I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 117

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Strongest Enemy

‘A Unique Skill that nullifies other Unique Skills!?’

I received the Black Knight’s sword blow. I tried to block it, however I clearly lost in strength and was flown back.

‘Strong! If it was just our normal stats maybe I’d be able to match him, however due to the effect of Light Protection, he’s stronger. And I also get the feeling that he’s had his fair share of battles. I don’t have a chance at close-range, what should I do!?’

“Gojo!!” yelled Leo while trying to get up.

“Don’t come! You’ll get yourself killed.” I said trying to stop him as well as all of the others that were trying to get up as well.

This enemy was strong. If they were to just casually attack him, they would all die and I wouldn’t be able to help any of them.

The Black Knight once again charged towards me with his sword.

I activated Protection in an attempt to block him. The magic that the Black Knight was using was clearly Dark Magic. If it was the Light Magic attributed Protection then it should be able to stop him.

And by using Protection, I became certain of one more thing, he could only prevent the use of Unique Skills. Normal Skills, Class Skills and Magic all seemed to work fine.

Having been assured of that I decided to try to go on the offensive, however I was constantly pushed back and his swordplay was undoubtedly better than mine. He even had the title Sword Saint after all…

On top of that he even had the grim sounding skill Assassination as well.


The Black Knight’s sword grazed my cheek. 

‘I’m being forced on the defensive… If it goes on like this, I’m gonna be in trouble.’ 

Finding a slight opportunity, I immediately put my right hand in front of me.

“Come forth! Chime――”

[Dimensional Slash]

My right hand suddenly turned into square pieces of meat.


‘Just now I felt like I heard his voice for a moment. Was it Telepathy… Dimensional Slash, so that’s the name of his skill!’

The Black Knight once again stepped forward closing the distance. I wanted to heal my right hand with Healing Magic, however he wouldn’t let me!

It was then that Luke shot one of his arrows at the Black Knight. The arrow was easily repelled by the Black Knight’s armor, however that was just the time I needed to heal my arm.

I felt kind of awkward for receiving help even though I had just refused it, however I was still grateful.

‘Still I never knew healing consumed this much MP…’ 

Currently the effect of Infinite Magic Power was blocked.

And this was the first time that I actually realized exactly how much MP was actually needed in order to use skills. It was today that I finally realized that I had been relying on my Unique Skills way too much.

“Gojo get yourself together!” yelled out Wan. 

She was probably worried because I was constantly being pushed back. I couldn’t afford to lose, however the number of the Black Knight’s attacks that landed on my body only continued to increase.

If it was any other weapon besides the Adamantium Great Sword, it would have probably been destroyed by now.

I steadied myself and went in to attack, however just as I was about to slash down――

[Dimensional Slash]

A great part of the Adamantium Great Sword’s blade was shredded into squares. 

‘It’s no use. I’ll get killed if I go on like this…’ 

Holding onto was what remained of the Adamantium Great Sword, I fell into despair.

‘I must get away… If I get away I should be able to use my Unique Skills again.’

Thinking that I turned my back towards the Black Knight and began running.

However, the Black Knight closed the distance between us in an instant and struck at my back.


I felt intense pain running through my body, turning around I could see that the Black Knight was already right in front of me.

‘It’s over… I can’t win against him…’

[Dimensional Slash]


The surroundings were enveloped in silence. The people that were currently here had completely lost their ability to speak or move.

[Good job Hubris… With this the nuisance has been taken care of.]

From the tip of the Black Knight’s sword, blood was dripping on the ground, drop by drop.

[Still this human might have some kind of unexpected regeneration skill. Make sure not to leave even a single of his cells behind… Burn him completely!]

The Black Knight raised his palm, facing it high towards the sky.

[Hell Fire!]

With the Black Knight as the centre, the flames began spreading, enveloping the surrounding area.

The flames even approached The Sanctuary Knights and Suzaku members. In the midst of that――


The first one that moved was Wan. She enveloped her rod with Aura and threw it at the Black Knight with all of the power she could muster.

Looking at the rod covered in Aura flying towards him at high speed, the Black Knight activated his Protection skill, creating three layers of barriers.

The rod managed to pierce through two of the layers, however upon hitting the third it lost all of its power and fell to the ground.

The people from the media watching this from the side-lines, upon seeing the rod fall to the ground immediately began running for their lives. Up until now they had relaxed because Gojo had been there, however Gojo was defeated, and now Wan’s attack had been blocked as well, seeing that the fear inside of them had suddenly exploded out.

