When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 36

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Editor: Diya


On a dark night.

Unable to see through the darkness.

Reaching out without seeing five fingers held up.

I wonder if you have this experience.

When dragging your tired body to bed.

Suddenly finding out-

There is someone in the bed!

That feeling, let alone how thrilling it is!

Will scare people away.

But for Kong Wuying…

Kong Wuying kicks this intruder in the face with a sneer. There’s the sound of a heavy object falling and then a groan.

Kong Wuying huffs. “Haven’t I warned you, don’t play tricks, Kongb- huh?”

It’s not Kongbao, it’s a boy who is as beautiful as a bamboo. And he is no stranger, in fact, this boy is Kong Wuying’s little bun.

Kong Wuying, startled and suspicious: “Little…”

He swallows the question that’s about to be blurted out. Because he finds that the bedding has been stained with dark blue, which is clearly their Yeying poison.

The poison of the blue heart, also called the poison of the puppet, because the victim can be controlled by the caster, reduced to a marionette and can’t be released for life.

Shiyi lies on Kong Wuying’s bed, covering his bedding after rolling in the blue powder from the sudden attack and is still holding something in his arms. It’s self-evident that Kong Wuying now has to deal with it.

This bear child!

Kong Wuying hates it, thinking that he was about to be poisoned just now and feels that his back is cold and his teeth itch. Even if he knows Kong Shiyi doesn’t know Kong Wuying’s true identity, his heart is still angry.

Kong Shiyi is kicked first, and then he suffers himself from the poison of the blue heart. Even if the caster is himself, it is really uncomfortable.

What surprises him most is that this man had sneered at the blue powder as if he knew what it was, and even seemed to know Shiyi’s identity.

Just now he said ‘Kong’. Apparently Shiyi’s real name was called. The surname of Kong is extremely rare, it is a well-deserved royal family name in Yeying, and it is unique in Mingguang for that same reason.

What is this person about? Is it a killer sent by his brothers? Just as he is full of doubts, the man leans forward. His face is very unsightly.

“You’re really promising,” Kong Wuying grits out, staring down at his number eleven, Kong Shiyi.

And then Kong Wuying steps forward and kicks Kong Shiyi into a wall.

Kong Shiyi cries out as he hits the wall and then falls to the ground, rolling several times before finally the momentum stops.

The maids and guards at vigil outside already got orders from Feng Gong earlier and stay quiet. This is obviously a scream from the male pet, so it is not their business, but… His Royal Highness is really rough.

“Why are you screaming?” Kong Wuying scoffs, striding forward. “I haven’t done anything yet.” 

He’s about to kick Kong Shiyi again to educate his son on tough love, but his steps stop suddenly. His gaze lands on a thing that falls out of Kong Shiyi’s arms.

Ten million grass-mud horses gallop past his heart.

( ^ grass mud horse = cao ni ma = homonym for fuck your mum)


At the same time, Xiao Ling, who is stopped by Feng Gong on the road, listens to the tale.

Feng Gong’s face is apologetic. “Oh, you can’t go to His Highness. The new chef is busy waiting on His Highness and has no time to see you.”

Feng Gong still has a few more ridiculing words, but the person in front of him disappears like the wind.

“Huh…” Feng Gong scoffs.

You go, His Highness is now in bed, and you will die if you disturb His Highness.

Feng Gong can’t figure out why he wants to target this little Shadow Guard so much. Maybe His Highness likes him so much, or mayb… this little Shadow Guard was born to be annoying?


And here, inside the bedroom.

Looking at the thing that has come to light, Kong Wuying feels lightheaded.

It’s a pair of underwear.

This is normal, who does not wear underwear?

But the point is, that the underwear, the black moon pattern on the bottom hem and inlaid trimming with gold and silver embroidery, looks awfully familiar.

Can it possibly be unfamiliar, when it is in fact just Kong Wuying’s underwear?

