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The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 34

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Our New Place

Philia, Maid Clarice, Saint Sophia, and I stood in front of the mansion.

A massive building with red bricks, blending in with the dusk in the background. Ivies were growing on random parts of the walls. There was a weathercock at the top of the building, which stood out a little from the rest. 

It wasn’t a big mansion, but it was decent. To the extent that it wouldn’t be strange for an aristocrat with the rank of a baron to live there.

This was the mansion I bought.

In the end, Saint Sophia’s stay in the Imperial Palace was prohibited. But on a good note, Princess Philia was permitted to live outside of the Imperial Palace. 

That was why, from now on, all four of us would live here.

“Cool building,” Clarice said happily, opening the gate.

The mansion wasn’t large, but it had a garden. Going inside the mansion would mean having to pass through the garden. 

I replied to Clarice while walking, “It still couldn’t be compared with the rest of the aristocrats’ mansions.”

“I like this kind more, rather than a huge one,” Sophia said humbly with a bright smile. 

Sophia lived in a great aristocratic mansion when she was young. I guessed she didn’t have fond memories there.

However, I thought it was too early to judge whether or not to like it, since we haven’t even entered the building yet. When I told Sophia that, she shook her head.  

“I think I’ll love this building, because Solon prepared it for me.”

Sophia smiled softly. I was happy hearing that, but Sophia wouldn’t be the only one living here. 

“Isn’t it ‘for us’, not ‘for me’, Sophia-san?”

Philia giggled, correcting her. Saint Sophia hurriedly nodded.

“O-of course, Your Highness.”

Princess Philia and Saint Sophia. I was a little worried whether the two could get along.

I didn’t think that would be a problem for Clarice. She had a cheerful personality and she seemed like she could get along well with anyone. Besides, Clarice has always admired The Knights of Saint Sophia, so Clarice should have respected not only me, the vice-captain, but also the captain, Saint Sophia. 

But Princess Philia was different. She was free-spirited. And unlike Clarice, she didn’t seem to admire Saint Sophia that much. Philia’s interest was solely focused on me, weirdly. It might have been due to the fact that I’ve met her before, but I wasn’t sure. 

Contrastingly, Saint Sophia was timid and her personality was a bit withdrawn. She was the exact opposite of Philia, so I didn’t know if the two would get along. We arrived at the mansion’s entrance, while I was still worrying about them. 

The mansion was located in the outskirts of the Imperial Capital. It was said that originally, a noble child had lived here. However, they contracted an illness that couldn’t be healed and committed suicide because of the despair. Since then, no one had been willing to buy the mansion for a long time, because word got around that the person still held a grudge. 

In other words, it was a haunted house.

Because I had never believed in ghosts in the first place and I was good at using magic barriers, I didn’t hesitate in buying this mansion at a cheap price. 

But Saint Sophia might be scared of ghosts and couldn’t sleep at night. Alternatively, Princess Philia might be interested in the ghost and go off to discover its true identity. So I haven’t told both Philia and Sophia about the ghost story. 

Clarice looked into the rooms and muttered, “It’s surprisingly clean. It’s also been tidied up. But we still haven’t decided about the rooms.” 

Clarice pointed at the floor plan. She was telling us about what we should do with the designation of the rooms. 

The mansion was quite large, and normally, you could assign separate bedrooms for each of the four people. However…

“I’m in the same room with Solon, right?”

“That’s not good. It’s unethical for Solon-kun to be in the same room as the princess.”

“But Solon is always by my side, protecting me. Isn’t it normal for us to be in the same room?”

“I don’t think it’s normal…” Sophia weakly protested. Then she glanced at me, seemingly to say, ‘I want you to agree with me.’ 

I felt a little bad for Sophia, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Philia will be in the same room with me.”

“So-Solon-kun, wh-why?”

She certainly didn’t expect me to agree with Philia. Sophia’s face turned blue. Clarice, who was looking to the side, looked amused, hiding her mouth. 

“Of course, it was because Solon-sama and Philia-sama are doing that kind of thing at night.”

“What do you mean that kind of thing?!”

Sophia leaned forward and Clarice giggled.

“I’ll leave it to Sophia-sama’s imagination.”

Sophia’s face turned from blue to red. And she looked at me with her eyes moist. 

