When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 37

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Kongbao with a hot vest


Kong Wuying is lying on the soft silk couch, hugging the white fox furs. While enjoying the feeding of grapes by Xiao Ling, he is still troubled by life.

“Do you have any troubles, Your highness?” Xiao Ling ingeniously peels the grapes and asks calmly.

“Xiao Ling, are you married?” Kong Wuying suddenly asks a sentence that’s out of bounds.

Xiao Ling lowers his head a little shyly and there’s a growing blush on his face. “I was, but he thought I was incompetent and kicked me out of the house.”

( ^ he/she = ta = sounds the same)

Kong Wuying doesn’t notice any abnormality and exhorts him, “What about a child? Is there any?”

Xiao Ling shakes his head and looks at Wu Wuying. “I want one, but he… did not agree.” There are shimmers in his black eyes.

“It’s better not to have a child. This child is too much, so troublesome.” Thinking of the eleventh child who is forced to write three thousand questions, Kong Wuying complains.

“Your Highness, don’t spoil your mind with thoughts of irrelevant people, come and eat a grape.”

Xiao Ling delivers a peeled grape to his mouth in a timely manner. The pale green flesh of the grapes, the white and slender fingers and the half red lips constituted an unspeakable picture.

At least, Xiao Ling quietly swallows.

With the grape in Xiao Ling’s hand, Kong Wuying’s dexterous tongue accidentally brushes Xiao Ling’s fingertips. That electric touch is felt directly in Xiao Ling’s heart.

I really want to be licked like this.

Chewing the grapes, Kong Wuying suddenly says, “Why do I think this phrase sounds so familiar?”

Xiao Ling’s flawless smile becomes stagnant.

Kong Wuying raises himself up on an elbow, his long black hair cascading down a shoulder. “Have I seen you somewhere? Look me in the eyes.”

Xiao Ling freezes for a moment, then raises his eyes. There is a doubt in his eyes. “Have we? I don’t remember seeing Your Highness?”

Kong Wuying stares. 

Xiao Ling’s eyes are so beautiful. Black and white are distinct, black is the purest black, such as the night sky, and white is the cleanest white, such as the sky’s clouds. There is also a crystal clear texture that makes people can’t help but want to look.

Kong Wuying is shocked but then suddenly hears Xiao Ling’s awed tone: “Your Highness, your eyes look good.”

What is this ridiculous sense of sight? Kong Wuying looks at the person in front of him silently, without a word.

Xiao Ling feels like his heart is being played like a drum.

Suddenly, Kong Wuying says, “There is still something I have to do in this palace. You can leave first.”

Xiao Ling bows his head. “Yes.” So he turns around and retreats with the most standard etiquette. 

At the moment Xiao Ling has just turned around, Kong Wuying suddenly shouts, “Kongbao!”

Xiao Ling turns back with a look of astonishment. “Your Highness, what are you talking about?”

Very good, the response is normal.

Shaking his head, Kong Wuying lets a smile overflow from his lips. “It’s okay, you go down first.”

As soon as Xiao Ling’s leaves, Feng Gong comes up.

“Your Royal Highness, this is a dish made by a newly-changed chef. Try it.” Feng Gong has ordered his favorite Yeying food.

The former chef, Kong Shiyi, has been imprisoned and Feng Gong is extremely grateful that he did not kill all of the prisoners so quickly.

“The new chef?” Kong Wuying looks at the authentic food in front of him, a little puzzled. “Have you sent someone to catch a chef again? So fast?”

Feng Gong is a little proud. “Of course not. I arrested a hundred people before. You try this. If you are not satisfied, we will change chefs again. If you are satisfied, you will not have to worry about the rest.”

Kill them…?

Is killing Kong Wuying’s people as easy as killing a chicken?

In fact, he always wanted to figure out this problem after his rebirth.

Why are Mingguang’s people so hostile to Yeying? Even though the cultures of the two countries are different, even if Mingguang didn’t know the goods and mistakenly used Night Shadow Stone as waste, it wouldn’t be so…

Feeling that Kong Wuying is extremely silent, Feng Gong is a little puzzled. “What’s wrong with you, Your Highness? Did Xiao Ling make a mistake?”

