Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 11

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Monarch of Glendale and Elder Brother

We won this month’s battle safely, and the classroom was still ours to keep.

We held our customary celebration in the central city, and I also treated Ryuushin and Merdie to a high-end restaurant on another day. With that, the days passed.

Finally, Tina, Leaffa, and my wedding reception are going to be held the day after tomorrow.

We’re still at the academy today, but since the reception’s venue is at the Silveray mansion, we have to return home tomorrow.

All my classmates said they’ll attend the reception.

A visitor came just as I was preparing for the return trip to our residence tomorrow.

I was near the entrance, so I came out to welcome them.

“Oh, Halt, it has been a while. You’ve grown!”

“Y, your Majesty!”

This Kingdom’s monarch was standing outside when I opened the door.

I hurriedly knelt.

I have known the King of Glendale since he was still a prince.

On several occasions, I met him when Father, being a Count, took me with him on his trips to the Royal Castle.

“Halt, don’t be so uneasy. Come on, stand. I had your eldest brother bring me to you today.”

“It’s been a while, Halt. How’ve you been?”

My eldest brother, Cain, came out from behind the king.

“Elder Brother Cain, nice to see you again. I’m fine and dandy, just as you see.”

Cain belongs to this kingdom’s Order of Chivalry of this kingdom, so apparently, he had been busy with a lot of stuff, and lately, we don’t get the chance to see each other.

“By the way, Your Majesty, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit today? I could have come to Your Majesty if you had any concern.”

“I heard that the younger brother of the Captain of the Imperial Guards is getting married. I came to give my well wishes. Is it strange to drop by and extend my congratulations?”

“T, thank you very much.”

Hmm? Younger brother of the Captain of the Imperial Guards?

Eh, don’t tell me—

“Excuse me, but… elder brother, are you the Captain of His Majesty’s Imperial Guards?”

“Yeah, I’ve been promoted.”

“Our age is close enough, so it’s easier for us to converse. Thus, I appointed him as such. I don’t have any qualms with his ability, either.”

Big Bro has been promoted big time, and I didn’t even know about it.

I thought he was just a member of the Order of Chivalry, but it turns out he joined the Imperial Guards instead, and what’s more, he became the captain of those guards.

In the first place, you need to possess a great deal of ability and social standing in order to join the knights of this kingdom.

Well, Big Bro’s great with handling swords, and he’s also popular, so I thought it’s only natural that he’ll belong to the class of knight commanders.

But I was greatly surprised to learn that he is now the Captain of the Imperial Guards.

“Elder brother, congratulations on your promotion. You could have told us.”

“Thanks. Sorry ‘bout that, been quite busy.”

“I also apologize. Cain has been preoccupied with escorting me. He’s such a serious guy. He didn’t even have any plans to come and congratulate his younger brother on his wedding.”

“Eh, then…”

“Yes, the reason I came here is to have Cain escort me and bring him here at all costs.”

Whoa, what the heck.

I feel quite… No, I really feel like I caused them trouble.

“Of course, we will also attend the reception the day after tomorrow.”


“I heard that your partner is that Heroine Tina, as well as the princess of Alheim. It is the wedding of the person who protected this world. Not to mention the princess of another kingdom is wedded to a noble of my country. Of course, I am obliged to celebrate this occasion.”

“T, that maybe so.”

“By the way, I already informed the House of Silveray regarding my attendance.”

What on earth.

Seems like the King of Glendale’s presence at our reception is already set in stone.

Our reception party’s turning into something huge, somehow.

“Halt-sama, is anything the matter? Ah, Your Majesty.”

Tina came to check on me.

Tina is also acquainted with Glendale’s monarch.

“Oh, Tina. You’re gorgeous as ever. Congratulations on your marriage with Halt. I’m exceedingly glad that a Heroine such as you is now being united with a citizen of my beloved country.”

“Thank you very much.”

Tina bowed deeply.

Shortly after Tina came, Leaffa also came to check on us.

“Halt, who are these people?”

“This person is His Majesty, the King of Glendale. My elder brother is the one standing behind him.”

“Oh! I am Leaffa, the former Second Princess of Alheim Kingdom.”

Leaffa curtsied.

As expected of former royalty, it was so natural.

“I’m the King of Glendale. I heard that Apristos came and attacked Alheim the other day, so it is good that you are all fine.”

“We are grateful for your solicitude. Halt here, Tina-sama, and everyone from the Ifrus Academy of Magic assisted us.”

“I have been informed. I received Leaves of Yggdrasil from the King of Alheim as tokens of gratitude and friendship. It is my intention to be on good terms with Alheim as our allied country from here on.” 

“Such gracious words.”

“You’ve also done well, Halt. You have formed a friendship with Alheim. From here on, continue that friendship and ensure Leaffa’s happiness.”

“Yes, I will.”

Seems like he already said his piece, so the king took his Imperial Guards to return to the palace.

Cain will stay for a while longer to have a talk with us before he returns.

Cain’s the monarch’s escort. He should return to the palace with the king, but the king insisted that he should have a bit more time with us before he goes back. It was supported by the Imperial Guards too, so Cain remained.

I led him to the drawing-room.

“Hmm, this is?”

Shiro was sleeping on the sofa in the drawing-room.

So he’s in a place like this; I hadn’t seen him since morning.

“It’s Shiro, my pet.”

“Somehow, I feel it’s not an ordinary dog, but… N, no way, isn’t that a Divine Beast, I think?”

Eh, how did you know?

Oh, in that case, my elder sister Charles possesses a cheat skill called mind-reading, and Cain is rumored to have more varied talents than her, so it’s not past him to possess some ability.

“Big bro, can you see auras?”

“No, rather than that, it’s intuition.”

“Don’t tell me… Is that a skill?”

“Oh! Nice going, Halt. It’s a skill called [Extreme Intuition].”

So he really did have a cheat skill.

What’s up with the House of Silveray?

In that case, my second elder brother might also possess some kind of aptitude.

“Master, it’s about the clothes for tomorrow—oh, we have a guest.”

Youko reached the drawing-room while looking for me.

“N, nine-tailed fox!? What’s a demon doing here!?”

Whoa, as expected of an extremely keen intuition. He instantly spotted Youko’s true identity at a glance.

“Big bro, she’s my contractual demon, so nothing to worry about.”

“W, what nonsense are you spouting!? That’s a nine-tailed fox!”

Looks like he doesn’t believe me…

“Halt-sama, it’s about tomorrow— Ah, excuse us.”

With bad timing, Mai and Mei also came to the drawing-room.

“And now there are two high-level Spirits!? What’s going on here!”

After that, I explained to Cain how my family has grown to this extent.

Of course, since I can’t hide anything from my highly intuitive big bro, I also revealed that I’m a reincarnated person.

To tell the truth, it seems that Cain had already noticed that I was a reincarnated person since long ago, due to his super keen intuition.

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