I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 118

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Growing Disturbance

The shocking news spread around the world. 

[Gojo Masakado DEAD] 

There were countless people who still couldn’t believe the news. After all Gojo Masakado, just like The Sanctuary Knights, was a person that ignited the flames of hope within the hearts of the people.

However it didn’t take long for people to finally accept that what had happened was the truth.

The communication networks once again worsened and even telephones, TVs and the internet couldn’t be used any more. Furthermore, the monsters once again began appearing in front of the people that were once again experiencing a shock similar to the one from The Calamity.

Similar to the first time it had happened the monsters once again began spreading fear around the world… and in the midst of that fear it was discovered the BOSS like monsters were once again beginning to appear.

The areas that were previously safe from the menace of the monsters this time were not spared, as monsters ran amok even there, inviting despair into the hearts of people.


[China・Leo Garcia]

We somehow managed to escape from Bangkok and come to China.

Originally we were planning on going directly to a relatively safe place within Europe however, with the worsening of the communication systems and the appearance of monsters in the skies, we deemed that a long flight would be dangerous.

That is why we had picked the safest country that was within flying range, and that was China. After all China was the home of Suzaku, a mutant organization with over 50 members.

We were currently heading towards Suzaku’s Headquarters in Chengdu. After landing at the airport we split into several cars and began moving.

Freya: “I still can’t believe that Gojo’s dead… It all just feels like a nightmare.”

Me, Gress and Freya were currently in the car. Due to being the only one that had fought the Black Knight before, Freya couldn’t seem to accept the situation at all.

“You did say that the Black Knight wasn’t strong enough to defeat Gojo after all. However it did seem that Gojo was acting a little bit off during the fight, what do you think about it Freya?”

“I think the Black Knight was definitely stronger than the time I fought with him. However, I still don’t think he could have beat Gojo… Something was definitely wrong.”

‘So it seems it wasn’t just me that felt something was off, which means…’

“Gress, you appraised him right? What did you see?”

“That is…” said Gress, seemingly finding it hard to speak. Just as I was beginning to wonder what might be wrong he continued…

“I’m sorry Master Leo I couldn’t appraise him…”

“You couldn’t appraise him!? What happened?”

Gress had the Unique Skill Magic Eye. It gave him the ability to appraise everything. Something like this had never happened before.

“Did you at least see something?”

“I did find out that his name’s Hubris and that he’s a Lv 99 Hero. My normal Appraisal Skill worked without any problems, however I couldn’t see anything beyond that.”

“So you mean to say that only your Magic Eye ability didn’t work?”

‘What is going on… Could it be――’

“A Unique Skill that prevents Unique Skills…!?”

“Master Leo! That’s it! That would explain why Gojo was acting so strange, after all he has an unbelievable amount of Unique Skills!”

Freya: “Apart from Gress none of us have any Unique Skills. He was probably a natural enemy to Gojo… We should have gone in to help after all…”

“That would have been impossible Freya, there’s no way we could have kept up with their speed. If we had joined we would have probably only been a hindrance to Gojo.”

There was no meaning in feeling sorry for ourselves. The important thing was to bounce back from this and figure out what to do next.

“Currently there are two things we know about the Black Knight.”

“Two? What’s there besides him being able to prevent the use of Unique Skills?”

“If his class is really a Hero then he should have the Light Protection Class Skill. The time he fought Freya was during the night. While when he fought Gojo it was mid-day and he was way stronger then. The reason would probably be that Skill of his.”

If we were to fight the Black Knight it would have to be at night. I wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits of my Light Protection, however him not being able to reap its benefits was more important…

[China・Sichuan Province・Chengdu]

After arriving at Suzaku’s Headquarters, we were greeted with terrifying news.

“Monsters have started appearing around the world again?”

“Yes, after we received the information, the communication networks immediately went down so we weren’t able to confirm it however, monster numbers have apparently rapidly increased in England, America and some other countries.”

The one who answered my questions was Suzaku’s Vice Leader Ryu.

“When you say England, do you mean that the Dragons have…”

“We’ve been told that a large number of them have once again appeared, yes.”

All of our faces immediately became dim. After all we handed over the kids that Gojo had entrusted with us to England’s Government.

The reason being that the Dragon numbers had decreased drastically. We were stupid.

“I can’t believe we sent the kids to the country which is deemed to be the most dangerous… This is all my fault.”

I said while being extremely angry with myself.

“You’re not to blame Leo. No one knew something like this would happen. I didn’t expect it as well.” said Carlo trying to console me, however the one who had given the order to send the kids to England was undoubtedly me. The blame was all on me.

