Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 4

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

The Ghost Eye

As Chen Lu chose to go to Japan, he immediately took the first plane to Tokyo.

According to the Check-In System, he didn’t go to his destination directly; instead, he left for a Japanese Internet café.

And it was not until just now that he came out of the Internet cafe with a black face.

There is only one reason for his black face – Japanese internet cafes were just too! Expensive! Too expensive!

Of course, Chen Lu went to the Internet cafe not to play games, but to watch the movie series “The Grudge.” (t/n: This is a good movie.)

If you understand yourself and your enemy, you will win every battle.

Chen Lu watched the Japanese movie many times. He was too scared to even go to the bathroom. He also suspiciously stared at his desk, fearing that there would be a ‘Kayako “. (t/n: Kayako is the Ghost( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

After watching the film several times, Chen Lu finally understood the plot like the back of his hand.

The film is divided into five parts, each of which ends in death, with no apparent hope of survival. All of them start with entering the ghost house and end with death.

He threw himself into every character in the plot and tried to break the game.

By using his experience with the plot, Chen Lu continued to come up with new game-breaking conjectures. While most of them ended in death, there were still several conjectures that seemed realistic.

For example, how to avoid death or choosing the best escape plan if you must trigger a death scenario, which body parts are more critical, and so on. Even who’s going to become the scapegoat.

But it was not enough.

Chen Lu felt that it was not enough.

Chen Lu still had little faith in the storyline, so he started to explore the origin of Kayako’s birth.

After forced professional analysis and the support from Douban, Chen Lu quickly concluded (t/n: Douban is a Chinese website related to movies🍟.)

Kayako fell in love with the most handsome boy in high school, but she didn’t dare to confess to him. After her marriage, she was wrongly accused by her husband of cheating and suffered domestic violence. Kayako’s Ghost was an anomaly caused by various factors, the most obvious of which is the lack of love!


Since you lack love, I’ll give you love!

Based on this theory, Chen Lu created an emotional strategy aimed at Kayako.

He called this the…Scum Bag Plan.

Time was running out; the blind box beside him had followed him to Japan. The crack was getting wider and wider, and the lid was tilting more and more. Chen Lu was worried that the Ghost in the blind box would come out and kill him first if this situation continued.

He must begin at once.

 * * * * *

 * * * * *


[When you get to the suburbs, please follow the arrow on your mobile.]

Chen Lu stared at the screen, and even in airplane mode, this small application could release information without restriction.

Sometimes, Chen Lu wondered if a ghost controlled the little App.

Chen Lu shivered suddenly. He told the two strong men behind him.

“Stay close, and don’t get lost. “

These two strong men were his bodyguards, and the down payment alone exceeded five figures, so he went bankrupt.

[Please note that the player is close to the Check-In place, only one kilometre away from the destination]

The App’s hints kept Chen Lu on the right path, and he kept walking in that direction.

At the same time, he noticed that the path in front of him began to send out a faint fog, and it was getting thicker and thicker. Chen Lu walked in the fog, only looking at the arrows on the screen, not knowing where he was going.


When Chen Lu turned around, the two strong men had disappeared into the fog.

Although Chen Lu was ready to go by himself, the truth was so cruel that his heart was stiff with cold.

No way … I can’t hire any foreign aid, I can only rely on myself. 

Finally, with Chen Lu’s progress, the fog gradually faded, and he could see everything hidden in the fog.

It was a small city with heavy traffic.

The buildings around us were built in the same style as twenty years ago, and the people of the island were in a hurry to get to work.

When you look in the arrow’s direction, there is a villa with the words “Tokunaga” written on it.

That is Kayako’s Ghost house.

 * * * * *

Twenty minutes later.

Chen Lu stood at the intersection, overlooking the house from nearby.

By asking around, he confirmed that it is 2002 Japan. In other words, he had really crossed over after passing through the fog.

And he tried getting out of the fog many times but would soon return to his original place after getting out.

Based on his years of reading novels, Chen Lu concluded that this was a “copy” and the only way to leave here was to clear the copy.

According to the movie’s plot, this situation was expected by him. He arrived directly on the doorstep of Tokunaga’s house.

He was ready, looked at the time on his mobile phone, and waited for the time to start.

Chen Lu waited, and finally, a woman came to Tokunaga’s house.

Chen Lu adjusted his expression slightly, showed a sunny smile, and spoke to the woman before she knocked on the door.

“good afternoon. Are you a volunteer, too, visiting the Tokunaga’s home?”

When the woman heard Chen Lu’s words, she turned around, froze, and then smiled sweetly.

“good afternoon, I am a volunteer in the community. You can call me Rika, who are you?”

Although Chen Lu never learned Japanese, he immediately understood what Rika meant. Chen Lu was relieved; at least he didn’t have to worry about the language barrier.

“my name is Chen Lu, and I’m also a volunteer sent by the community. “

“You too?” Rika was very surprised. “The community actually sent two volunteers!”

