Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 37

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Fight with The Demon

I could hear Philia and Clarice’s breath. It should be the first time they saw a demon. 

I took a step forward and stood in front of Saint Sophia, who was fainted, and those two.

The enemy in front of us was quite a strong demon. What’s more, it was quite a vicious demon. It has a spider-like six-legged body and has a disgusting appearance that made you want to throw up.

The center part of its body was cracked and letting out muddy things.

This demon was the true identity of the ghost in the mansion. The sound seemed to be used to call people to the basement. It probably poisoned them while hiding, then eat them. 

Probably this demon survived that way. I didn’t think this demon has that much intelligence, so the blood writing on the wall was mimicry. If it was being told as a ghost, not a demon, then it was less likely for it to be found out. It was likely that this demon learned it. Perhaps, when it was in another place.

In any case, this demon was quite dangerous for inexperienced Princess Philia and Claris, the maid, but I was different.

When I was the vice-captain of the knight order, I had defeated countless demons with The Holy Knight Cleon and others. Among them were an ancient dark dragon, a spirit that had lived for a thousand years, and other legendary beings.

That was why this level demon, wasn’t such a big threat. Normally, It was an enemy that could be easily defeated by Saint Sophia, but that Sophia misunderstood it as a ghost and fainted.

I held the treasure sword and prepared myself. Then I glanced at Philia and others.

“Philia-sama, and Claris-san, Please don’t move from there.”

“Ye, yeah”

Phliia nodded with a frightened expression. Perhaps, she was afraid. For Philia, this was the first time for her to see a demon. 

Even the first time I fought demons, I was scared, it couldn’t be helped. I laughed at Philia.

“It’s fine. I won’t let it do any attack to Philia and the others.”

“ye, yeah. Solon will protect me, and drives away enemies that threatened our whereabouts.”

“That’s right. I’ll definitely show you that I could defeat this demons.”

“Yeah…. Please win for me!”

I nodded and held up my treasure sword, and went straight ahead. Almost at the same time, Four of the demon’s legs stressed and were coming to us.

I used flame magic and strengthened it with the power of the treasure sword. The flame I fired at the demon burned its feet in an instant.

Perhaps, because of the pain, it was screaming with a strange sound. After seeing the enemy’s action stopped, I swung my treasure sword Tetrachord straight down to the center of the demons.

The demon’s black body cut in half.

However, I didn’t let my guard down. The demon began to move again. Even If its body was torn, the demon has the strength to continue moving for a while.

On the verge of death, that demon was about to make its final attack.

I held up tetrachord and cast a short spell. A magic circle deployed on the floor of the basement. In the next moment, the demon was sucked into it. 

There wasn’t anything left.

“Did you win…?”

Philia asked me worriedly. She was still worried if the demon hasn’t defeated. I laughed and nodded, and patted Philia’s head. Philia trembled and looked surprised, then dyed her cheeks red.

“I’m sorry. I thought that you’d be relieved if I do that, but wasn’t it was too familiar?”

I said while flustered. If you thought about it normally, patting a princess wasn’t acceptable behavior. But Philia shook her head. Philia shyly turned her eyes down and whispered.

“Yeah. Well, I thought that this was the first time Solon patted my head, what’s more, it was Solon who initiate it.”

“Umm, Do you hate it?”

“That’s not the case! I was very…. Happy.”

Philia looked down and dyed her face red. It was a strange atmosphere. While flustered, I changed the topic.

“That demon is called ‘Bael son’. It’s the kind of Poisonous demon. That was why at the end, I absorbed it using the magic circle. Because when it died, it will scatter poisons in the basement. If that happened, both Philia and Clarice would be in danger.”

“So it’s like that. Thank you, Solon”

“No, This time it was originally my mistake. If just I didn’t choose a ghost property.”

I was confused. Normally, demons were only in the underground ruins. Because of its nature, demons were vulnerable to the sun and cannot withstand the clear air, so they were difficult to live on the ground.

However, when a ruin conquered, the demons that the adventurers failed to kill often escaped from the ruins and came out from the ground. The demon I have just defeated may have moved from the ruins to the mansion and preyed on people.

I bought a mansion where such a demon lived. Claris looked into my eyes and smiled.

“But Solon-sama protected us, didn’t you?”

“It’s true that it’s already settled.”

It has endangered the Philia and the other, albeit only a moment.

Although I didn’t have any trouble defeating it so much, I was a little tired from fighting the demons after a long time.

I felt a little hungry. Claris said happily as if looking through my heart.

“Then there is one thing to do next. It’s cooking.”

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