The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Chapter 21

A Big Gamble—Weakling

“So you just shamelessly ran away?”

“M-my sincerest apologies.”

The small man with a nasty look, Weakling, subconsciously froze up at the blonde-haired man’s words.

The young man in front of Weakling was the leader of the largest and most prominent company, Garbage Waste.

“If you’re done apologizing, then we don’t need you as a guard anymore!”

“This isn’t a job for a kid. You should have gotten at least half the stores to agree. Right, everyone?” asked the red-haired executive, to which everyone nodded their head in agreement.

“Quiet down.”

As if the tumultuous air had all been a lie, the room suddenly returned back to silence.

Garbage raised his right hand and one person stepped forward with a piece of parchment in hand.

“The other day, our targets for acquisition stepped forward under the name, Reise’s Lower City Association, and delivered a document stating they had no further interest in dealing with our company.”

The silence turned on its head, and a raucous not unlike one of from an insect cage enveloped the room.

“Save your complaints for later. Now onto the next report!” yelled Garbage.

The place froze over, and silence once again befell the room before the man continued his report.

“We’ve already purchased the land and buildings of three stores in Reise’s Lower City Association, but they gave the Commerce Guild about a house worth of money, 10 000 000 G, as a penalty and requested their release from the contract.

“Who told them they could do that……?” one of the executives muttered.

The guild placed heavy importance on contracts, so they generally didn’t allow breaking one. However, there were exceptions to everything. As long as it hadn’t been more than 30 days since the agreement date, you could break the contract by paying a penalty fee. A penalty fee hadn’t been decided this time, so they paid the maximum amount the law could ask for, 10 000 000 G.

That said, nobody could have imagined that someone would donate that amount to these old stores. There’s no doubt they were backed by a large company.

“So what’s the name of the company that kid belongs to?”

“According to the Commerce Guild employee, it’s Sagami Co—”

“That monstrous company! Shit!!” yelled Garbage.

He was usually calm and collected, but his face warped into an indescribable rage as he threw the pen in his hand onto the floor.

“President, what’s Sagami Co.?” one executive fearfully asked, to which Garbage glared at him with bloodshot eyes.

“They invented clocks, glass, and other convenient goods, and they dealt with the undead assault!” he muttered in hatred.

“So the rumors were true?” said another executive, frowning at Garbage.

“It’s an exaggeration, of course. But at the very least, the upper brass of the empire and the Commerce Guild have placed an eye on Sagami Co. They have that much power at the very least.”

His words struck a chord with everyone, and they paled at the realization that what Garbage was saying matched up perfectly with the word on the street.

Tens of thousands of undead marched onto Sutherland, and a single company repelled them all.

They say the company has a legendary battalion where each member wields holy magic.

They say one wields high-rank magic well enough to contend with even a royal court magician.

They say one member can effortlessly slaughter a bird monster and a giant serpent.

They say several members wield recovery magic.

These impossibilities were sprinkled throughout the rumors, but in the end, nobody believed any one of them.

“Then what about Zuu’s bones being not broken?”

“That’s recovery magic, right. That kid is probably the rumored president, Shirabe Sagami.”

“What should we do about the contract?”

“There’s nothing we can do but temporarily suspend our operations around the brothels and slave markets! Let’s earn our money at the high class stores owned by the brats of those powerful nobles for now! This is a huge gamble with our pride on the line. We must succeed at all cost! Don’t lose your focus!”

“Yessir!” said the executives, who placed their hands on their chests and bowed.

“And contact Laguna’s four supervisors,” Garbage added.

“R-right now?”

“Yeah, we’ve invested a lot, so they need to be useful now of all times. Besides, they’ll take a big hit if the brothels and slave markets get interrupted. They’ll definitely come out.”

“I see, you’ll make Laguna crush Sagami Co.”

“That’s right. If the king of the underworld, Laguna, steps forward, not even that naïve company will stand a chance.”

The members erupted into a cheer, but Weakling was thinking the exact opposite.

The kid had easily snapped Zuu’s arm in two, and just as easily healed it back up. Most of all, his face had been so warped with malice. Weakling just couldn’t see Laguna winning. And if they failed, that monster would surely bring about the worst retribution imaginable.  Waste Co would be disposed of like trash if it came to that.

“That’s about it for Waste Co.,” he thought to himself, having already decided to abandon the company.

“I’ll just quietly move to the countryside or something. This time, I’ll live a life I can take pride in.”

And while aimlessly thinking of his life-to-be, Weakling began counting up the money he had saved.



