The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Chapter 20

Admission Results

Just a week later, I had finished the contracts for all the 47 stores in Reise’s lower shopping district.

The contracts were similar in nature to a franchise but were actually completely different. As this was all experimental, I was still groping my way through, but I could manage it by talking out the more complicated stuff.

And with Aria’s persistence, none of the shops raised much of a fuss and agreed to the contract without a hitch.

Unfortunately, a few shops had already entered into an agreement with Waste Co. and breaking that agreement would warrant a penalty fee from the guild.

It would have been a hopeless situation if I were just a little bit slower, but I managed to finish it all with three contracts, and they could breach the agreement as long as they paid the required fee. This was a guild rule, so Waste Co had no choice but to follow along.

As a side note, the actual terms are as listed below.

  • Contract for the Business Partnership between Sagami Co. and Reise’s Lower City Association
    • Sagami Co. will provide Reise’s Lower City Association a fixed amount of ingredients and materials marked up 5 percent.
    • Sagami Co. will provide a certain portion of their recipes and technologies to the Lower City Association
    • All businesses belonging to the organization shall pay Sagami Co. 30% of their profits. However, they cannot avoid paying this amount, no matter the reason.
    • Sagami Co. shall resolve all incidents regarding the protection of each store in Reise’s Lower City Association.
    • Hereafter, Reise’s Lower City Association shall be added to Sagami’s group of companies and be given their trademark.

The 47 companies in Reise’s lower city henceforth became a part of the Sagami Group. The contract guaranteed a minimum fee where you earned more based on commission, and Sagami Co. would provide ingredients, goods, and even security.

I had many problems left, however, like not having enough security personnel to properly guard the route from the workshop over to Reise. I’d need to get on that later, but I think it’s fine for now.

Today, we were walking up the hill to the school building in order to see the Imperial Magic Knight Academy’s admission results.

“Aria, good work arranging everything,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks!”

Now back to her usual self, she gave a relaxed smile.

“Grey-sama. Aria’s returned to normal, right?” Satella whispered.

“Yes, although I don’t know how long it’ll last.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“I hope so.”

“Jeez, why can’t you be more honest.”

I signaled to Aria, who was now pouting, and said, “it’s about time we leave.”

Truthfully, I couldn’t care less. Even if I failed, well, it’s the emperor we’re talking about. He’d compensate with another condition.

The school’s gate was jam-packed with hundreds of examinees.

Once they entered Aria’s sight, she jammed up like a machine.

She had probably placed among the top and didn’t have to do anything ad-lib unlike me. It was more than enough for her to pass, and that weird principal from the letter would never fail her. As I was aware of the true state of affairs, I wanted to let her know, but doing so would surely cause even more trouble down the line. Most of all, you could even say this stress is the true charm of being a student.

“Aria, calm down a little.”

“Deep breaths, Aria,” Satella added.


She took several deep breaths.

“Now let’s go,” said Aria.

She tried to step forward, but her hands and feet both moved at the same time.

Aria just shrugged back at me, so I sighed and followed after Aria.

Several people pushed past, emerging out of the crowd.

I recognized all three of them.

The silver-haired boy, Ronald, lit up after meeting eyes with me and bounded towards us.

“I look forward to our continued success in school,” he said.

Hey! So in the end I passed. Now I’ll be restrained for another couple of years.

“Yeah, congratulations on your guys’ enrollment, too.”

I could already tell just by looking at his beaming smile.

“Train me up if you pass!” said Alan, lightly waving his hand.

At the same time, I noticed a blonde-haired girl staring fixatedly at me.


“There’s bad blood between you and the school,” she said. And with those ambiguous words, she disappeared.

“Jeez, Mia’s so rude! Sorry about that!”

“No need to apologize. Now go ahead,” I urged Ronald forward.

After apologetically bowing a few times, he disappeared into the crowd.

“God! Don’t leave me behind. Well, see you.”

Alan shrugged before disappearing into the crowd as well.

“Grey-sama, you went too far, didn’t you?”

As expected, Satella gave me the death glare.

“I had no intention. Although, I can’t deny that I stood out a bit.”

“I find it hard to believe that it was just ‘a bit.’”

“You think?”

“I do.”

“Hey, hurry up!” Aria nudged us along, and we passed through the crowd to the bulletin board with the numbers of all the examinees that had passed.

It looks like they separated the numbers based on classes.

Aria’s and Satella’s were there. They—

“It’s……It’s there! Grey, Satella!!”

“Mine’s—there too! Grey-sama, mine’s there too!!”

“Looks like you’re both in Class S. Good for you two.”



It was annoying, but Ronald’s previous remark meant that I had passed as well.

Were we in the same class?

Hm, they’re in Class S. So basically, I should be in there too but……I can’t find it.”

“G-Grey-sama……You’re there.”

“Hm, sorry, but where is it?”

“O-over there,” Satella said while trembling.

I knit my eyebrows and followed where her finger was pointing.


There, it said—

“S (Special Class) Homeroom Teacher—Number 344—Baron Shirabe Ines Navarro.”



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      1. The only one I remember is him receiving the name Ines Navarro, not Shirabe though. The change is from Grey Millard to Grey Ines Navarro if I recalled correctly.

    1. Awesome food, guaranteed apprenticeship and skill acquisition?

      There would be a line to get in on that deal!

  1. Wait so because he did well in the test theyre making him skip being a student and become the friggin teacher!? What kind of educational system is this? Sure hes smart to the point i dont get why hed need to attend this academy other than to say hed done it but expecting a kid to take over as teacher is bonkers!

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