When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 35

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Editor: Diya

Love rivals appear

Kong Wuying is lying on the soft couch, sighing comfortably.

Although he just pointed at random, he is very satisfied with the new “Shadow Guard” Xiao Ling.

He looks clean and beautiful, is very obedient and even proficient in massage techniques. He is many times better than Kongbao, who only cooks.

Of course, no one is perfect, he is still a bit flawed.

Kong Wuying reminds the man, “Do the massage over the clothes, why do you reach in?”

Xiao Ling’s fearful plea comes from above, “Your Highness, please forgive me.”

Kong Wuying hums and settles back down. 

Xiao Ling swallows thickly, staring down at Kong Wuying.

“Your Highness!” Feng Gong hurries in from outside.

“What?” Kong Wuying raises his head lazily from the soft couch.

Xiao Ling stands up and bows his head slightly. 

Feng Gong glances at him and frowns. Was he wrong? Was this new “Shadow Guard” just drooling?

The inferiors are inferior. They behaved so crudely in the presence of their noble Highness, they must not be allowed to stay with His Highness!

So Feng Gong commands, “I have something to discuss with His Royal Highness. Go out first.”

Xiao Ling lowers his eyes, his long eyelashes fanning out with a gentle gesture like a green lotus.

Feng Gong grimaces. How pathetic, this so-called guard. Cannot protect the Highness!

Kong Wuying speaks, “Xiao Ling, go out first.”

Xiao Ling has to obediently go out.

Feng Gong waits until he’s gone to say, “Your Highness, this person must not stay with you. How can he protect Your Highness with a soft body like that? He has no fighting power.”

Kong Wuying shrugs. “But he looks good.”

“I checked and his origins are a mystery. I’m afraid he’s a spy. For the sake of His Royal Highness, he must not stay.”

“But he looks good.”

“He is vulgar and has no clue about court etiquette, so he might do something gauche and lose face for Your Highness.”

“He looks good though.”

Feng Gong: “…”

Your Highness, can you not just look at his face!? Why are you so superficial?!

Feng Gong shakes his head and bows. “Your Highness, aren’t you curious about the delicious food of the Yeying continent? I have sent someone to bring you a celebrity chef, look!”

As soon as this is mentioned, there is an interest in Kong Wuying’s eyes. “Let him make a special dish.”

Feng Gong bows and retires, feeling odd that Kong Wuying prefers the food of Yeying. Is that stuff even edible? Although he doesn’t understand and is disdainful, His Highness ordered him to work, so Feng Gong rushes to the royal dining room.

As soon as he enters the royal dining room, he’s stunned!

“This… what’s wrong?!”

The tidy and orderly royal dining room is actually jammed full with prisoners to the point where it can’t fit anymore.

The chef, who disgusted Kong Wuying, is standing next to the group of prisoners with a smile on his face, instructing his men to pull down the prisoners one by one from the line of linked shackles.

The chef replied, “Of course, it is His Highness’ Yeying chef!”

Feng Gong’s mouth purses. “This… so many!”

At first glance, there are about a hundred people. They’re crowded together enough to give the envoy a lingering feeling of claustrophobia. 

The head chef quickly straightens up the expression on his face. “His Royal Highness is akin to the heavens and naturally His Royal Highness deserves the best. It is not enough to just grab one or two, of course, we should get the most possible.”

“Let’s do it.” Fong Gong sighs and shakes his head. “They need to cook for His Highness! Pick a good one!”

“This… how to pick?” The head chef is in trouble. “Will they have a cooking contest?”

Feng Gong asked: “That’s fine, but… who should judge?”

When you mention that, it hurts… No one has the courage for it. That’s the food of Yeying. As long as they think of that sweet and greasy taste, they shiver. 

Seeing everyone’s expression of rejection, Feng Gong ponders for a while, and points out a person from the crowd of prisoners: “Then he will.”

The head chef doesn’t see any noticeable difference in this selected man at all. “Feng Gong, why did you pick him?”

Feng Gong says, without hesitation, “Look at the face.”

The cook he chose looks good. The five outstanding features of the face are not inferior to that of the new, rude man, Xiao Ling. The temperament is also similar to him. 

They are both elegant and clean, except for Xiao Ling it is more like a lotus flower out of the water, and this cook is like green bamboo in the mountain, fresh and clean. Mixed in with other prisoners, wearing shackles, he is still clean without even wrinkling his clothes.