“We won’t be able to go and help even if we leave now. We can only hope and put our trust in England’s Government.”

Carlo was right, even if we wanted to go, finding a way to get to England in these circumstances would be almost impossible. I was frustrated at the current situation, but what bothered me even more was that I had failed Gojo.

Three days passed after that tragic event. The days of us continuing to stay within Suzaku’s Headquarters only continued.

“It’s no use Master Leo, I still can’t contact them.”

“I see…”

I wanted to somehow get in touch with the English Government, however due to the increase of Magic Particles, the communication networks were only getting worse.

And due to our contact with The Sanctuary Knights’ Logistical Support in Switzerland being cut off, we couldn’t figure out the current situation the world was in.

“Are Wan and the others still not back?”

“Mostly all of them are out searching, however it seems like they’re having a rough time.”

China was no different than the other countries. Monsters were once again beginning to appear and casualties were only increasing. Currently Suzaku have gathered all of its members in a desperate search for China’s new BOSS.

Still according to Carlo’s words, they were having a hard time.

We had also gotten a cooperation request from the Chinese Government regarding the subjugation. Of course, we were planning to help even without the request however…

“Once Wan and the other find the BOSS, we’ll immediately leave as well. Make sure you’re ready.”


Wan: We were currently separated into three groups, looking around the places with a high density of Magic Particles, however we were still unable to find anything.

Last time we were able to succeed in the subjugation because Gojo was here.

If this time’s BOSS was as strong as the one from that time then… Just thinking about it frightened me.

“Wan, let’s pull back for a bit. It might not be here.” said Ryu, which only raised the tension in the air even more. 

Due to not being able to communicate with the other two groups that had gone to search for the BOSS further up ahead, we had decided on using a summoned monster, situated within Headquarters in order to convey the message through it, should they find something.

Following the plan our group headed back to Suzaku’s Headquarters.

Just as we turned around to go back, a cold rain began pouring down.

“Gojo… Are you really gone…?”


“Master Leo! Wan and the others are back.”

Being followed by several dozens of people, Wan came back. After she entered and let down her luggage, I approached her.

“How was it?”

Hearing my question, Wan shook her head sideways.

“We searched desperately, however we weren’t able to find any clues. How is it on your end, did you manage to get in contact?”

“No luck here as well.”

“I see…” sighed Wan with a tired expression.

“Wan I know this might not be the time but I’d still like to ask. How many of the weapons and armor that Saruman gave you do you have?”

Wan looked completely beat so in her stead Vice Leader Ryu answered me.

“We have equipments enough for 20 people. It has been of a huge help to us.”

“20 people’s worth…”

“Is there something wrong Leo?” asked Carlo, seeming intrigued by my question.

“Even if we do defeat the BOSS lurking in China, that doesn’t mean that the whole problem will be taken care of with just that. The reason for the sudden increase of monsters throughout the world is definitely that black gem that the Black Knight threw towards the sky.”

“That gem that you say you saw floating towards the sky?”

“That’s right. If we don’t destroy that gem, this hell will probably never end.”

The faces of everyone currently here became dim.

“We will probably end up once again going to Bangkok and confronting the Black Knight as well as that monster that he summoned. For that we will need more people and weapons, but…”

“80% of the weapons confiscated from Saruman were destroyed… The remaining ones just won’t be enough…” said Carlo biting his lip and showing an irritated expression.

“It’s that Hans bastard’s fault! I don’t know where he disappeared to, but if I find him, I swear I’ll punch the life out of him!!” said Elias, who was normally pretty calm. I couldn’t blame him as I perfectly understood how he was feeling.

Just as when we were about to turn around and go back to our rooms, Wan suddenly tried to say something with a really exhausted voice.

“Leo do you think that Gojo… Is he really gone?  I still can’t believe it…”

This was my first time seeing Wan like this. I wanted to say something that would cheer her up and light her fire of hope once more, however now wasn’t the time for such words.

“Wan… If he was still alive do you really believe that Gojo would just sit around and do nothing with the world in the state that it’s currently in? The only thing we can do now is accept his death.”

We had to do it with just us… With just us…

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  1. obviously if you were about to be killed by someone that can negate your special abilities, the best thing to do is to fake your death and strategically retreat until a counter measure can be made. I think Rimuru the ultimate did this like twice. I wonder what his strategy will be in countering.

      1. No. ‘Rimuru the Ultimate’ is the best. It sounds more badass and you can picture it to mean anything cool such ‘Rimuru the Ultimate One’ or ‘Rimuru the Ultimate Being’

  2. Maybe Gojo got Isekai’d to the world where those monster came from and will return more powerful than ever….

    LOL just a delusion I had.. >.<

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