The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 17

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Takes A Stroll In the Sky With Fluffy God


  • Carabiner: a usually D-shaped or oblong metal ring with one spring-hinged side that is used especially in mountain climbing as a connector and to hold a freely running rope.

In preparation for the upcoming tea party, which will be held at the royal palace, my lady’s education has now begun in earnest. Table manners, dancing, singing, and piano playing are just a few of the many demanding lessons that await me. 

I know. You must be thinking, “Then that means you won’t have any time to go to the forest”, right? Well, don’t underestimate the skills that I acquired from my princess education in my previous life. In comparison to going through that hellish training, this is much more relaxing. After finishing all of the lessons with ease that afternoon, I decided to head out on a walk to the forest. 

“As expected, should I go with sunflowers after all?”

“Stop. No sunflowers.”

Could it be that Leon doesn’t like sunflowers? Even so, he’s the Forest God… He should know how lovely sunflowers are. They don’t shrink back and bloom upward, toward the sun.

“Miss, how about zinnias?”

Let’s see. Zinnias are perennial flowers, which means that they will keep blooming year after year and have long flowering periods. There are a variety of variations, and they’re easy to grow for beginners. It sounds good.

“That’s so. Some lilies might also be a good idea.”

Lilies… It’s better to plant lilies in the coolest place possible. So, it may be a good idea to enclose the garden with trees to create a cool landscape. It’s a hot season.

 * * * * *

When I requested Leon for a more refreshing and cool location, he guided me to the north of the forest, a short distance from the mansion. However, it’s not in the vicinity of the tower. After all, that place is a special place for Leon. 

Along the way, I proceeded to restore the trees to their original state. There were many coniferous trees around here and were densely clustered together. It reminds me of that book I read the other day. This would be a great place to play, as well as a nice garden location.

“Is this a good area? It gets a little chilly in the evening, but during the day, it’s cool. It should be good for the upcoming season.”

“Yes. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think this is an excellent place to carry out my plans.”

“You’ve been thinking about?”

Leon tilts his head.

Without delay, I channel my magic power to the earth, to create—that. A coniferous tree grew, and like a support pillar—that thing appeared. 

“What is this!?”

“It’s a treehouse.”

In contrast with Leon’s astonishment, Marie was quite calm. 

“I came up with the idea as I read about a treehouse in a book.”

There is also some playground equipment around the treehouse. Suspension bridges were built between the trees, while swings and braided ropes hung from the trees. The purpose was for enjoyment, but I thought it would also be a good idea for my diet. 

Recently, I’ve been learning how to cook and bake some sweets from Marie, so I’ve been eating the results in the name of taste-testing. From morning, noon, to evening, I’ve been eating meals, plus the treats I’ve made, so I’ve gotten a little fat. 

Thus, I need to go on a diet; otherwise, I won’t be able to wear my new dress.

While walking or running might be a good idea, I wanted some fun equipment that I could play with while training my whole body at the same time. So, while searching in the library for books about that, I found a book about treehouses.

The treehouse book also included some information on how to make the playground equipment out of wood and ivy. 

“I understand the treehouse, but what is the playground equipment?”

“Ah! Miss. Is this for dieting purposes?”

I winced. I suppose Marie noticed that I had gained some weight. After all, she’s been helping me get dressed every day. She could tell that the dresses were getting tighter.

“Dieting? I think children are cuter when they’re a little plump.”

“No! That’s the magic word, Leon. Plump children are indulged, cute children, and they’ll go down the route of being a chubby person!” 

“Hmm, the chubby route?”

I guess he was imagining me getting fatter. Leon’s brows furrowed together into a stern expression.

“Although I don’t want to go to the tea party in three months, I would feel bad for Miss Laura if I couldn’t fit into the dress she’s made for me.”

“Laura is very determined to make the young lady shine.”

I don’t want to stand out, though, so I don’t need to shine.

“But isn’t the treehouse too high? Wouldn’t it be dangerous when climbing up?”

“It’s all right. I’ll be wearing a safety harness and lifeline when climbing.”

The ladder and playground equipment of the treehouse are all rigged with sturdy ropes. I consulted with Tomas, the gardener, to see if there was anything suitable to hook onto the ropes, and he told me about a lifeline used for pruning tall trees. By the way, I kept it secret that I was going to use it.

It’s a carabiner with a metal bracket and a pulley that fastens to your body. Since I can’t create metal fittings, I’m thinking of sneaking out to the city to get one next time.

“When you climb the treehouse, you can ride on my back.”

“In that case, it wouldn’t be much of an exercise, would it? I mean, because Leon has wings. So could you fly, by any chance?”

Leon snorts as he puffs his chest out.

“I can fly. However, it’s difficult to fly for long periods of time.”

“I’ve never seen you fly before.”

“Wouldn’t it cause a commotion if I flew through the sky?”

That’s… The people of the Marquis of Grandeur would be astonished to see a lion flying around in the sky.

“Leon. Can you fly me just over this forest?”

” Sure. I’ll fly with Rio on my back.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Of course.”

Leon lies down to make it easier for me to climb on, and then his face nudges me to get on his back. Slowly, I climbed onto Leon’s back.

“Hang on tight.”

Leon stands up, spreads his wings, and slowly rises. I looked down to see Marie waving at me. As soon as we reached a point where we could see the tall trees just a distance away, Leon started to fly.

“Wow! You really can fly. “

“My wings are not just for decoration.

I thought they were supposed to be decorations. I’m sorry.

“I don’t feel as much wind resistance as I thought I would.”

“It’s because you’ve got a layer of air from the earth wrapped around you.”

A layer of air? You can create something like that? I’ll try it next time. I might be able to create something like a barrier.

“Aren’t you afraid of heights?”

“No, I’m not afraid. I like heights.”

The view from high places gives me the feeling of being far away from reality. In my previous life, when I was tired of the strict education of the queen, I used to sneak up to the highest tower of the royal castle and look down below.

I can see the top of the tower below me. If you look closely, you can see the remains of the castle around it. It seemed to have been a rather large castle. Two hundred years ago, that might have been where the castle of Grandeur stood.

I read the history book of our family, and it seems that the current lord’s house was built at a time when the national affairs were calm. Other than that, there were no details about what happened two hundred years ago.

“Shall we go for a stroll in the sky?”

“No, you can’t. If anyone in the city saw Leon flying, it would be a big deal.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

After taking a lap around the forest, we returned to where Marie was waiting for us.

“Miss. How was your flight?”

“It was a lot of fun. You should have a ride sometime.”

“I’d rather not.”

I wonder, is Marie perhaps afraid of heights? Ah, that was fun. Let’s ride again another time.


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