Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 6

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Divine Beast Fenrir

I was glared at by a snow-white wolf.

Miraculously, however, I did not sense any danger.

“Ahm, sorry I woke you up.”

I apologized for now.

“…Are you a human?”

At first, just like Sylph’s telepathy, words were being transmitted directly to my mind. Now, it was the usual vocal conversation.

“I, I am a human.”

What else does he see me as?

“Hmpf, it seemed like mana from the Demon King. I thought the Demon King was trying to rouse and lure me to battle and whatnot.”

“Demon King!? No, I’m just an ordinary human!”

“Kukuku, your magical powers are enough to wake me, who has been slumbering in this land, yet now you’re telling me you’re a mere human?”

The wolf promptly drew its face nearer.

“Don’t make light of me, alright? Why don’t I tear off that head of yours?”


I don’t really get it, but it’s threatening me, so let’s deal with it.

I gathered the mana I released earlier, and I infused it with wind attribute. I compressed it till it became extremely compact, and then I smashed it above the menacing wolf.


Immensely dense pillars of wind pinned the wolf’s nape and four limbs.

The wolf lay prostrated in front of me.

“What!? I can’t move!! I, is it your doing, you punk!?”

“You threatened me suddenly, so you’re the one at fault.”

“Don’t mess with me!! Who do you think I am, bastard!!”

The wolf put strength on his body, and the wind masts were starting to be pushed away.

Hmmm, this won’t do.

“Well then, let’s add this, too. Thunder Lance!”

I charged the wind pillars binding the wolf with high voltage.

“Ugh, gah gah gah gah, s, stop! Stop it!”

The wolf’s body, which had risen for a bit, slumped back into its prostrated position after being electrocuted.

It begged with a trembling voice, so I ceased the electric shock, but I left the wind pillars as is.

It was an electric shock that’s strong enough to roast a B-rank demon such as Orc Kings into partly burned charcoal, but this demon’s body just turned numb after being electrocuted. Maybe it’s a relatively high-ranking demon.

“Wh, what’s with you!? I am a Divine Beast, but you restrained me so easily – a feat that’s impossible even for the Demon King. P, perhaps, you’re one of the gods?”

“Nope, like what I’ve been saying, I’m just plain ol’ human…. Divine Beast?”

Eh, so it’s a Divine Beast?

Divine Beasts are said to be the messengers of the gods; it has been said that there are five of them in this world.

If it’s a Divine Beast that has the appearance of a white wolf, then…

“Fenrir, the Divine Beast?”

“What, so you know about me.”

Oh, he’s the real deal.

Apparently, he realized he couldn’t win against me, so he’s a bit docile now.

“You won’t bite me, right? Don’t bite me. If you bite me, I’ll zap you again.”

“G, got it.”

I intimidated him for a bit, and then I dissolved the wind masts restraining Fenrir.

“I can’t imagine I was caught by a mere human… Are you sure you’re not the Demon King?”


With that, I showed him an electrically charged thunderbolt from my fingertip.

“H, hiii!”

Fenrir pulled back.

“G, got it. You’re just a human, right!? I understand now, so stop zapping!”

Looks like the electric shock earlier is quite effective.

Good grief, branding a person as the Demon King—what a terrible guy.

“So, you were sleeping, right? I’m sorry I woke you up. I don’t have business with you, so it’ okay if you want to sleep again.”

I was shocked when I learned a Divine Beast slept beside my home, but since I don’t have anything to do with him, I wanted him to obediently return and sleep again.

No involvement with the gods, no curse*—right?

But I already got involved.

“W, well, about that…Originally, I arise as a response to the call of the gods. Then, I will naturally slumber once their business is over. Unfortunately, I reacted to your massive magical power, so I don’t have any idea what to do now.”

Fenrir looked at me.

For some reason, his tail wagged back and forth vigorously.

Fenrir looked at me as if he wanted to be my companion.

Be friends with him?

 ▶ Yes

 ▷ No

It’s as if I can see a signboard like that.

“Ahm, if you have nothing to do, care to join me?”

“Can I!?”

Ooh, unexpectedly baited.

“No, to be honest, I never experienced being roused by someone other than the gods, so I was also anxious. Without the gods’ commands, I will not know the situation of this world.”

“….You really wanna come?”

“Eh, can’t I?”

Fenrir’s tail drooped.

Quite pitiful.

Well, I did wake him up, so I must take responsibility.

“It’s fine if you want to follow me, but can you do something about your size?”

“Is it about my body? So it’ll be fine if I’m small?”

“Yep. You can expect a huge commotion if you go sauntering in the city, seeing how big you are.”

No matter how you look at him, he’s a high-ranking demon.

If careless, he might be attacked just by going near the city.

“Okay, got it.”

White smoke rose from Fenrir’s body, and his body rapidly shrank.

“How’s this?”


His size is enough for me to hold him with both hands.

I gently gathered him in my arms and let him ride on my shoulders.

He was a bit flustered at first, but he did find a stable position.

“Hmm, it’s my first time riding on a human’s shoulder; not bad.”

“Is that so? Well then, we’ll be returning to the magical academy I go to, but don’t threaten everyone, alright?”

“I know. Ah, by the way, it’s fine if you refer to me as your familiar.”

“Is that okay, even if you’re a Divine Beast?”

“Fair enough. Rather than that, just feed me with delicious food. Long ago, I ate something called curry made by humans, and that was delectable.”

Ah, so he likes curry.

And here I was thinking he would prefer bloody raw meat.

Well, I also love Tina’s curry, so let’s ask her to make it for tonight’s dinner.

We must do a welcome party for Fenrir.

“Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Halt Elnor. I’m under your care.”

“I’m the Divine Beast Fenrir. However, Fenrir’s not a name you can find in any race. Halt, I permit you to give me a name.”

What a condescending gaze.

Well, he’s a Divine Beast, can’t help it.

Hmm… name, is it. What should I do.

He’s white, so— 

“Is Shiro okay?”**

“…Halt, can you not lump me with a mere dog? How about this, just pick a cool name like Schwarz or even Schneider.”

 “Alrighty, Shiro! Let’s go home!”

“Hmph, looks like you won’t change it.”

Fenrir, aka Shiro, and I went back to the academy of magic via teleportation.


T/N: Honestly, Fenrir’s gender was not mentioned. So at first, I used it (being wolf), then later on, after his name was revealed, I used he. Will change it if later chaps reveal him as a girl (and a potential human-transforming love interest – nah, just kidding. Too many love interest candidates already, so I guess Fenrir won’t be one of them lol. Disclaimer: NOT A SPOILER, just my opinion, please take it with a grain of salt ☺

*It can also be translated as “let sleeping dogs lie” but I retained an almost literal translation because of Halt’s next line.

**Shiro is a common name for dogs in Japan; it means white. Did consider Whitey, but Shiro it is ☺

The first photo looks really appropriate, as if it was custom made for Halt. And here’s (2nd pic) a dose of cuteness! Ctto, grabbed from google.

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