Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 14

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

It’s a Feast! Gather Everyone!

“Your Majesty, that—“

“No, no! That’s because Tina is Halt’s bride.”

I was ready to face the King and declare that ‘if it’s for Tina’s sake, I’m ready to take on the whole kingdom!’, but a 6-year old girl suddenly counseled the king.

Who is this child?

I’m glad for her concern, but her opponent is the monarch of this kingdom.

Even if she’s just a little girl, if she were to incur the wrath of the king, then she might be severely punished.

“Sylph, you are not really recognized in this country, so do not be so rude to the king. Let me persuade him.”

Suddenly, a beautiful older sister appeared out of nowhere and stopped the little girl.

Hm? Sylph?’

Water overflowed from the woman’s surroundings, and her body transformed into a Spirit Form.

As it turned out, that stunning elder sister was the humanized figure of the Spirit Undine, who had formed a summoning contract with me.

“O, King of Glendale. Are you willing to hearken to the plea of Undine, the Water Spirit King who protects this country?”

“Undine-sama!? Y, yes! Whatever it is.”

Before I knew it, the king was already kneeling before the elder sister.

Cain and Leon also followed the king’s lead, and they knelt down.

All the aristocrats also knelt and bowed their heads.

Apparently, Undine is the Spirit in charge of protecting the country of Glendale.

“My friend Halt is wed to Tina and Leaffa. Please, treat it as a fortuitous event in this country. I plead that you do not separate the three of them.”

“I understand. Halt’s marriage is a blessing, and we will respect and protect his household in this country.”

I dunno why, but we suddenly became someone important.

“If you protect Halt, then I can also bestow my protection to you.”

A dandy old man holding some food in one hand approached.

He’s probably Mai and Mei’s father, the Cosmic Spirit King.

So he came…

But aren’t you adapting too much?

“Undine-sama, who might this person be?”

“I am the King of the Spirits, the Cosmic Spirit King.”

“Cosmic Spirit King!?”

It’s no wonder the King of Glendale is befuddled.

The existence of Old Man (Cosmic Spirit King) is widely known, but there was only little folklore that depicts of his manifestation in this world.

“Isn’t that great? With the blessing of the Cosmic Spirit King, the country will remain secure for the next few hundred years.”

“T, thank you very much.”

The King bowed toward the Cosmic Spirit and Undine.

“However, please be careful. If this country betrays Halt, then you will have all the spirits of this world as your enemies.”

Undine’s aura overpowered those around her.

“Y, yes. I will engrave it to our minds.”

Sweat poured like a waterfall from the King’s forehead.

All the surrounding aristocrats’ faces also turned blue.

I initially thought that it’s fine even if they don’t threaten those guys to that extent, but at least with this, those influential aristocrats will no longer lay a hand on our family.

I thanked Undine.

“Thanks, Undine. But it’s okay. Can you let this be since today’s supposed to be a celebration?”

“Yes, that’s true. The King of Glendale also gave his word to me. Alright, everyone, please rise.”

The moment Undine transformed back into her humanized figure, the aura pressuring the nobles also lifted.

The King stood up, and the other nobles also stood and started to converse.

However, a lot of them stole glances at us.

The King went to my elder brothers, and they’re talking about something.

By the way, I already told my brothers that I’m acquainted with the Cosmic Spirit King, so they weren’t perturbed earlier.

I didn’t say anything to Father, so he was also shocked along with the Duke.

It was a bit funny.

“Halt, sorry we’re a bit late.”

“Halt, congratulations.”

Luke and his grandpa, the Sage Luarno, also came.

“Thanks for coming, Luke. Thank you so much too, Headmaster.”

“It’s a bit boisterous. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, things have calmed down. You came at the right time.”

“Oh, if it isn’t Luarno!”

Dandy Old Man went up to Sage Luarno.

“Y, you must be… the Cosmic Spirit King?”

Seems like Sage Luarno is acquainted with Mai and Mei’s dad. 

“It’s been a while since we talked face to face like this. We just communicated over telepathy when I asked you a favor for Mai and Mei’s admission.”

“Yes, that is true. However, may I know why you are here?”

“I heard that a feast would be held in honor of the marriage of Halt, my contractor. So I decided to join the others who have contracts with Halt in coming here.”

Yeap, though I didn’t summon him.

I would prefer to know beforehand if you planned to come.

Well, I’m glad to be congratulated by the Spirits, so I won’t block them from gatecrashing.

“So you are bound in a contract with Halt?”

Sage Luarno stared at me with a stunned expression.

Eh, did I not tell him?

“Yeah, that’s right. However, I was the one to offer it. Halt possesses enough power to summon me even without a contract.”


Sage Luarno’s jaw dropped as he stood there stupefied.

“By the way, Halt, where are Mai and Mei?”

“They haven’t arrived yet.”

“The Great King’s excited to see Mai and Mei~”

The girl who advised the King earlier approached us.

“You’re Sylph, right?”

“Yeap! I also came to congratulate you!”

So that is the Spirit King of the Wind, Sylph’s humanized figure.

“Is that so? Thanks for coming.”


“Master Halt, I also came.”

A strict-looking guy also drew closer.

“Ahm, Ifrit?”

“Indeed. I also invited Nome, but he refused since he didn’t have a contract with Master Halt yet. Maybe he’s sulking about that, so can you form a contract with him next time?”

Nome is the Spirit King protecting the earth.

I haven’t met Nome before, but since I already formed a contract with the Cosmic Spirit King, maybe he was moping since he noticed that he was the only one being left out as I haven’t formed a contract with him yet.

I don’t know when we’ll meet, but I had Ifrit relay to him that if there’s an opportunity, we will form a contract.


I was suddenly squeezed from behind.

“Oh, so it’s Charles, you’re late. By the way, I’m already Tina and Leaffa’s husband, so can you please refrain from hugging me so suddenly!?”

It’s my elder sister, Charles.

Tina and Leaffa gazed icily at me when I was hugged.

Eh, why!?

It’s not my fault, though?

Never mind, I tried to pry away Charles from me.


“Leaffa~! Congratulations on your marriage!”

Charles stuck to Leaffa.

“T, thank you so much, elder sister.”

Leaffa looked bothered as she said her thanks. Then, she glanced at me as if waiting to be rescued.

“Uhehehehe, elder sister, is it. It has a nice ring!”

Charles was really creepy grinning like that, so I’ll just entrust her to Leaffa for a while longer.


“Sorry, we’re late!”

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, meow!”

Mai, Mei, Youko, and Merdie finally arrived.

I also had a glimpse of Ryuushin and Ryuka near the entrance of the venue.

“Thanks for coming, everyone.”

“Thank you very much.”

Together with Tina and Leaffa, I expressed our gratitude to everyone.

All my comrades have gathered now.

Even the Spirit Kings with the unplanned contracts also gathered full force.

I don’t think a party like this will be held that often with such high-profile guests.

Alright, let’s enjoy the party!

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