Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 7

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Divine Beasts and Beastkin

We made it back to the academy of magic via teleportation magic.

There’s a magical formation marking inside our classroom, so we teleported there.

By the way, I made several markings in different places throughout the school in case of emergencies.

But I’m also taking precautions so as not to be seen by others since it’ll be troublesome should my usage of teleportation magic be discovered.

“Halt, you can teleport… are you a Hero?”

Teleportation is also rare even to a Divine Beast like Shiro.

“Ah, well, something like that.”

I thought it’s almost time for classes to end, so I sloppily responded as I hurried to the training hall.

If there’s time, I plan to explain my situation to Shiro.


“We’re back—Whoah!? Everyone, are you alright?

As soon as I stepped into the training hall, I saw all of my classmates lying down and looking like corpses.

Ryuushin and Luke, in particular, passed out with eyes rolled back into their heads.

“Welcome back, Halt-sama.”

“So you’re back. Good timing, we’re waiting for everyone’s revival.”

Tina and Sage Luarno, who remained exceptionally calm in the midst of this situation, came to meet me.

“Ahm, excuse me… Headmaster, shouldn’t we give a recovery drug or something like that to everybody?”

My classmates were training to enlarge their manaforges.

The method for this training involves the usage of mana until one passes out.

“The manaforge won’t enlarge unless they use their own magical powers to recover. I can do nothing in this matter. If there is anything, I can only place their bodies that lost all power inside a barrier in order to protect them from further damage.”

Currently, all my comrades have used up their magic until only 10% remained. If a stone flies toward them and they receive damage, it’s possible that they’ll end up dying for real.

“Halt-sama, what is that beast on your shoulder?”

“S, somehow I can sense divinity…”

Looks like Tina and Sage Luarno noticed Shiro’s presence.

“I’m Shiro. Halt’s familiar.”

Shiro introduced himself while staying on my shoulders.

“You can talk!?”

“Are you really Halt’s familiar?”

Tina and Sage Luarno were surprised.

Apparently, talking familiars are quite rare.

By the way, magicians and sages have magical beasts, demons, fairies, or spirits as their familiars. 

In that vein, Youko also became my familiar, so I have 3 people and 1 beast familiars.

They are Youko the Demon, Fire Spirit Mai, Water Spirit Mei, and Shiro the Divine Beast Fenrir.

If I think that way, there’s no one else but talking creatures as my familiars.

“Well, a lot happened.”

Should I explain that he’s a Divine Beast?

While I was mulling over it, Shiro leaped off from my shoulder and walked toward my collapsed friends.

“Hey, this one looks as if he fainted. Shouldn’t we help him?”

“It’s a training for speeding up their mana recovery, so it seems like they can’t use recovery drugs. Do not bite him. He’ll die.”

“Hmm. Oh! This one looks like she’s waking up soon.”

Shiro trotted toward Merdie and stroked her face with his tail.

“Hmm… Nnnn… H, huh, I…”

Merdie opened her eyes as she brushed off Shiro’s tail.

“You’re a Beastkin.”

“Eh, Fenrir-sama?

Merdie recognized Fenrir right away as soon as she saw him.

According to their tradition, Beastkin consider themselves as retainers of Divine Beasts.

That’s probably the reason why.

Shiro’s current appearance looks miles apart from his true self. Nevertheless, Merdie still recognized him as the Divine Beast Fenrir.

“What, did you say Fenrir!? Isn’t that a Divine Beast!”

“Halt-sama, where on earth did you discover him?”

“Yeah. Apparently, he was sleeping in a mountain near our home mansion. When I was training, I accidentally woke him up… He said he couldn’t go back to sleep, so I brought him along.”


Tina, Headmaster, and Merdie were dumbfounded.

As for Shiro, he smoothly climbed my body and settled himself on my shoulder. Might be because he’s a bit self-conscious with the way things are.

“Merdie, is your body okay?”

“Eh, Ah, yeah. My mana’s started to recover, so I guess I’m good.”

Yeah, I can feel Merdie’s mana recovery accelerating.

The manaforge enlargement training must be a success.

“Ah, ahm, Fenrir-sama.”

“Name’s Shiro now. Call me as such.”

Shiro responded to Merdie’s name-calling.

Hey, you were grumbling about it a while ago, but you seem to like that name too, don’t you?

Being your naming parent (?)*, I’m quite happy.

“Yes, Shiro-sama. Excuse me but… for what purpose did Shiro-sama arise from your slumber? Is there anything you desire from the Beastkin, meow?”

Maybe because Merdie’s not used to conversing in honorifics, her ending word turned into ‘meow’.

Just as I thought, when you say cat-type Beastkin girls, the ending word has to be ‘meow’, right?

I felt a little warm.

“Hmm, I was just woken up by Halt. I did not have any purpose, in particular. That’s why I don’t have anything I desire toward you guys. I also plan to have Halt take care of me in the meantime.”

“Eh, is that so?”


Shiro met my eyes.

“Isn’t it fine?”

“Hmm, Tina, is that alright?”

“I’m okay with it, but… what meals should I prepare?”

“He seems to like curry. Is it okay if we have curry today?”

“I understand.”

“Eh, today we’ll have curry!? Yahoo!!”

Shiro started to wag his tail vigorously atop my shoulder.

Oy, your façade’s slipping.

Act a little more dignified, will yah.

“Fenrir, ah no, Shiro-sama looks like he loves curry, meow..”

See, even your retainer became stupefied.

“Curry! Curry!!”

Ah, well, I won’t stop you if you’re that exuberant.

While we’re at it, Luna, Leaffa, Mai, and Mei also woke up.

After recovering for a bit, everyone noticed Shiro, and soon they were admiring him while stroking and nudging him.

Merdie, who knew he was a Divine Beast, anxiously stood there gawking at them.

Shiro didn’t seem to mind, as he left himself in the hands of Leaffa and let Mai and Mei do as they please.

I’ll just leave the Divine Beast info for later.

With that in mind, I decided to stick around Luke and Ryuushin, who still haven’t woken up yet.


T/N: *(?) is included in the original text. I want my very own Shiro ;D

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  1. i think it would be cooler if the ending bit of Merdie’s sentences was translated as ‘nya’, and not ‘meow’. but that’s just personal preference.

    1. Yup, well, did consider Nya~, but universally, meow is more closely associated with cats than nya, so went with that 🙂

      1. I also prefer meow over nya, I have seen it a little too many times (something like a few hundred trillions).
        A little change is good, for once! 😉

  2. Thanks for all of your excellent work, Kyat Kyat. I’d prefer “nya” too, I must confess. All of us web/light novel readers should be familiar with that term, and if not there’s always google, or a little note from the translator the first time it comes up. Kudos for leaving the original honorifics in, btw. It takes away from the atmosphere when things get over-translated!

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