Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 36

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The True Identity of the Ghost

“Wh-what is this sound?”

The sound that was echoing throughout the mansion was mysteriously coming from the ground. I took out my Tetracorde. I didn’t know what the sound was, but it was plain to see that something unusual was happening. 

Princess Philia tilted her head puzzledly, Saint Sophia had an anxious look. Thinking, I muttered unintentionally, “With this kind of sound, it wasn’t strange this place was called a haunted house.”

“Ha-haunted house?”

When Saint Sophia heard my words, her face turned blue. Oops. This mansion was said to be haunted, so I was able to buy it cheap. I intended to keep that fact a secret in case it made Sophia and the others uneasy. 

To avoid having to explain that, I changed the topic.

“It sounds like it’s coming from the basement. I’ll go and take a look.”

“If so, I’ll go too,” Philia said with a curious look on her face. 

Philia had been trapped in the Imperial Palace for a long time, so she was curious about everything happening on the outside. Especially something like this.

But I didn’t want to go with Philia because it might be dangerous. I didn’t want to put her in danger. When I told her that, she shook her head.

“I’m glad you’re worried about me, but I’m okay. Also, I think it’s more dangerous to be away from Solon.”


“Besides, Solon will protect me. Right?”

Philia looked up at me. I thought about it for a while and nodded. It was true that leaving Philia in this room would make me anxious, since I didn’t know what would happen to her. 

Initially, I was thinking of leaving her with Saint Sophia. But, Sophia herself was trembling.

“So-Solon-kun. I’ll also go.”

“Umm, Aren’t you scared?”

“I-I’m not scared.”


“…I’m scared.”

Sophia nodded a little. Sophia, the strongest adventurer in the empire, had a lot of weaknesses. One of them was that she wasn’t good at dealing with ghosts and other spiritual phenomena.

She could defeat strong demons, yet she was scared of a ghost with an unknown identity. But it couldn’t be helped, it was her personality. 

In the end, the four of us went down from the stairs of the mansion to the basement. The spiral staircase was dim, creating an eerie atmosphere. Suddenly Sophia grabbed my right hand. When she circled her arms around mine, I could feel her chest, which was soft. . 

I blushed and told Sophia, flustered.

“Sophia? Can you let my hand go?”

“I’m sorry.”

Despite that, she kept her arms around mine. She was very scared, but I wanted her to think about the effects of her action. Philia puffed up her cheeks and approached me. 

“It’s unfair that it’s only Sophia-san. I also want to get spoiled with Solon.”

Then Philia took my left arm and circled her arm like Saint Sophia. She giggled.

“You have flowers in both hands, Solon.”

Sophia was on my right and Philia was on my left. What’s more, the both of them were in close proximity to me.

The sweet scent of the two girls made me dizzy. I wanted both Philia and Sophia to get away from me as soon as possible.

Clarice said happily from behind, “Solon-sama, is it okay if I hug you from behind?”

“… I won’t be able to walk anymore.”

“It’s unfortunate. I’d like to do it then, if there’s another opportunity~”

Another opportunity, she said. When I was still thinking about it, we had arrived in the basement. 

It was a simple storage room, the floor was gray and the walls were brick red. However, the strange sound was reverberating louder here. We stopped in the middle of the room.

After a while, red letters began to appear on the wall, written in blood. The letters wrote, “How should I satisfy my grudge?”

Almost at the same time, Sophia fell. She fainted due to being too scared. I panicked, but Clarice supported Sophia perfectly and took care of her.

Nevertheless, Princess Philia’s face was calm.

“It feels like a ghost’s doing.”

“That’s right. But it feels fake… Philia-sama, please go back a little.”

“I want to hold Solon’s arms a little more, can’t I do that?”

“I’m sorry, but I need to use my treasure sword.”

If I were still hugged by Philia-sama, I couldn’t use the sword. 

Philia said disappointedly, “You don’t look happy. Do you hate holding hands with me?”

“I’m happy to be relied on, but it’s embarrassing.”

After my muttering, Philia’s eyes became rounded and she laughed cheerfully.

“Yeah, I’ll let you go. It’s okay if we do it again, right? Is it a promise?”

I nodded and pulled out the treasure sword Tetracorde. Slashing it, I released my magic power down to the end of the basement. Then we heard a sound like a muffled scream, and something was beginning to take form. 

“The true identity of the ghost,” I muttered.

The one who made those strange sounds. It was previously invisible, but because of my attack, it couldn’t maintain its invisibility so half of the body was now exposed. A six-legged demon, humankind’s enemy that should have been deep inside the ruins.

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