Yorozuya – The Things That Don’t Exist

Yorozuya – The Things That Don’t Exist Chapter 2

Translator: raggykoshka

Editor: Vie

Maybe Nishihara who’s posture looked relaxed to the point of seeming unnatural, realized that Hiroto was looking at him without saying anything, so he took out a cigarette from his jacket’s pocket and started to smoke. Normally, he would ask if that was okay, but today he didn’t even utter a single word of concern.

“Are we talking about Christmas presents? Aren’t you asking a bit too blatantly?”

“Shut up. It would be pointless if I asked her myself, wouldn’t it? It’s a pity that Mutsu-san didn’t come, but I’m lucky that Hiroto-kun did since you’re easy to talk to.”

“A present for Mutsu-san… I was planning to go for gloves. Recently, she said that it would be good to have a pair of leather gloves that would contain heat well. I mean, Mutsu-san isn’t very materialistic. The company president also asked what she wanted for Christmas, but she said she didn’t need anything.”

“She probably buys the things she really wants herself since she doesn’t really get obsessed with wanting something.”

“What did you give her before?”

“Before? Things like earrings, necklaces or perfume I guess.”

“So in a way you’ve been going out for a long time? Did you do anything like couple rings?”

“Uh… that… Don’t ask about it. You’re rubbing salt to my wound. It hurts even more since it’s cold.”

“…But you haven’t given up yet?”

“Just stop.”

“Well, Mutsu-san is popular. That Rin guy, Kyoui-san and Miyazaki-san really like her. I really like her too, so the competition is severe.”

As Hiroto said that while laughing, the sullen Nishihara aimed a puff of smoke at him. He opened the window trying not to choke from the smoke. Hiroto thought that Nishihara was like a child.

“The problem is more like she’s unapproachable than the competition being severe.”

“It’s because she’s the only woman in our place and our ace.”

“Your ace doesn’t go to crime scenes because she finds it too bothersome. And Sanjou-san doesn’t say anything either…”

“Mutsu-san is the one who normally decides how work is distributed. It seems that she more or less decides if it’s me or Yuno-san who should go to meet someone. Yesterday, I was the one who went to the crime scene under Miyazaki-san.”

“Miyazaki-san’s place? There was a murder, I think… Is that what you’re talking about?”

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