Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 1

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

Chapter 1 Blind Box

Shanghai was extremely hot in July. The high temperature was heating and distorting the air.

Because of the orange high-temperature warning, fewer people were on the street than usual, and most people rushed indoors.

Chen Lu also quickened his pace and ran in the street with an umbrella. Soon he was sweating profusely.

He walked to the community with a sympathetic fruit basket and a present in his hand.

But before he entered the community, he was stopped by security.

“Visitors are required to register.”

“Where are you going?”

The security guard looked at Chen Lu carrying large and small bags and knew that it must be a simple visit to a friend, and the inquiry was just a routine.

“Hello, brother, I’m going to my classmate’s house, No.802, 7th buildings,.””

“Oh…, It’s that kid Wang Gang, right? I haven’t seen him come out of the door for a few days. Is he sick?”

Chen Lu nodded, “Yeah, he hasn’t been to school for several days, so I came to see him.”

“All right, go in.”

The security guard waved his hand and refused to register Chen Lu, so Chen Lu thanked him and walked towards the seventh building.

At the same time, his phone rang.

It was a message called [Super Check-In System], and Chen Lu clicked on the dialog box.

“Player, please check in at Wang Gang’s room at Elegant Heart Residence, Seventh Building.”

“Got it, let’s hurry.”

Chen Lu muttered, in fact, he came to Wang Gang’s house because of the Check-In System notification.

This is all because two days ago, a small app called [Super Check-In System] popped up on his mobile phone. Which gave him corresponding rewards as long as he completed  the check-in.

As a new generation of young people, he immediately judged that it was a fraudulent app.

But coincidentally, the first check-in was in his bathroom.

He didn’t believe it, but he had to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. When he walked into the bathroom, he received two messages.

One was the “successful check-in” message from [Super Check-In System], and the second was “Alipay transfer, 1000 yuan.”

This scared Chen Lu silly. Could this Check-In System be real?

So the next day, the check-in system sent a new location, the roof of his house.

After going up there with the intention of trying it out, he actually received a secret book called [Frightening Tiger Fighting Technique]!

Before Chen Lu could react, complete [Frightening Tiger Fighting Technique] appeared in his mind like a download. He felt skillful in it for years.

At once, he punched the wooden table in the house, and it really slammed through. If Chen Lu had had a mother, he would have been beaten to death. (t/n: by slippers)

At this moment, Chen Lu had begun to believe in the Check-In System. After all, how could there be such strange things in the world?

At that time, Chen Lu received the third message.

[When a new player completes the third newbie check-in, he or she can formally become a player and start the formal check-in, which is more rewarding. ]

And the third check-in was at Wang Gang’s house.

Chen Lu was ready, the elevator had reached the eighth floor, and in front of him was 802.

“It’s cold…….”

When Chen Lu looked around, the corridor windows were opened in such a peculiar way that the wind would still run through the corridor, giving people goosebumps.

Chen Lu rang the doorbell.


As the doorbell rang, Chen Lu could hear the rapid footsteps inside, then the door clicked, and he saw a somewhat haggard mother.

“Excuse me, who are you…”

“I’m Wang Gang’s classmate, Chen Lu.” He raised the fruit basket in his hand and smiled like a good boy.

“I came to see Classmate Wang.”

“Sorry to bother you, please come in.”

Wang Gang’s mother opened the door.

Chen Lu took off his shoes at the door and looked around.

There was no sign of Wang Gang.

Looking at the closed door, Chen Lu thought Wang Gang should be in the bedroom.

“Wang Gang, did you wake up?”

Mother Wang shouted towards the door, but there was no response.

Seeing that Wang Gang didn’t respond, his mother’s face became sad.

Chen Lu looked at his phone, but there was no notification to complete the check-in process. After he took a closer look, it turned out that he needed to go into Wang Gang’s room.

Chen Lu put away his phone. He still had to act as a good classmate and ask about Wang Gang.

“I’m sorry to make you laugh, but Wang Gang isn’t usually like this, but he’s been in poor health recently that’s why he took leave from school.” Mother Wang looked worried, and Chen Lu saw the chance to ask a question.

“Auntie, what happened to Wang Gang recently? He’s usually in good health.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

Mother Wang poured Chen Lu a glass of water; her eyes were full of worries.

“I don’t know, he has been like this since he came back from shopping two days ago.”

“Oh…” Chen Lu took a sip from his glass of water and continued,

“Auntie, can I go in and see Wang Gang?”

“Ugh. “Mother Wang sighed again.

“It’s not that I won’t let you in. Every time he goes to sleep, he will lock the door to prevent others from entering. We can’t get in until he wakes up.”

“Why don’t you wait here?”

Chen Lu nodded his head.

“Wait a little longer and have a meal here, he’ll come out when it’s time to eat.”

Mother Wang stood up, “Here are some snacks, so help yourself to whatever you want.”

“Okay, Auntie.” Chen Lu nodded his head obediently. Usually, he would have left knowingly, but this time he was still hesitant to stay because he hadn’t checked in yet.

Chen Lu swept around and suddenly saw a black box.

This black box was about the size of a fist, and it didn’t fit in with the quaint Chinese decoration around it. Chen Lu looked at it curiously and caught the attention of Mother Wang.

“This is what Wang Gang bought back from shopping that day, saying it was a blind box, but there was nothing in it.”

When Chen Lu heard Mother Wang’s voice coming from the kitchen, he moved closer to the blind box.

He had heard of blind boxes, which are quite popular among young people these days and can give all kinds of gifts.

Only this blind box…

Chen Lu found some white powder inside, but it was very light, like a trace left by something coming out of it. There was something inside the blind box.

Did Wang Gang not tell his mother?

Or was there any other reason?

“Why hasn’t Wang Gang woken up yet?” Chen Lu shook his legs and was impatient.

In fact, he didn’t really want to care about Wang Gang either. The two of them were just in the same class and didn’t even talk for two sentences, so let’s check-in and leave.

When Chen Lu saw that Mother Wang was still cooking in the kitchen, he quietly tiptoed closer to the room as there was some sound of frying oil coming from the kitchen.

~Knock knock~

“Wang Gang, are you awake?”

Chen Lu had little hope; after all, he knocked on the door and shouted very quietly.

Chen Lu couldn’t explain his guilty conscience, but he suddenly wanted to be more cautious. He felt that Mother Wang didn’t want him to disturb Wang Gang.

There was a rustling sound in the room, and Chen Lu was shocked; it was the sound of someone approaching the door from the bed.

Wang Gang is awake?

“You … who are you?”

“I am Chen Lu, your classmate!”

“Are you … really Chen Lu?”

“Yeah, the teacher asked me to come see you and ask when you’ll get well!”

Chen Lu said this, but a suppressed cry came from behind the door, and then a small slit opened, and Chen Lu saw Wang Gang’s eyes from the slit.

“Chen Lu, it’s really you … Chen Lu!”

“Come in quickly…Come in!”

“Don’t get caught by that woman.”

Chen Lu looked at Wang Gang’s weird expression. It was a mixture of disbelief, fear, and hope.

“What’s going on, isn’t that your mom?”

Chen Lu couldn’t figure it out, but the fear in Wang Gang’s eyes was more intense, and his face revealed more with fear written all over his face.

“No, my mom just went abroad a few days ago, and the person outside is not my mother at all!”


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