There is something wrong with His Royal Highness. Yeying food is fine, after all, who hasn’t ordered a “special” hobby? However, sympathy for the Yeying people, this is a problem.

His Royal Highness is their future monarch and future master. It is very dangerous to have such an idea.

“No.” Kong Wuying frowns. “You did the right thing, and it’s okay to kill those disgusting Yeying people.”

System: How do you say such shameless words?

Feng Gong is relieved. “In a few moments, someone will send you the costumes for the ceremony tomorrow, Your Highness, please try it first.” Then he retires.

Kong Wuying thinks for a while and then brings Xiao Ling back. “Go and find out where the Yeying chefs recently got locked up!”

In fact, Xiao Ling checked this question after seeing the coming of Kong Shiyi, but in the face of the owner’s request, he still pretends to go out for a while before notifying Kong Wuying of the result of the situation.

That night.

It was dark, so dark you can’t even see your hand in front of your face.

In the dungeon that belongs to the palace, a cloaked figure walks by, breezing past at an unnatural speed, the guard unable to see him. 

Kong Wuying comes to a cell and knocks gently on the door. “I was sent by our Highness.”

That’s right, these so-called “chefs” must be with Kong Shiyi. He probably hasn’t been stupid enough to travel without a retinue. Of course, it seems that the results are no different. Kong Shiyi and his men were arrested together.

This stupid child needs more eductation. 

There’s a faint sound of shuffling in the cell and then a clearly calm voice says, “The secret sign?”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kong Shiyi, you just have to set a secret code don’t you, isn’t it hard for your father?

The people in the cell pause, and then hums gently, the rhythm was clear, the sound steady and powerful, but the lyrics are–

“The winds of Beiling ~ the light of Xingtai ~ the pansy flowers blooming in spring all across the sky ~ “

Kong Wuying rears back.

Because Beiling and Xingtai are landmark buildings of the Yeying continent and the pansy is the most common flower… Damnit, this stupid ballad.

The people inside are a little suspicious at the lack of a reply. “Why don’t you answer?”

Could it be that His Highness’ identity was revealed, and this is the spy who ran to inquire about the news?

In the rush, Kong Wuying has to bite his tongue, throw away his dignity and grits out,  “The age of blood, all of us here… our lord has a… fat head.”

Please tell him why the secret code is this kind of thing! Who the **** made this thing up, he’ll kill the bastard! 

Wait a minute, Kong Shiyi is actually using it as a secret code, is it him? 

Okay! Kong Shiyi, it’s good. Kong Wuying resolves to let him do math problems for another hundred years!

Fortunately, the people inside rescue His Highness the prince in a timely manner: “I said that His Royal Highness the second prince was wise to use the ballad as a secret sign. It is easy to understand, the rhythm is clear, and everyone can learn it. Really good!”

Well! Second child! Just you wait for your father to come home!

Then he thinks of the business he has here. “You wait, I’ll get the keys for you.”

“No need.” 

The cell door clicks open and a burly middle-aged man appears in front of Kong Wuying.


Please tell Kong Wuying why Mingguang’s cell is so kind? It was actually locked from the inside. Is this a cell or a guest room?

Kong Wuying’s eyes fall on the door and the middle-aged man seems to feel it, smiling embarrassedly. “Our brother who is proficient in organs and appliances has made the adjustments. Brother, you came just at the right time, you can see our newly dug tunnels.”

Kong Wuying thinks he might be wrong. His people don’t need him to rescue them at all. “Are you planning to run away?”

This is also good.

The other man laughs. “What do you mean? The brothers of our group have dug for two days and have run a tunnel through the entire palace. Isn’t their new emperor ascending the throne tomorrow? Wait for us to put on a good show, it’ll be great.”

The man smiles incredibly kindly. “This can also be regarded as a great gift for our emperor. As our monarch always says, we must be generous, and we must take retribution the right way!”

Kong Wuying purses his lips.

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