“that is not the problem here.” Chen Lu scratched his head and said quickly, “I just knocked on the door and no one opened the door. How do we get in?”


“No one has been at Tokunaga’s house for days, so there will be no accident, right?”

Rika worried, biting her lip, showing a Japanese woman’s style, and then knocked on the door.

“is there anyone at home?”

“really no one, Ah……” Rika pouted and started going through her bag, “Fortunately, I have a spare key of Tokunaga’s house here. “

It was difficult for Chen Lu to accept the setting of house keys for residents in this community. Still, this was not the time to talk about it.

Rika soon found the key, put it into the keyhole, and pushed the door open. The door that had been in disrepair made a squeaky sound and only opened a crack, revealing the smell of rotten food.

Rika frowned at the smell, which caused her to cough a few times. Then put her hand over her nose and mouth and walked into the living room full of food scraps and garbage.

Chen Lu said, “This smells like garbage that hasn’t been thrown for a week. It’s really bad. “

Rika covered her nose and looked back, and she found that Chen Lu was still standing outside.

“why don’t you come in?”

“Well…… let me tie my shoelaces first . “

Chen Lu smiled awkwardly, then squatted on the floor, removed the original intact shoelaces, and tied them back.

He was only giving himself some buffer time.

Presumably, if you step into the Ghost house. You will be able to complete the Check-In quest, but the Kayako’s Ghost will also endlessly hunt you.

But he didn’t hesitate for a long time and soon made up his mind.

Ever since he turned from the security road to the airport, he had decided.

“You have to hold your life in your own hands. “

He entered the Ghost house with one foot and followed with the other foot without hesitation.


[Congratulations to the player for completing the first Check-In of ‘the Grudge’ and getting the reward-Advanced Ghost-tier, ‘Ghost Eye’]

Ghost Eye?

What kind of reward is this? Is it something like the yin-yang eyes?

The next moment, Chen Lu knew the answer.


Chen Lu’s heartbeat increased violently, and then there was a sharp pain in his left eye.  

Something’s getting into my eyes!

Aha!… It hurts!

Chen Lu suddenly squatted on the ground, his hands tightly holding his left eye. His left eye was in great pain, just like someone inserted a knife into his eye and stirred it vigorously.

Stop it, STOP IT!

If Chen Lu could see his own eyes, he would notice that his left eye is more than twice as big as his right eye, and there were thick black veins around it. The most surprising thing was his left eye’s color, pure black, with a hint of red wine, definitely not a human eye.

There’s something implanted in his eye!

After the severe pain, Chen Lu felt the itch of healing again.

The left side of his face felt like a thousand ants were gnawing wildly. Chen Lu wanted to scratch very much. He opened his hand, and his initially covered eyes saw the other side of the Ghost house.

He saw different scenes with his left and right eyes. The reality and illusion overlapped. The wall was stained with black blood, surrounded by white clothes, and there was a kicking sound from upstairs. Rika’s face reunited with another strange white ghost and separated. There was no blood on her face; only her eyes contained the tears of blood left behind.

“Chen Lu-san, What’s wrong with you?”

“Chen Lu-san?”

In Chen Lu’s eyes, the ghostly Rika called out to him, and the hands that should have supported him, touched his neck.

Fortunately, the itching of the left eye finally subsided. The signs of terror were fading, and Rika turned back to a normal Rika.

All right?

Chen Lu’s forehead broke out in cold sweat from the struggle. It was like a walk through the gates of hell. He wanted to bite his tongue several times during the pain.

But now that I think of it, biting your tongue hurts more, and he can forget it.

“Chen Lu-san, you…… you don’t scare me!” Rika was very scared. She squatted on the ground and did not dare to touch Chen Lu.

“By the way, call an ambulance!”

“I…… I’m fine. “

Chen Lu smiled, but it was a little forced because his lips were white.

“I’m just having a hypoglycemic episode, I just took some sugar and I’m better ……” (t/n: hypoglycemic is a low blood pressure condition due to lack of sugar.)

Chen Lu pulled himself together and could hardly stand.

He couldn’t help but touch his left eye, which seemed to be no different, and returned to its original size again.

“let’s first take a look at what happened in the Tokunaga house. “

Chen Lu sent Rika away and then quietly approached the door.

Since the Check-In was successful, Chen Lu didn’t want to take any chances and planned to slip away!

How could he dare to open his mouth when he saw how horrible Rika looked just now?

So, he made a special effort to distract Rika and wait for an opportunity.

Rika heard Chen Lu’s words, watched Chen Lu return to normal, and decided to see if Grandma Tokunaga was at home. Hence, she moved into the living room and headed for the side pavilion.

But soon, when she turned around, and saw Chen Lu’s nervous face.

“Chen Lu-san, go and rest on the sofa, don’t go anywhere!”

“Ok…… ok.” Chen Lu swallowed, and slight sweat came out on his forehead.

He walked stiffly over to the couch and sat down.

Chen Lu swore to God that he did not make any move to close the door.

But when he turned the doorknob to open the door, he found the door locked.

He can’t leave.


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