Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 3

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

Checking-in to ‘The Grudge’

Chen Lu madly clicked the button to go downstairs. Fortunately, the elevator door opened before “Wang Gang” could catch up with him. 

Chen Lu’s mind was very puzzled now. Before leaving, he heard Wang Gang’s curse, which made him feel that something terrible would happen. 

Chen Lu pressed the close button four or five times nonstop, and the elevator finally started to go down to the first floor. Then the elevator door opened, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, there was no ghost in the elevator. 

He quickly stepped out of the elevator, but his pupils shrank, and he saw a weird black box placed at the elevator door. 

This box was one of those things called a ‘blind box.’ 

Chen Lu guessed that all of that which took place in Wang Gang’s house had to do with the “blind box” stacked in the room. Chen Lu was not trying to solve the problem but to run. 

So Chen Lu bypassed the blind box and left it to professionals to solve the ghost problem. 

Chen Lu ran out of the building, but the scene outside of the Community gave Chen Lu a cold breath. 

Someone installed Three or four blind box vending machines throughout the Community, and those were the same “blind boxes” as Wang Gang’s home. Someone put black blind boxes everywhere in the Community, and many of them were half-open, giving off some black gas. 

Even after seeing all this, with the help of Bull’s Eye Tears Perfume, Chen Lu didn’t stop. 

He hurriedly walked out of the Community. Even though the Security guard called out to him, he ignored it. 

“This kid, what’s he doing walking so fast? . . .”

The security guard swore and spit as he saw Chen Lu run so fast. 

“Forget it, let’s see what nice stuff can be found in the blind box.”

The security guard held the newly-promoted “One-Yuan blind box” with a bright light in his eyes. 


“I finally got home…”

Chen Lu hurried to the shower, there’s nothing like a comfortable hot bath to ease one’s fatigue. 

As Chen Lu washed, the hot air spread in the bathroom stall, hot water finally relaxed his stressed nerves, and a long sigh of relief emerged. 

“By the way . . .Did Check-in System finish the update? “

He remembered that he had become an official player, and the System was updating the data at the time. It should be updated by now. 

Chen Lu shut off the hot water, picked up the phone next to him, and opened the little app. 

Chen Lu was right, the System had been updated, and with his third Check-In, he became an official player. 

[You have become an official player, and Your first official Check-In location is being confirmed.]

[Confirmation is complete, please go to the haunted house of Kayako, in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan, before tomorrow to Check-In.]

“This place is…What the hell?”

“Seriously? Are you kidding me? Want me to fly to Japan to Check-In at the haunted house of Kayako by myself?”

Chen Lu was shocked, then rolled his eyes and tossed aside the phone after locking the screen. 

Was this little app getting crazy? Is this little app crazy? Kayako’s ghost house is a scene from the movie “The Grudge”. How did he travel into the film? 

Chen Lu complained about the app’s unreliable idea, but he didn’t entirely reject it at the bottom of his heart. 

Then again, it seemed as if this small app was already quite outrageous. 

Chen Lu threw a punch in the air, and the wind sound was as crisp and striking as a tiger pouncing on its food. 

This [Frightening Tiger Fighting Technique] was directly downloaded in his head. 

“Can this small app really allow me to get into “The Grudge”?”

Chen Lu clenched his fist, and his arm was full of strength; he liked this feeling. But hesitation appeared in his eyes again and quickly shook his head. 

“Forget it, the Check-In at Wang Gang’s family was already crazy enough. If I really crossed into “The Grudge” and was targeted by Kayako, do you think there is a chance to survive?”

“It’s better to be an ordinary & honest person.”

Chen Lu breathed a sigh of relief. Although there was some reluctance in his heart, safety was most important. 

Then Chen Lu thought about things that occurred at Wang Gang’s house. 

“What is going on with those blind boxes?”

Chen Lu frowned; many thoughts surging in his mind.. 

This was the first time Chen Lu had seen a ghost, but it is not the first time he has heard of Ghosts. 

As early as twenty years ago, the authorities had already notified the appearance of “unnatural forces” in the world. The probability of strange events was extremely low. Still, the authorities took it very seriously and established a special “Abnormal Event Investigation Team” to solve strange events. 

Hmm …… What’s the telephone number to report such events? I’ll have to check it later and report the information about Wang Gang’s house. 

