Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 2

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

Chapter 2 Dolls

Chen Lu looked at Wang Gang with a dumbfounded face.

“Are you okay? Is this a physical problem or a brain problem?”

“I’d better go in and talk.”

Chen Lu wanted to enter the room, but Wang Gang hurriedly stopped him, looking panicked.

“Wait… don’t come in.”

“If you come in, it means you’ve found out about her and she won’t let you go…”

“Don’t look at her friendly face now. At first, she chased me with a kitchen knife, and I was forced to hide in the room. Now it seems that she is hostile only to me.

“But… let me come in the room at least!”

Chen Lu just wants to Check-in; why is it so difficult…

Wang Gang still refuses to open the door; only his face was exposed.

“Well, why don’t you trap her for me first?”

“Then, we’ll run away together…”

“This …” Chen Lu hesitated for a moment. “Did you really not lie to me?”

“No, she’s really not my mom!”

“I-I’ve got a picture of my mom!”

Wang Gang sticks a photo of a family of three, from the crack in the door, and it really didn’t look like the woman in the kitchen.

“Oh, okay.”

Chen Lu nodded hesitantly, although there were still doubts in his mind, his primary goal was always to Check-in, so let’s just go along with Wang Gang’s idea first.

Chen Lu nodded his head and used his fingers to show the villain’s walking posture, then “okay” again.

Then Chen Lu crept closer to the kitchen.

At this moment, the aunt in the kitchen was feverishly stir-frying a small dish, and the hood was making a lot of noise, so Chen Lu approached her and took a closer look.

“Auntie, this dish smells good …”

“Yes, little Chen, you go sit down first, and I’ll call Wang Gang to get up for dinner later.”


Then Chen Lu withdrew from the kitchen; then slammed the glass door, fastened it, and jammed it with a broom.

“Little Chen …… Little Chen? What are you doing?”

Chen Lu rushed to Wang Gang’s room and knocked on the door, “Quick, she is trapped by me, let’s escape.”

“Really? ……Really?”

Wang Gang in the room hesitated, but still refused to leave the room.

Chen Lu got anxious; the aunt was constantly patting on the door and had even begun to try to hack the door with a kitchen knife. And her eyes grew more resentful, which made her look creepy.

“It’s true! She is becoming creepier, let’s go!”

“Yes, … yes!”

Wang Gang opened the door at once, revealing by his weak body and face that he hadn’t eaten for days. He walked out of the room alongside the wall, rushed to the front door, and waved at Chen Lu.

“Keep up!”


Chen Lu looked at Wang Gang, who had already walked out of the door but couldn’t help but give a look to the room.

No matter what, you have to Check-in first!

Chen Lu looked at the aunt who was still in the kitchen, and Wang Gang who had rushed to the door and opened it. Chen Lu didn’t hesitate and walked into the room.

“Congratulations to the player for checking in successfully and winning the reward: ‘Bull’s Eye Tears Perfume’.”

“The player has become an official player, refreshing the database, please wait…”

Finally, I’ve Checked-in…

With a slight smile, Chen Lu intended to leave immediately, but his eyes unconsciously scanned the entire room.

Wang Gang’s room was different from what Chen Lu had imagined; the room was filled with blind boxes, some opened, and some not opened yet.

“It’s strange… a blind box is supposed to be quite expensive, but how can he afford so many blind boxes? And why are there only empty boxes, what was inside them?”

Although these blind boxes made Chen Lu uncomfortable, the primary goal was to escape first.

He turned around to escape the room but saw Wang Gang standing at the door.

Wang Gang’s face was gloomy, with a weird smile on his face. He stood in front of the door, his eyes turned white, and then turned pure black again. He opened his mouth stiffly, and then asked strangely:

“Why did you go into the room?”


Chen Lu was stunned, gulped unconsciously, and looked at the aunt, who was still in the kitchen. At this moment, the aunt stood dumb, staring at Chen Lu with the blank look.

Blank, dark, cruel.

“Why did you go into the room?”

Chen Lu stepped back abruptly and stepped on something soft.

Chen Lu looked behind him.

It’s a puppet doll.

And more than one.

On the wall, in the closet, on the bed, under the bed, on the floor.

All the hidden places in the room were now crawling with dolls. All dolls were different, but they all had eyes made of buttons.

It turns out they were hiding before.

Chen Lu looked at Wang Gang again.

No… he is not Wang Gang.

Chen Lu took out the newly obtained Bull’s Eye Tear Perfume and squeezed it. Chen Lu smelled the perfume and was able to see Wang Gang’s “true” form.

A rag doll.

The edges of the ragdoll also left white ash produced from friction, exactly like the ash from the blind box in the living room.

“You found out so quickly?”

“What to do, I wanted to play more…”

Wang Gang’s mouth; which was sewed by white threads, split open, revealing the flesh and blood that served as cotton wool inside. Chen Lu almost vomited after seeing it.

That’s Wang Gang’s face.

It just ate Wang Gang…


“Wang Gang” stared at Chen Lu with eyes made of buttons that alternated with pure black and white light.

“Since you’ve found out, you have to stay.”

“Because, I still have a lot of brothers and sisters who want to get out.”

“Come on … come on.”

The surrounding puppets slowly stood up; they moved closer to Chen Lu step by step and stretched out their hands.

“You should stay . . .”

“You should stay . . .”

“You should stay . . .”

Wang Gang stepped forward with a sarcastic smile on his mouth, then gently touched Chen Lu’s chin with his hand.

“You can’t leave.”

“You’d better go find your grandma to play the house!” (t/n: Leave me alone)

Chen Lu held Wang Gang’s Frivolous hand and jerked it straight across his shoulders.

Wang Gang was pulled up and then slammed on a pile of dolls.

Chen Lu’s body sank, and uses the[Frightening Tiger Fighting technique] with his body, it is like driving a Maserati with the engine of a tractor – a lot of effort.

But now was not the time to keep his hand. Chen Lu tried his best with every blow.

“Stay, stay, stay, didn’t your mom teach you to be friendly to guests!”

Chen Lu combined elbows or kicks in every interval between words that profoundly represented the style of [Frightening Tiger Fighting Technique]!

“Forget it, Young master won’t hang out with you here.”

Chen Lu looked so unhappy that the Check-in reward he just got will be used up in the next second!

Chen Lu knew that he had run into a ghost, and if it wasn’t for the Bull’s Eye Tear Perfume and fighting technique, he might not have been able to walk out the door.

Let’s escape first …

Chen Lu who no longer wanted to stay, hurriedly opened the door and walked out of the room.

Long footsteps in the corridor indicate Chen Lu’s departure.

The “Wang Gang” in the room grinned again, and the human flesh under the cotton wool was disgusting.

“It’s naive to want to run . . .”

“Do you think you can run away?”

“You can’t escape . . .”


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