I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 120

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Gojo’s Students

‘So that’s a BOSS… It’s my first time seeing one.’ 

The enormous wolf seemed cautious as it just looked at me. On the other hand, the other wolves charged towards me without giving it a second thought.


“I’m fine.”

I clenched both of my pistols and without taking aim I began shooting randomly. None of my bullets landed on the wolves, however…

The bullets suddenly changed their trajectory in mid-air, turning and landing on the wolves’ bodies from behind.



The bullets came from a completely unexpected angle, not giving the wolves any chance to dodge. After the bullets buried themselves inside the wolves’ bodies they exploded.

They were my special bullets embedded with magic. The wolf BOSS became enraged due to watching his brethren being killed one after the other and charged at me.


Suddenly darkness spread beneath my feet. In an instant my body was enveloped by darkness and within the next moment I was already standing in a completely different place. The BOSS began looking around dumbfounded by what had just happened.

And then――


Numerous black beads suddenly appeared, floating in the air around the BOSS. That was Emily’s Unique Skill Black Sun, which she had divided up into smaller beads.

If the BOSS so much as touched those beads he would be left with wounds in the form of holes. With this we had managed to seal its movements.

“Everyone, now!”

The dragons that had been waiting in the air flew down to the ground and Arthur and the others jumped off from them.

“Combination Magic: Blazing Thunder!”

Sara’s magic landed on the wolves, turning them into fire pillars.

“Victor!” yelled out Arthur

“Got it.”

The Fire Magic that Victor used wrapped itself around Arthur’s sword, turning it into a Flame Magic Sword. The sword’s blade suddenly burst forth with flames, reaching a length of 10 meters. Arthur swung his sword turning the wolves to ashes.

Louise that had landed alongside the others without falling back covered his legs in Aura. He burst forth with a single step, covering the distance between him and the wolves in an instant.

Louise’s Aura covered fists easily punched through the wolves’ skulls.

‘It seems like everyone will be fine over there. That just leaves…’

I once again faced the wolf BOSS.

“It’s all over once we defeat this one.”


Leo: ‘Who in the world are these kids? Even though they’re so small they’re as strong as any of us.’

“Damn, they sure surprised me. I never imagined that they’d be this strong.”

“Carlo do you know them?”

“Of course I do, they’re Gojo’s students that I took to England.”

‘Those kids are!? What in the world has Gojo been teaching them.’

“Well either way, we should go in and help them!”

“Leo wait!” said suddenly, Freya stopping me in my tracks.

“What is it?”

“Look at that…”

Turning around I could see that the young girl, holding the tall staff, was chanting something causing her shadow to suddenly shoot off toward Fenrir. From within the shadow numerous hands appeared that tried to bind her enemies.

Struggling to escape, Fenrir somehow managed to get out of the spell’s range.

However due to touching the black beads around him during his escape, his whole body was riddled with holes.

The young girl proceeded to raise her staff over her head which caused an enormous black ball to appear. Similarly to a black hole, that black ball began sucking in everything in a wide area.

Afterwards the black ball slowly began creeping up on Fenrir. So as to not get sucked in Fenrir dug his claws deep in the ground and held with everything he had.

It was at that moment that gunshots were heard.

Turning around I could see that the boy that had just now escaped from Fenrir was shooting his guns at his shadow.

Suddenly from within Fenrir’s shadow, bullets began appearing and landing on his body, engulfing him in flames.

Not being able to resist any more Fenrir was sucked in by the black ball and silently disappeared from this world.

‘We struggled so much and yet they defeated him so easily…’

The wolves surrounding the area were quickly taken care of by The Sanctuary Knights and Suzaku’s members as well as the kids and the remaining wolves fled.

“To think that we’d be saved by kids…”

Hearing me say that, Carlo made a wry smile.


“Thank you, you really saved us there.” said Leo.

“It was n-nothing…”

‘I was just thanked by Leo…’ 

To be honest I was pretty nervous at being able to talk with him for the first time.

“What made you come here? Weren’t you supposed to be in England?”

“Yes, however when we were in England, the shelter that we were staying at was attacked by Dragons. We fought with them and somehow managed to escape.”

“You fought the Dragons?”