“hmm…really comfortable. “

Chen Lu turned off the hot water, stretched himself, took out a towel, wrapped it around his body, and walked out of the shower room. 

I’m a little tired today, so I’d better go to bed early. ……

He was so tired that he wanted to lie down on the soft bed and swim in his dreams. 

Then he went to the bedroom and switched the light on. 

But just as he looked in the bedroom clearly, his body stiffened. 

There is a box on his bed. 

He was sure that he never bought a black box, let alone put it on his bed. 

This box…was a blind box! 

Chen Lu felt anxious, opened the cabinets, and moved to the living room, searching for any place people could hide. 

There was no one here. 

The door was not open, and the windows were closed. 

No one could enter the room. 

Chen Lu sort of recalled what Wang Gang had said. 

Do you think you can run away? 

“So I’m cursed by this……”


Chen Lu gulped, stunned for a second, then quickly returned to his senses, put on his clothing, and ran out of the room. 

His eyes steadily moved from fear to focus, and his emotions shifted from panic to calm. 

Perhaps he didn’t even realize it, but his handling of emotions was better than he thought. 

“Now be calm, the box has not yet been opened, the curse has not yet been triggered, and you must not be afraid, no matter what, stay away from the black box first.”

He didn’t think of stupidly touching the black box and throwing it away or destroying it. Not to add that any of these actions could directly activate the black box. But just because the black box appeared in his room for no reason, it wasn’t that easy to throw it away. 

Chen Lu got dressed, picked up his suitcase, opened his phone, and called on the police number to report strange events. 

His eyes were filled with calmness, and because he was being targeted, he couldn’t just sit there and wait to be killed. He must fight for his survival. 

“Hello, this is the Abnormal Event Investigation Team’s reporting phone number. Please press one if you encounter a supernatural event, press two if you are afraid and can’t sleep at night. And press three if you find your surroundings scary while watching a ghost movie.”

“I encountered a ghostly event.”

Chen Lu’s tone was cold; in the most concise statements, he told all the process of his encounter. 

When he went to Wang Gang’s house, there were blind boxes in the Community and blind boxes in his home. 

One bizarre thing after another made the person on the other end of the phone also cautious. 

“Okay, we’ll get someone to confirm what you said. For your safety, please come to the guest house at 203, Security Road and stay for a while.”


Chen Lu hung up the phone and stopped a cab by waving his hand. 

“Go to 203, Security Road.”

The cab drove fast, but the closer it got to its destination, the more he panicked. 

It was evident that professionals will ensure his security. Don’t get so flustered by all of this. He took a deep breath and tried to slow his heart down. 


Chen Lu’s phone got a new message from the little app. 

[Ghost Encyclopedia: According to professional statistics, the survival rate of people who report strange events is less than 4.7% (depending on the level of ghost), and more than half of them were killed by ghosts during professional protection, and a Ghost killed 44% of them on the way to shelter.]

Chen Lu suddenly felt cold. 

The System is playing tricks. 

Chen Lu looked out of the car window, watching the city lights recede, his mind in a daze. 

The old driver of the cab looked into the rear-view mirror and smiled. 

“Young man, you’re quite fashionable.”

“Yes?” Huh? Chen Lu was taken aback, “Big Brother, why do you say that?”

“Huh! Isn’t that a blind box next to you? My son also likes to play, but it costs money, and he always gets some dolls and other stuff. “

“Blind box?” Chen Lu murmured, “Where is it?”

“Young man, are you kidding me? Isn’t that little black box next to you? “

Chen Lu looked to the seat beside him, and there was a blind box on the initially empty seat. 

What’s more, the black box had been slightly opened, and even though there was only a crack, Chen Lu could smell the danger. 

Chen Lu recalled Wang Gang’s words again. 

“Do you think you can run away?”


[Ghost Encyclopedia: The development of strange events can be divided into the latent period, outbreak period, stable period, and advanced period. Ghosts tend to undergo qualitative changes according to the cycle.]

Chen Lu put his phone back in his pocket. 

“Sir, I’m not going to Security Road anymore.”

“What? Then where are you going?”

Chen Lu looked at the black box beside him, and his eyes shone sharply. 

“Let’s go to the airport.”

You have to hold your life in your own hands.


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