Standing in the middle of the sea of flames the Black Knight rose his sword towards the sky. Behind him the darkness expanded, and from within something began coming out.


Leo: ‘I can’t believe Gojo was defeated.’ 

Furthermore, there was currently something coming out from behind the black knight that was 5 meters tall.

“Master Leo! That thing is a BOSS!!” yelled out Gress returning me back to reality.

The thing that just appeared held a crescent shaped sword in his right hand, and a small, yellow colored weapon in his left. Apart from his two hands, there were also over 10 other arms coming out from its back, floating in mid-air.

The monster brought down its gold colored weapon, and with it, numerous lightning covered the area. It didn’t seem like we would be able to get close.

“Come Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod!” yelled out Wan. 

The rod that had fallen right in front of the Black Knight suddenly stretched and landed into Wan’s hand. I immediately went and grabbed Wan’s hand, who was thinking of charging towards that sea of lightning.

“Let me go Leo! They killed Gojo! I can’t let them go!!”

“Calm down Wan. That’s an opponent even Gojo couldn’t beat! You’ll only get yourself killed. The only thing we can do right now is retreat.”

As I was holding back Wan, as if not even caring about us one bit the Black Knight turned around and proceeded to take out something from the darkness behind him.

“Let me go!! I’ll take care of that Black Knight myself!”

Currently Luke and the other members from Suzaku had rushed in to help me hold back Wan, however due to her being way too strong we couldn’t stop her.

“If you want to defeat him then you need to bear with it for now! We cannot afford to lose you here! Wan please!!”


Now that the Black Knight wasn’t focused on us was the perfect chance to run away. The BOSS that he had just summoned wasn’t moving as well.

Just as we were retreating, we turned around only to see the Black Knight taking out some kind of enormous black gem from within the darkness, and raised up towards the sky.

The gem began floating up towards the heavens and black Magic Particles began being released into the sky.

After which a black cloud that enshrouded the sky was formed. I had a bad feeling about it, however we couldn’t do anything about it, so in the end we just retreated.


That day, numerous changes began occurring around the world. The number of magic beasts that had been drastically decreased suddenly began rising again.

The Undeads in Japan and the Giants in America once again began roaming across the lands. In China hordes of enormous beasts began galloping throughout the country and in Russia a new mysterious Dungeon appeared.

From within The Abyss in England countless Dragons flew up, covering the whole sky.

The world having lost Gojo, its final hope, once again fell into the hell that was known as The Calamity.

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  1. He has immortality. As long as a single part of him remains alive after the Dark Knight leaves, he will regenerate completely

  2. seriously? you can’t leave us on this cliffhanger like that! of course we all know he alive and shit and maybe even a time skip. that would mean Emily would have a chance now! if a time skip do happen… and isn’t Gojo way too weak willed in this chapter? there not really much to say about this chapter too but where was Suzaku-chan?

    Thank for the chapter! may the Suzaku-chan religion rest in peace from today onward…

    1. A mage tried to beat the sword saint using a sword. No idea what author thought when he created this mess of a fight

      1. Gojo didn’t use magic because of the MP consumption, remember that his infinite MP skill is being sealed, he mentioned how even healing magic consume a lot MP to him

        1. Couldn’t he just, like, go out of the range of Cage of Grief and then cast Magic because his Unique Skills have been restored?

          1. He always relied on his time and space manipulation magic to teleport during fights, but because blocked he could no longer use such strategy. And for flying he used his gravity control skill on himself. So all that would have remained for him to create distance would have only been running and jumping, which probably wouldn’t be very effective seeing as his opponent was a sword-saint. And there was also the matter of endangering surroundings if he did that.

  3. Well he is no warrior… he may have the skills but not the mentality that needs to go with it…

  4. I don’t really agree with how the fight went down due to two skills. MC has the Complete state immunity skill(unique skill) which depending on how you interpret it means that the negate unique skills effect from cage of grief should be countered and voided by it since it seeks to inflict a status effect on him. The second skill is in fact cage of grief itself which in it’s description stats that it (prevents the effects of any and all unique skills within a certain range) which means that it should also be preventing the effects of itself since the description shows that it doesn’t exclude itself and it fact points out that it affect any and all unique skill within a certain range which must include Hubris as well and therefor should also be under it’s effect.

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