The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 14

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 Katariona Enjoys the Roses, While the Gods Enjoy Their Beloved Alcohol

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Definition of Spire- 1 : a slender tapering blade or stalk (as of grass) 2 : the upper tapering part of something (such as a tree or antler) : pinnacle. 3a : a tapering roof or analogous pyramidal construction surmounting a tower. b : steeple a church spire.

In my own words: a spire is the top part of a building, like the tower part of a cathedral or castle

When we arrived at the rose garden in the forest, the gods were already waiting for us. It seemed that each of them had brought their favorite drink, which was why there were so many bottles of alcohol.

“I’ll take out the food once the party starts-pinpororin.”

The God of Time is fluttering and flying around. He’s so cute in his tiny dragon form! However, what was that about a party? He’s not exactly wrong, but the main focus was meant to be the flower viewing.

“Rio! We were waiting. Well, let’s start the drinkin-eh…, the flower viewing party!”

Flair-sama. Just now, you were about to say “drinking party”, weren’t you? You’re looking forward to drinking the sake that much. Well, I guess that’s fine……

“Marie, did you make the snacks?”

Daaku-sama emerges from Flair-sama’s shadow and asks Marie with expectant eyes.

“Yes. I made a lot. The food is all in the God of Time’s space.”

Marie smiles and turns to point toward the Time God. 

“I see. That means we can eat freshly made food. I’m looking forward to it.”

The corners of Daaku-sama’s mouth, who usually has little to no expression on his face, are raised. He looks happy. 

I curtsy to the gods, and Marie follows suit.

“Gods and goddesses, thank you very much for coming here today. Although it’s very small, I’ve also brought some food. Please, enjoy them while admiring the roses.”

I tried to emphasize the roses part of my greeting. Otherwise, it would turn into a banquet or drinking party.

“Then, I’ll take out the food now- pinpororin.”

The meal came out of the space in its finished state. Since the gazebo’s table was too small, I simply created a long-styled table and had the dishes laid out on it. It was standing- style dining.

The gods who joined us were Leon, Flair-sama, Daaku-sama, Toruka-sama, and the God of Time. The God of Wind, who had previously popped up unexpectedly, did not show up. According to Daaku-sama. He’s been traveling freely, so he couldn’t be contacted.

「Dryad maidens. Dedicate a song to the gods.」

At Leon’s command, the dryad maidens emerge from the trees. They cross their hands and bow to the gods. I suppose it’s the Dryad’s way of greeting.

Before, I couldn’t get a good look at them because I was too sleepy, but dryads are beautiful. With green hair and eyes, they have oddly shaped dresses with a leaf-shaped hem. As I was marveling at them, a dryad maiden smiled at me and bowed. 

“Rio-sama. I was invaded by the miasma when you restored me to my original appearance. Thank you very much.”

“Ah! The first time I used [sacred magic] was to dispel the miasma of a tree… were you that tree spirit?”

“It’s as you say.”

“She’s the one who sang to you when you were having a nightmare.”

Leon who was sitting next to me said. His thigh sure is squishy when he’s sitting down. Oops! Now’s not the time to fluff.

“Thank you for that time!I had a very pleasant dream thanks to your help.”

“It is I who should thank you.”

As the dryad maiden and I thanked each other, the other dryad maidens began to sing. She hurriedly began to sing as well. She has a very nice voice. It was pleasant and soothing.

Just as I was about to go get some fluff, Leon joined the gods who had already started drinking. He dexterously held the bottle in his paws and gulped it down like water.

I thought he said that he drank in moderation. In fact, I think Leon might be the biggest drinker of them all.

Since I was looking at the roses, I decided to pick a rose flower and float it in my tea to make some rose tea.

I asked Marie to take care of the food, and we relaxed in the gazebo, enjoying the roses.

“Marie, although I feel sorry for the roses that have finally bloomed after so long, I’d like to pick a couple of them to make into some jam.”

“My! That’s an excellent idea. But, do the roses feel pain when they’re plucked off?”

“Ah, I’m so sorry. Was it painful when I plucked the flowers?”

As I was apologizing to the rose petals floating in my tea, a dryad maiden who had finished singing came to the gazebo.

“The roses are delighted to be of service to Rio-sama.”

“Do roses have spirits, too?”

The dryad maiden nods.

“Generally, most plants have a spirit dwelling within them. The rose spirits dwell within the sapling, so it’s fine for you to pluck the flowers.”

“I see. Thank you Rose Spirit-san.”

When I thanked the roses, they swayed as if to answer me.

“They said, ‘You’re welcome.’”

The dryad maiden giggles and leaves to join her fellow dryad maidens.

While admiring the roses, I ate the quiche I had made with Leon. We used a lot of vegetables, so the sweetness of the vegetables and the saltiness of the bacon gave it the perfect combination of flavors.

