The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Chapter 19

Business Partnership with the Reise Shopping District

It was a hackneyed story, according to the landlady.

Expanding from the center of Reise, the giant company, Waste, attempted to buy up everything in order to create a new industry, but the long-standing shops rejected this buy-out. In the end, Waste would resort to high-handed methods like what we had seen just now.

“So? What’s this new industry?” I asked.

“A general business,” said the husband as he picked at his short black hair.

“They’ve got restaurants, inns, popular high class shops like watch shops, as well as brothels, casinos, and even slave businesses,” scowled the landlady.

She must have a solid reason to go this far in refusing the buy-out.

“They plan to turn Raindrop Inn into a brothel, casino, or a slave market……”

“And not just here. There’s rumors that they plan on converting all the shops here to brothels or slave markets.”

The husband bit his lip in frustration.

“Give me a break! This inn has been held afloat by students since way back when. I’ll never let them turn this place into something like that,” declared the landlady.

“Hm, then won’t you make a contract with Sagami Co.? We’ll provide the funds and technology, of course.”

It’d be easier for us to move around that way.

“But you’re up against the peerless Waste, you know?” he dubiously asked. Aria kept quiet, but was no doubt thinking the same thing.

“Well if you just suck your thumbs and wait for them to move, this hotel will fall into their hands and transform into a brothel and slave market,” I replied.

“That’s true, but……”

They’re so evasive. Well, even if they are acquainted with Aria, it’s still probably difficult to trust the words of a child.

I guess that means I’ll need to switch it up slightly.

I took out bottles and jars of salt, sugar, soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise, as well as wind beef and vegetables from my item box, placing them all on the table.

“This is just a small portion of what our company can provide. We manage restaurants, but we’re short on hands. As long as you return a portion of your profits back to our company, we’ll provide everything from funds for hiring, ingredients, and new recipes all the way to completely remodeling this store.”

They’d be managing a franchise, so to speak. It’s like a family restaurant or a convenience store, so they’ll need a unified name. If possible, I’d like to place this corner of the capital under the influence of Sagami Co.

“T-this taste……”

The husband timidly reached out to the jar of soy sauce and widened his eyes after a taste before hurriedly reaching out to the other jars.

After taste testing everything, he crossed his arms and shut his eyes.


After she called out to him several times, he finally opened his eyes and fixated on me.

“Boy, where did you get these ingredients?”

“Our company has developed all of them. There’s plenty more flavors I’d like to look into, so expect the selection to grow even more.”

“I see……” he trailed off, pursing his lips. Hesitation dwelled in his eyes, as well as a violent anticipation.

“Boy, why would you go so far Raindrop Inn? Is it because of Miss Aria?”

“Please don’t belittle me. I’m a merchant. If there weren’t any value to buying this place, I’d forsake you. There’s only one reason I’m spending money here: it’s a good inn.”

Honest-to-God, it was the truth. All the long-standing shops here were deteriorating from age, and it’s not like they were selling any special foods or goods.

However, all the stores here researched for the sake of the students who would buy from them. There’s reason to spend money on this place.

The husband stared up at the ceiling for a while before turning back to his wife and, as if he were about to go on a picnic, casually asked her, “You wanna give it a shot?”

No. Looking at her faint smile, it wasn’t a question, but something closer to a confirmation.

“Sure thing. And—”

“Of course, we’re prepared to make contracts with the other stores. If you’ve any recommendations, I’ll provide a place to talk in a few days so introduce them then,” I said.

“Sorry for making you go to these lengths.”


The two bowed deeply.

“No, save your thanks for when once everything’s concluded and your business is going smoothly. Now then, I’ll have the details written on this document. There are several plans here, so please confirm.”

Yes. This is extremely convenient. I glanced at Aria, who was staring at us in a daze, and said, “Aria, you’re a member of Sagami Co., right?”


She hurriedly nodded her head.

“Then I’ll leave it to you to settle the contract.”

“Huh? M-me!?” she exclaimed.

I chuckled internally and said, “You’ve a debt to this city, right? Then, use your own power to return the favor!”

People would get back on their feet by themselves if you gave them a role, or something like that. I’d give her so much work to do she wouldn’t have any time to spare thinking about her father.

“O-okay! I got it. I’ll do my best!”

She clasped her hands together, burning with determination. I gave her a sidelong glance before returning to my room in order to write the documents.



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  1. Soy souce isn’t that great of food..i dont whats good in need and why japanese people so fixated on those?!

    1. It’s a classic in japanese web novels. At this point I don’t even try to argue with it. Even the good ones have an arc where mc makes/tries to obtain soy sauce, miso, rice, etc…

    2. It’s a cultural thing, you know. Soy Sauce goes well with a lot of recipes. In my country, soy sauce may not be well-talked about but a lot of people will always take the opportunity to develop soy sauce when they know how to develop it. It’s also has one of the highest sales in the food market.

    3. Soy Sauce on its own, would of course isn’t a great ‘food’. It’s a condiment type of food after all, which to compliment the food it was added to.

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