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  1. Are these seriously the names or is the TL having some fun?

    With naming like this we’ll never mistake who the baddie is.

    1. These are seriously the names 😀
      You might have remembered I mistranslated Feces to Fishes at the start of this volume because even I didn’t believe these names were really this awful

    2. must of been real awkward when that guy went to villain academy and they started row call
      Garbage: HERE
      weakling : Present!
      Fodder: 1- 99 PRESENT


  2. “…and then, Hoggish Greedly, replied…”

    These names man, also seems like Weakling is the most savvy one in the room.

  3. Man I got to respect that dude weakling! He’s like that henchmen who walked into the room with Batman and all it took was one glare from Batman to make him tell the other henchman that nothing is wrong. Seeing as he’s still recovering from a beating Batman gave him earlier in that episode! This guy is the same. He knows from all the accomplishments that got listed out and just by meeting the main character that yep the smart is disassociate himself with his fellow scumbags and retire from being a scumbag while he still can! He can already read that those executives are going to be able to handle the main character much less his associates! What he doesn’t know but looks like instinct is saving this guy is Dad the criminal organization that is behind them those Executives! The main characters already giving them a declaration of eliminating every last one of them so once they show up to mess with him he’s going to realize even if they don’t say anything that they’re connected to waste. And as he discovered around the time he was giving his Declaration of eliminating them! Anyone who Associates with them are just as evil and monsters as everybody in that criminal organization! Not a single sympathetic individual not even though one person’s working because they have no choice or whatever all of them are evil scumbags undeserving of Mercy! For an anti-hero like him that means he can do any horrible thing to them and nobody will bring up a think about it. Only someone who’s extremely high and stupid good would complain about the horror he visits on them! Ignoring all the evil Horrors they’ve done to their own victims and how they don’t see their victims as people just cattle! The type of really hate when they are treated in the exact same fashion like they didn’t deserve it ignoring what they did like at that moment of ignorance that even an evil motherfuker could stab himself like he stabbed his victims and once he realizes how horrible it is he acknowledges that he deserves whatever Hell Comes his way! These types not so much they don’t see anything there the type the clear good and evil doesn’t exist in some pathetic attempt justify the strong ruling over the weekend they’re free to do whatever they want you know the Can I be considered evil for doing whatever I want type of Route! Assuming that work on goodie-goodies as a good distraction… But of course doesn’t work on anti-heroes a various types! Never seeming to get that if you make yourself so irredeemably evil anti-heroes will do horrible things to you and rarely will anybody who isn’t stupid stupid good will call them out on it or say you’re not human to those people! They might be more weird it out on what they do but they will feel nothing for the victims or say anything it’s like the victims don’t exist… Ironic when you consider how to them their own victims don’t exist as anything but toys and livestock to be played with but can’t take it when it’s them getting that treatment

    The weakling let him be the perfect example two small fry villains that yeah if your superiors are eyeing the main characters like they can beat him or they have a chance because they’re associated with some bigwig… Distance yourself because pretty much 100% that Big wigs not going to scare the main character instead only going to invite the main character to wipe your old boss out for associating himself would said bigwig aftercourse turning said big wig into a pretzel! Reminds me of what I saw on the strange Adventures of a broke mercenary where the main character had the pretty much break the arm of one a****** for the assholeness friends not only backing down but pretty much making clear that they’ll never bother him again they’ll leave town if they happen which surprised the main character because well you know the cliche the stupid types who get their asses kicked easily by The Incredible Hulk and then stupidly hold a grudge and try to attack him later take a hostage and attack him. That type of trope yeah these guys are smart when the opposition is a dude who is of the same ranking as they are but can break human bone with ease! You do not provoke that type of person you do everything possible to be small and out of their way

      1. I will admit to not even attempting to read that wall of text. Any idea how long that ends up on a cell phone browser? Give me my data back!

    1. I want to proudly say that I read all of those sentences!!! (Really crossed my eyes and got headaches for that lol)

      Basically this person is commending that soon-to-be ex-baddie Weakling for yeeting out of trouble while he still can.

      That’s it. That’s the entire point of the whole nonsensical gibberish.

    1. Best type of henchman!

      Seriously, you’re not paid nearly enough to go up against the MC. Just walk away!

      He even on-upped it by committing to a new way of life.

  4. If you’re calling people with pseudonyms, you’d usually put them in “” to represent that, as in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or call them Mr. Garbage and Mr. Weakling, instead of just weakling.

      1. I guess Mrs. HornyLibrarian is not going to show up in the main story. Have to wait on the intermission?

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