ” 

Rika suddenly jerked back and looked in front of her as an old hand crawled out of the door.

“Grandma Tokunaga……”

Rika hurriedly pushed open the door and saw Grandma Tokunaga struggling on the floor.

Rika helped Grandma Tokunaga, who at the moment looked deranged and could only murmur unnecessarily.

Grandma Tokuhei was delirious, and no matter how many times Rika asked, she could not answer, so she had no choice but to help her rest by the small room.

On the other hand, Chen Lu was glad that he had made sufficient preparations before, and he had come up with it way ahead of time.

In the original story, it was Rika’s boss, Hirohashi, who finally opened the door and rescued Rika.

If Chen Lu could call Hirohashi in advance, Hirohashi would arrive in advance and you would be out of the Ghost house before things get serious!

We have to find a way to get Rika’s mobile phone, and has Hirohashi’s phone number is in it.

“Chen Lu-san, Where did the Mr. and Mrs. Tokunaga go? Why is there only Grandma Tokunaga in the house? ” 

Rika’s worried question brought Chen Lu back from musing.

Hearing Rika’s question, Chen Lu immediately replied to her.

“I don’t know, I think we must call Hirohashi-san first and inform the inconsistencies with the Tokunaga’s! ” 

Rika brightened up.

“Right! What Chen Lu-san says makes sense, so you should inform Hirohashi-san quickly. Meanwhile I- I’ll clean up the Tokunaga house first. ” 

As expected, Rika had to clean up first, just like in the original story, but the difference was that now it was Chen Lu’s turn to call.

Chen Lu scratched his head and showed a look of embarrassment, “Rika-san, my phone battery is dead, can I borrow your mobile phone? ” 

“Ah ~ Chen Lu-san, You’re so careless, here’s my phone, take it! ” 

Rika took out her mobile phone from her bag, unlocked it, opened her contacts, and gave it to Chen Lu.

Chen Lu got the phone so easily that he couldn’t believe how smoothly it went!

Now all he had to do was find Hirohashi-san number in the address book, and Hirohashi-sa……

Chen Lu swiped her whole contact list, but he didn’t make the call. After going through her contacts several times, his face getting uglier and uglier.



Why was there no Hirohashi-san!

“Chen Lu-san, What’s wrong with you? didn’t call my boss? ” 

Rika’s tone was somewhat low and strange, which made Chen Lu’s heartbeat stop.

Chen Lu looked up, only to see a horror scene!

At this moment, half of Rika’s face turned into a white female ghost, especially her eyes, which were filled with tears of blood, stared at Chen Lu with a horrifying smile.

“You don’t call because you can’t find Hirohashi-san in the list?” ” 

“How can you not find Hirohashi-san, I had clearly saved his details! ” 

“Or, what you see is not the real world? ” 

“ha ha …..”

Rika chuckled softly and Chen Lu got goosebumps.

Chen Lu believed that if he couldn’t find Hirohashi-san’s number, he would die.

But- but, this is clearly the same contact list!

Chen Lu whispered, recalling Rika’s words and suddenly realised.

Can’t see the real world?

Am I Blind? Or?


The sound of heartbeat came from his left eye.

Wait……, why did the Ghost Eye activate on its own without waiting for my consent to use it!

Chen Lu’s left eye enlarged dramatically, turning pure black, with a touch of hell red in the center of pure black.

At the same time, the front Ghost house was changing back to the decayed and mottled appearance.

Rika’s mobile phone was also infected, showing signs of being used for years, looking very old and tattered. Chen Lu stared at the Contact list, and the names of the people in the list overlapped one by one, eventually leaving only one name.


Found it!

Chen Lu seized the opportunity and dialed the number. The sound of dialing came out of the phone, and his left eye gradually returned to normal.

Looking towards Rika, she was now concentrating on cleaning up, without paying any attention to Chen Lu.

But Chen Lu believed that if he couldn’t find Hirohashi-san’s number, he would immediately be killed by the Kayako’s Ghost.

Kayako had been quietly stalking him, and this attack was the evidence!

“Rika! … Rika!?” Hirohashi’s voice came from the phone, Chen Lu breathed a sigh of relief, Hirohashi-san was his savior.

“Hirohashi-san, I’m a friend of Rika’s and we’re visiting the Tokunaga family together, but now there’s something strange about the Tokunaga house…….”

Chen Lu made the incident sound as serious as possible, just to get Hirohashi-san to rush to Tokunaga’s house and open the door for him.

“What? I’m on my way right now. ” 

As Chen Lu had expected, Hirohashi-san was ready to come immediately after hearing Chen Lu’s description. But the Welfare Society was still some distance away from Tokunaga’s house and he would not be able to arrive for a while.

“Chen Lu-san, what does Hirohashi-san  say? ” 

“Hirohashi-san is coming to deal with it.” Chen Lu answered to Rika, who swept the floor, and then picked up the broom, “let’s clean it together. ” 

“Thank You! Chen Lu-san, Let’s work hard together! ” 

Rika bowed at 90 degrees, showed a look of struggle, and started cleaning with full of energy.

And Chen Lu was just counting minutes, sweeping east and west on the floor, waiting for the arrival of Hirohashi-san.

Of course, Chen Lu would still touch his left eye from time to time, and he always felt that his left eye had changed after using it once.

Two people, one in the east and one in the west, began to divide the work, and it felt like the calm before the storm.

“Rika-san, what else do you do besides volunteer work? ” 

Chen Lu chatted idly, but the main purpose was to delay Rika’s cleaning.

“Me? Chen Lu-san, do I look very old?!” Rika heard Chen Lu’s words, turned around giving an angry look and retorted with hands on her waist, “I’m still a college student! ” 

“No……I just feel you’re a good person to help people. ” 

If Rika gets angry now and transforms, the movie won’t have to go on. (t/n: Check-In ‘The End’)

The good news was that Rika was not as fragile as Chen Lu thought, but she suddenly blushed and was a bit shy.

“Chen Lu-san, what do you think of me?……”

“Umm……Ah! ” 

Chen Lu expressions changed, Where was this casual chat going? !

Seeing Chen Lu’s look, Rika panicked even more.

“Chen Lu-san! What are you thinking about! I already have someone I like! ” 

“I mean, is a girl like me worthy of love? ” 

“I’m…..I’m Sorry for bothering you! I was too abrupt, saying this all of a sudden……”

“Let’s just clean up! ” 

Rika was talking to herself, she didn’t let Chen Lu interrupt.

However, Chen Lu already knew in advance that Rika had a crush on a guy in college, but she felt inferior and timid, and didn’t have the confidence to talk to him.

So Chen Lu deliberately added.

“Rika-san is the best! The best girl I’ve ever seen! ” 

When Rika heard Chen Lu, she lowered her head in embarrassment and said in a small voice.

“Thank You. ” 

The atmosphere between the two of them was much more relaxed than before, which gave Chen Lu confidence, and his scum-bag plan could soon begin!

They were silent for some time, so they worked faster instead, and it didn’t take long for Rika to clean up her end of the mess.

“Chen Lu-san, I’ve finished cleaning up here. ” 

“Would you like to clean the attic on the second floor while I clean the first floor? ” 

Chen Lu’s body froze, and the unexpected words made Chen Lu smell danger.

He turned to look at Rika and saw a very different Rika.

At this moment, Rika was staring at Chen Lu with a crazy smile on her face.

She was possessed again.

“Do you want to clean the second floor? ” 

Chen Lu tightened up his lips, not daring to refuse, but not daring to agree either.

Because he knew what was there on the second floor…..


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