Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 35

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Solon and the Princess’s First Encounter

Princess Philia met me a long time ago, but I didn’t have any clue.. 

“Does Solon remember the first time we met?”

“No, unfortunately…”

After hearing from Clarice that I had actually met Philia, I have tried to remember, but it didn’t work. I didn’t think I had the opportunity to meet a princess who had been in the Imperial Palace all this time. I thought about asking Philia someday, but I didn’t expect Philia would be the first to talk to me about it.

Philia smiled. 

“That’s okay. It can’t be helped if you don’t remember. It was four years ago, and at that time I didn’t tell you I was a princess. And our meeting was very short.”

Four years ago. It was the year Saint Sophia and I graduated from the magic school. At that time, certainly, I was in the Imperial Palace. 

The magic school graduates would be granted an audience with His Majesty The Emperor. That was the custom ever since The Imperial Magic School was built. 

Philia slowly pulled away from me, putting her index finger in front of her eyes. From that finger, a small fire was lit. 

“Solon was the one who taught me this magic,” Philia whispered shyly.

At that moment, I remembered. I had taught a little girl magic. 

When the audience with the emperor was over, all the graduates had started leaving the palace. But at that time, I met a young girl.

She was sitting alone in a small chair by the garden. A girl with silver hair and a lovely appearance, wearing clothes of high quality. It was weird for a noble girl not to be accompanied by a servant at the corner of the garden, outside of the Imperial Palace. 

I was worried about her, so I went and asked, “Are you okay?”

The girl was feeling lonely, and so she asked me to stay with her. That girl was Philia. 

“At that time, I sneaked quietly out of the Imperial Palace, because I wanted to take a look outside.”

However, the young Philia didn’t dare go beyond the garden of the Imperial Palace. Also, because of the palace’s complicated interior structure, she didn’t know how to return to her room.

“Clarice wasn’t there yet. So I was really worried whether anyone would come to find me.”

The one who appeared at that time was me. And young Philia asked me to teach her magic.

I thought about it for a moment, then decided it was fine to teach her magic while waiting for my parents to come. And so I accepted her request. I taught her very basic magic skills until one of the maids came to find her. 

“That’s why I was able to use fire magic when I was brewing the black tea.”

I remembered the first day I visited the Imperial Palace as Philia’s tutor. At that time, Philia used magic to boil water for the tea. 

“Solon kindly taught me magic and said, ‘You have a talent for magic, you can be a great magician.'”

Certainly, I told her that. And I introduced myself to her as “Solon, a magic swordsman who will become an adventurer”. 

“Solon was the only one who told me I could be someone great. Everyone said I was a  devil’s child, a useless girl. I had thought so too, but…”

I was different. Even if it weren’t me, if someone were to have a certain amount of sight for talent, they could definitely see that Philia was indeed talented. But unexpectedly, I was the one who became Philia’s first instructor.

“That’s why I wanted to be a magician. Yeah, to be precise, I wanted to be a magic swordsman, like the one who taught me magic at that time.”

“That’s why you were looking for a magic swordsman as a tutor.”

“I really wanted Solon to be the one teaching me. But I thought it would be impossible to hire Solon, the vice-captain of The Knights of Saint Sophia.”

“But I’m no longer the vice-captain of the knight order. So I could become Philia’s tutor.”

“I think I was really lucky that Solon is my instructor, you’re as kind as you were before.”

Philia had met me in the guise of a maid. According to her, she was trying to see if I had changed. And the result was satisfying, she seemed to think that I was still a good person. 

Philia smiled softly.

“From now on, tell me a lot more about magic and other things. Because I want to be a magic swordsman like Solon, who can fight together with Solon.”

When I tried to reply to Philia’s words, strange rumbling sounds coming from the ground echoed throughout the mansion.


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