It is good! Feng Gong can finally take away His Highness’s fondness for Xiao Ling. Thinking of this, Feng Gong can’t help showing a smug smile.

His words, with such a dark smile on his face, of course everyone misunderstands something, and there is a gleam of cold light in the selected prisoner’s eyes.

Realising that everyone’s eyes are not quite right as they look at him, Feng Gong quickly explains, “Not me, for His Highness!”

Everyone nods. They have a look: you don’t need to explain, we all understand. His Royal Highness is so perfect, of course he wants to surround himself with people like that. 

The chef touches the beard on his face, and finally understands the reason why His Highness dislikes him.

Now that he has been selected, Feng Gong orders the shackles undone and proudly says to him, “Come with me, you are blessed. As long as you serve His Highness, you will enjoy the riches beyond your wildest imagination.”

The Yeying chef: “…”

The head chef asks again, “What about these remaining people?”

Feng Gong hums, a hint of indifference. “Useless, please dispose of them!”

As soon as this remark is made, the faces of all the prisoners change, and all the murderous eyes pierce Feng Gong, even the bamboo-like cook next to him – his lips slightly pursed, and a flash of killing intent in his eyes. 

“But…” The chef frowns. “His Royal Highness is about to ascend to the throne and it is not appropriate to start the killing ring at this time.”

“Then wait for the ascension and then kill them! I have watched them for a few days, don’t let them come out and make trouble.” Feng Gong is under the stares of hatred of countless eyes, but says this without any psychological pressure.

For Yeying people, their deaths will not be a pity!

After a few simple instructions, Feng Gong takes the cook he chose.

The whole body of the kitchen is closed off for now and the Yeying chef doesn’t look strong in any case. It won’t be dangerous at all to let him free in here.

On the way, Feng Gong instructs carefully: “In the future, your task is to serve His Highness. As long as His Highness is comfortable, you will definitely benefit.”

The chef lowers his eyes. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Feng Gong looks at him with contempt. “You are so beautiful and so liked by men, yet you have never encountered such a thing?”

The cook understands and his face pales slightly. “No, my dad would hit them.”

Feng Gong grunts. “I can see that you are a noble, but you’re not in Yeying now. Only by serving our Highness can you save your life, understand?”

The chef subconsciously pinches his right wrist with his left hand and grins. “I see.”

Feng Gong neither liked men nor women, but he got smiled at like that so suddenly that Feng Gong couldn’t help himself. He turns his head slightly to cover up the change in his expression. “What’s your name?”

“Ye Shiyi.”

After a while, they meet someone in the hallway. 

Feng Gong is proud at the first glance. “Ah, if it isn’t Xiao Ling?”

Xiao Ling’s gaze crosses Feng Gong and lands on Ye Shiyi’s face, then pales. The next second, he walks past without a word.

Then… he ‘accidentally’ knocks his shoulder into Ye Shiyi fiercely. Ye Shiyi is now an ordinary person and he stumbles roughly, almost falling. 

Xiao Ling doesn’t even turn his head and keeps walking.

Ye Shiyi frowns. “Who is that?” This hostility is almost like the man was an enemy of Ye Shiyi’s father.

Feng Gong’s face shows a smile. “His Royal Highness’s new love. You have to be careful about him in the future.”

Ye Shiyi responds vaguely, and his heart is broken. Turned into a rival! The people here are so self-righteous, they still compete with him for his favor, but how can a prince of Mingguang lie in his eyes?

He only has his father in his heart!

How could he have fallen into this situation if it was not for the respectable ‘brothers’ who were fighting so hard. This Mingguang royal better act lightly, otherwise Ye Shiyi will make him regret it!


And at the same time.

Xiao Ling walks around the corner with an unpleasant face, kicks the wall hard, and says coldly, “The ghost is not scattered.”


Inside the palace.

Kong Wuying finally enjoys the freshly-made authentic Yeying food, and he can’t help but praise it. “Nicely done.”

Actually better than Kongbao’s craftsmanship.

Upon hearing this, Feng Gong says, “His Royal Highness is satisfied with this chef?”

Kong Wuying nods. 

Busy eating food, he doesn’t notice the wretched smile on the face of Feng Gong, too occupied eating one of the most incredible things in his life.

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