Yorozuya – The Things That Don’t Exist

Yorozuya – The Things That Don’t Exist Chapter 6

Translator: raggykoshka

Editor: Vie

Even after inspecting every nook and cranny of the grounds, from the rear side of the main shrine to the shrine office, Hiroto could not detect anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday, when he had been called over by Toushirou, he had only been able to see an unrelated ghost, and today, when he had been asked to come by Nishihara, he couldn’t find anything at all. When they got Nishihara’s request, Mutsu, who was at the office, had said that the things could be related since both happened at Shinto shrines, but it seemed like she was just overthinking it. However, he didn’t know if Nishihara might have let it slip accidentally or how far the investigation had come, but the detective had revealed that they were considering that it might all have been done by one perpetrator.

“There’s nothing here. Did it disappear somewhere? It could also be something that only appears at night.”

“Hmm, is that so? Can I ask one question? Can ghosts travel? Like, being in one place at noon and another at night?”

“Not really. In most cases, they’re bound to the place where they died or to which they have a strong emotional attachment. The deceased might not have a strong emotional attachment to this place.”

While Hiroto readily explained things, Nishihara fixed his gaze at him, blinking repeatedly. Being stared at like that, even a man would become embarrassed.

“Hiroto-kun, you’ve started to seem more dependable, I think. How do I say it… you’ve become confident in your work.”

“Really? No, no, no, I’m still a novice.”

“The fact that you feel that you are inexperienced means that you still have room for growth. Before this, you gave off a half-hearted and timid vibe. But now, it’s different. That’s why Mutsu-san entrusted the job to you, you know.”

Hiroto’s body language grew more and more embarrassed at Nishihara’s praise, but he was honestly delighted.


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