“Nn. It’s delicious!”

“Ri~o~! Do you~*hic* drink~?”

Coming out of the circle of gods, Flair came to the gazebo. Her body was swaying unsteadily, and her legs were staggering. It was a very precarious situation.

“No. I’m not of age, yet……”

Flair-sama brought a bottle of sake and hugged me. Her face is a bright shade of red. She’s completely drunk and reeks of alcohol. Just how much did you drink?

“Today is supposed to be a party where you can let loose~so Rio can drink, too, yeah~”

I stop Flair-sama from pouring alcohol into my cup. Technically, I’m mentally 17 years old, which is already an adult, but physically I’m only 7 years old. So as one would expect, I can’t drink any alcohol. However, even when I was an adult in my past life, I couldn’t drink well.

“Flair, stop it. You’re troubling, Rio.”

Leon pulls Flair away from me.

“Why did you separate me from Rio? You’re just jealous, right, Leon?”

“Noisy. You drunk goddess.”

Leon and Flair-sama seem to be on good terms, even though they’re bickering with each other. 

Nevertheless, jealous? Leon? Jealous of me getting along with Flair-sama? Does Leon like Flair-sama?

“It’s not what you’re thinking. My sis and Leon are what you’d call bickering friends.”

Daaku-sama pokes his head from behind me. In one hand, he’s holding an entire bottle of wine, and on the other hand, he’s carrying a plate with a pile of snacks. He really does drink, huh. Even so, his appearance is that of a boy, so it feels strange.

“Can you read people’s minds?”

“I don’t need to read your mind to know, your thoughts are written all over your face.”

“What kind of face do I have now?”

“A face that says, ‘I like Leon.’”

“Of course I like Leon. I’m a member of Leon’s family.”

He’s fluffy, and he’s a kind-hearted god who is always there for you.

“…………so you, yourself are unaware.”

Daaku-sama shrugs his shoulder, as he munches away at his herb-roasted chicken.

“At any rate, Marie makes really good food. You’re her master, right?I’d like to make Marie my wife, what do you think?”


I’m so surprised that I can’t help but sound bewildered. What is he saying all of a sudden?

“Hey …… hey …… wait a minute! Marie is a human being. How can a god and a human marry?”

“You can. If you marry God, you’ll have the title “Bride of God”, and you will share the same life-span as them.”

Eh? Is that so? Just as I was about to open my mouth to ask for more details, Leon slapped Daaku-sama on the head with his paw.

“Don’t say things you don’t need to say. Daaku.”


 Daaku-sama nearly toppled over in front of me, yet amazingly, he still didn’t let go of his sake bottle and plate of snacks.

“Since Rio is a member of god, she has the right to know.”

“……when the time is right, I’ll tell her myself. Don’t interject and speak unnecessary things.”

Even with the lion’s face, I’ve been able to discern Leon’s expressions lately. This time, he is really angry. I think it’s best not to ask any more questions right now. Daaku-sama nodded that he understood and moved toward Marie.

* * * * *

While the gods were having fun with their drinking, I was thinking about something while looking at the roses. I don’t want just a rose garden, but a garden where I could enjoy flowers in every season.

For some reason, I felt awkward with Leon, so I sneaked out of the gazebo and went into the forest to look for a suitable place to build a new garden. The area around the Rose Garden was lush with plants and trees thanks to the “Creation Magic,” but the rest of the forest was still covered with miasma, so it was difficult to find a suitable place to build a garden.

It’s densely packed with trees.

I used “Creation Magic” and “Sacred Magic” to revive the forest as I walked through it. After a while, I come to an open area.

“It’s wide and spacious here. This would be a nice place to create my garden.”

As I roamed around in the vicinity, I spotted a *spire a little further down the road.

“A tower? I wonder if this used to be a building?”

As I walked toward the direction where I could see the spire, I came upon a ruin that seemed to be the remains of a castle. Most of the building was in ruins, but the tower was still standing and had kept its shape. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to explore the tower. No demons are living in here, right? Even if there are demons, I can get rid of them with “sacred magic”. In my previous life, I had encountered a demon during a magic training session at the academy. At that time, while the demon was frightened by my “light magic”, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince ……no, no, no! I decided to stop reminiscing about my previous life!

The entrance to the tower had a broken door, so it was easy to slip in. The inside was cool and chilly. I lit up my fingertips with magic and the area became brighter. Noticing a portrait up ahead of me, I decided to approach it. It was a portrait of a woman. The moment I saw the portrait, I felt nostalgic for some reason. Do I know this woman? She has golden hair and purplish-blue eyes, and her face looks like Father. When I looked under her forehead, I saw her name engraved on it. The words “Marion Lilier Grandeur” were written there.

“Grandeur? Is she perhaps my ancestor?”


Startled by the voice calling me, I turned around to see Leon at the entrance of the tower.


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