His favorite underwear was once stolen, and he didn’t know why it disappeared. Because of the special material, he had ordered it from the best tailor of Yeying.

My godson, please tell me, what are you doing with your father’s underwear, this whole time?!

This pair of underwear is still very important for Kong Shiyi. When he saw it rolled out, he quickly scrambled to pick it up, and then was kicked back into the wall again by Kong Wuying. 

“Your Royal Highness!” When Xiao Ling runs over at the speed of the wind to open the door, he sees this scene.

He pauses for a moment and then quickly figures out the situation, so the original look of anxiety quickly turns into… snickering.

“You came just at the right time!” Kong Wuying glances at Xiao Ling, and points at Kong Shiyi at the foot of the wall. “Throw him out, never let this guy appear in front of me.”

Kong Wuying glances again at Kong Shiyi and finds that the man is clutching at his underwear like a baby, so Kong Wuying feels his heart become even more stuffed.


Xiao Ling walks over, looks at the blue-stained face of Kong Shiyi, and then- “Ahahahah! Pl-please leave now ahahahaha!”

Kong Shiyi: “…” I know you are very excited to drive away a love rival, but at least try to stay composed!

Kong Wuying also squints at Xiao Ling but he’s so annoyed today that he doesn’t even care about this weirdo.

Xiao Ling drags Kong Shiyi out of the room and throws him to the ground outside like a sack.

Kong Shiyi says soothingly, “Relax, I will never take your man from you, maybe I can help you…” He flutters his eyelashes, like the sweet temptation of the devil.

Xiao Ling: “Hahahahahahahaha!”

He’s laughing too much to reply for a moment.

Xiao Ling smiles scornfully. “No need.” He snatches the black underwear from Kong Shiyi.

Kong Shiyi is restrained, poisoned, and weak. In addition, the safety of his underwear is also taken into consideration. Even if he grabs it, it might tear.

Kong Shiyi panics. “You give it back, this is mine!”

Xiao Ling takes the underwear into his arms and smiles cutely. “I advise you not to grab me at this time, or you will be beaten. Of course, you will be beaten even if you do co-operate.”

There’s a series of screams in the air.

Afterwards, Xiao Ling leaves with satisfaction. As for the underwear, how could the master’s underwear fall into the hands of Kong Shiyi? But Xiao Ling wasn’t going to take it back for collection. The underwear would stay in his arms every day.

Master will not be tarnished, not a single piece of him!


Inside the palace.

After ordering someone to clean up the mess, Kong Wuying falls into a long sorrow. What that scum Kongbao said about his children… it is true. His little son really held an indescribable feeling for Kong Wuying. 

What is this?

Kong Wuying tells himself that although they’re not biologically related, he always treated them as biological sons.

But this is how it turned out.

No, no, no.

This is only the case of the eleventh child. This child hurt his head when he was young, so his brain is not easy to use. This is why he has these… perverted hobbies. His other sons are clever and well-behaved and wouldn’t be like this, right? 

Kong Wuying has once again strengthened his confidence. All this is the fault of Shiyi’s faulty mind! He must be educated properly.


Kong Shiyi was hauled back to his servant’s room for several days, and just as he tries to implement his plan to retrieve his “treasure”, a new round of instructions has been issued.

“You will stay in the room from today and do all this,” Feng Gong says, looking at him as if looking at a dead man.

“What are these?” Kong Shiyi stares at the towering stacks of paper still being carted into his room. He reached out and turned one page over, and the complicated symbols on it made him almost doubt life.

“Numerical questions! I heard that doing this stuff can increase IQ. His Highness ordered it – you are not allowed to go out until you finish!” Feng Gong looks at him sympathetically.

Kong Shiyi looks at the math problems that almost completely fill his room.

Is this Royal Highness neurotic? No, Kong Shiyi’s IQ is no problem at all! He is the prince of Yeying! Although he can’t fight those terrible brothers, so that he has fallen to this point, but his IQ is just fine!

So many math problems… but he never failed mathematics in basic education.

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