“That sort of thing, Solon-kun putting his hands on the princess… So Solon-kun likes someone younger.”

“I didn’t touch her.”

“So you don’t deny that you like someone younger.”

“… Clarice-san. I hope you stop teasing us.”

“I couldn’t promise that.”

Clarice stepped back, laughing mischievously.

I thought she would listen to me. Anyway, I had to explain to Sophia. 

“In exchange to us living in this mansion, I made promises with Philia. One of them was that Philia and I would be staying in the same room. That’s all.”

“Why did you make such promises…”

“Otherwise, Philia-sama said that she wouldn’t leave the Imperial Palace.”

We were staying in the same room when we were at the palace, so isn’t it fine for us to also use the same room in this mansion? When Philia said that, I had no choice other than to nod. Considering her security, it was more convenient for Philia and I to be in the same room. 

I explained to Sophia. But she puffed up her cheeks and continued to stare at me. 

“Then I will also stay in the same room with Solon-kun.”


“The princess could, so there’s no reason why I couldn’t. And isn’t Solon-kun the one who’ll protect me from the knight order?”

“That might be the case…”

“Then it’s decided. If you don’t let me do that, I won’t forgive Solon-kun.”

Sophia’s determination was firm. 

Philia and I would be in the same room, If Sophia was also staying with us, then Philia and Sophia would be in the same room. Philia was trying to say something, perhaps she wasn’t happy since she said that she was the only one who would stay in the same room as me. 

But since the reason Philia and I were staying in the same room was to protect Philia in the first place, there wasn’t any reason to decline Sophia’s request. Rather than that, it would be better  to have Saint Sophia staying in the same room in order to protect Philia. 

Clarice looked at us and said slowly, “Philia-sama. Sophia-sama. There are only two ways this could go. Either you’re all staying in different rooms or you’re both sharing the same room with Solon-sama.”

Philia and Sophia looked at each other, eventually saying it would be better to share a room with me.

I held my head in my hands. I didn’t expect this to happen.

If we were living in the Imperial Palace, there was the idea that Sophia should be staying in the same room with us. But it was a last resort, and I only intended to do so when it was completely unavoidable. 

However, that wasn’t the case now, as there were many rooms available. 

I had been sharing a room with Philia, and now Sophia also wanted to share the room with us too. Sharing a room with two beautiful girls would put me in a hard position. 

But even if I were to object, those two didn’t seem like they would listen. Moreover, Clarice also wasn’t objecting to this insane idea and rather, seemed to be agreeing. She nodded with satisfaction. 

“Then it’s decided~ Solon, Philia, and Sophia will be in the same room…”

Clarice stared at me with expectant eyes.

I nodded and said half-exasperatedly, “Then let’s share the same room with Clarice-san too. The largest room in this mansion can fit four beds.”

It didn’t make sense if only the three of us were sharing a room, while Clarice was staying in a different room. Besides, I promised to protect Clarice as well. 

Even though our status was different now, Clarice and I were originally commoners. For Philia, Clarice was like a family, so as long as she left the Imperial Palace with her, there should be no problem.

However, I was still troubled. Three beautiful girls were staring at me with their beautifully clear eyes. Nervous, I stepped back. Those three approached me at once. 

“Solon-kun, why are you running away?” Saint Sophia asked. 

“I’m not running away…”

I was cornered to the wall, surrounded. Cold sweat was dripping from me. There wasn’t any way out. 

Clarice said in a gentle tone, “We all trust Solon-sama, so please don’t make such a troubled expression.”


“Everyone is happy to live with Solon-sama.”

Philia and Sophia were nodding. 

Sophia muttered blushingly, “In the same room with Solon-kun….”

Philia glanced at me. Then I remembered something and said, “It’s about time we start the magic training. I have to do it, as an instructor.”

“Yeah, thank you, Solon!”

Philia smiled shyly. She was hesitating for a moment, but then she leaped towards me, and said, “From now on, this is our place… I’m staying here.”

“Yes, because this place is Philia’s.”

“And it’s also Solon’s. I’m glad. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

“For a long time?”

I subconsciously repeated Philia’s words, asking her. She nodded slowly, and her cheeks turned a little red. 

“That’s right. I actually met Solon, a long time ago.”


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