“Mr. Gojo taught us how to deal with them, and we also borrowed the help of a pair of mutant twins, who made our weapons for us. If it wasn’t for that we probably wouldn’t have been able to come here.”

“I see… I apologize. I shouldn’t have sent you to England, that was my mistake. Please forgive me.”

“Please don’t worry about it. It was because of that that we realized that our abilities actually worked on the Dragons.”

Arthur, Sara and the others all gathered. We had already decided on what we were going to do from now on.

“Mr. Leo please let us fight as well. We want to be of help.”

Everyone else shared the same feelings as me. After all we had given our everything up until now in order to join The Sanctuary Knights, Mr. Gojo had also taught us a lot of things precisely because of that goal of ours as well…

“I’m sorry but I cannot allow that…”

“Leo come here for a sec.” said Carlo pulling Leo to the side.


“Leo, right now we should take all the help we can get. We should take up their offer, you saw their strength didn’t you?  The kid that uses Dark Magic is amazing, there are even kids that can use Combination Magic and Aura.”

“I know that but…”

“On top of that they also came here, riding on top of the Flying Dragons. Dragons’ tempers are pretty wild so unless one has the Dragoon class like Freya does, they won’t let anyone ride them. Which means that for them to be able to control the Dragons so easily they must have a pretty skilled Beast Master.”

“But it’s still too dangerous. What will we do if something happens?”

“At this rate it’s only a matter of time before humanity faces extinction. Now is the only time we can stop this. On top of that there’s also that thing…”

“What is it?”

“It’s apparently those kids’ dream to join The Sanctuary Knights.”

“Is that so… Okay I get it.”

I turned around and headed towards the kids. These kids might as well be the last hope that Gojo had left us.

“I want to ask you all for a favor. I would like you to become official members of The Sanctuary Knights. Won’t you fight together with us?”

Hearing me say that the kids’ faces suddenly brightened.

“It goes without saying! We’ll be in your care from now on.”

And just like that we invited a group of young children amongst our ranks. However, the place that we were about to head to was currently the most dangerous place on earth.

“Noah I think you already know about this but Gojo was…”

“Mr. Gojo isn’t dead.” said Noah without any uncertainty which surprised me a bit.

“There’s no way he could have died. We believe that Mr. Gojo will come back and protect us, so until then we must continue giving it our best.”

All of the kids also nodded at Noah’s words. 

‘I guess he’s right. If one does not have hope he cannot continue moving forward. I guess I’ll try believing as well.’

“Got it. Currently I’m thinking of going directly to Bangkok, do you think we’d be able to use your Dragons as well?”

“Of course, as long as Chloe is near, up to 2-3 people can ride on one Dragon.”

‘Which means that we’ll be able to bring the main force.’

“I’m sorry that I’m saying this now when everyone is tired, however I would like it if we depart for Bangkok immediately. The more time passes the worse the situation around the world gets. Won’t you all come with me?”

“Does it even need asking!” said Carlo and after him everyone looked while signalling that they agreed.

“Wan what about you?”

‘If possible I’d like for Wan to come with us as well but…’

“Of course I’ll c…”

“Wan wait!” said Suzaku’s Vice President Ryu, cutting Wan off.

“Just because the BOSS was defeated that doesn’t mean that China is now safe. And the Government probably won’t also allow you to leave the country.”

“But if we don’t fight now when are we going to fight!”

“Last time when you went to England, monsters from India rushed into China. The same thing might happen this time as well… That is why we need you Wan.”


“Wan stay here.”

“Leo!” said Wan, face filled with shock.

“There are things here that only you can do. So don’t worry and just leave the rest to us.”

Wan struggled to come with us until the end, however we had already relied on Suzaku way too much up until now, I couldn’t force myself to ask them for anything else. Still in the end we somehow managed to persuade Wan to stay.

We all began our preparations for the flight. While we were doing our preparations the sun began setting… If we were to leave now we’d be in Bangkok by dawn.

In order to be in our top shape it would be best if we were to rest the whole day and try to gather as much information as possible, and then when night came we would begin.

“Wan we’re going. I believe that if we’re able to destroy the Black Knight’s gem, the monsters around the world will start decreasing again. We’ll do everything we can in order to bring you good news.”

“Take care Leo.”

“I will!”

The several Flying Dragons spread their wings, and we flew off towards the setting sun.

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