When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 33

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Editor: Diya

Your Highness is not stupid

His Majesty, sprayed with tea: “…”

He raises his face and is about to say something but sees the envoy, who had always been lazy and did not like moving, disappear like the wind.

Under the attention of the audience, the Minister of Trade and Commerce puffs himself up more. “Okay! Yunyue city, Ning Zhao, you- ghk!”

The special envoy of the Daqing Empire slaps the man out of his way in a rush to reach Ning Zhao.

The Minister of Commerce staggers and rears back up. “You -! Lord Envoy, you…” When he sees clearly that the man is actually an envoy of the Daqing Empire, his anger quickly turns into a smile.

The special envoy ignores him- more precisely, he has no time to even deliberately ignore him.

The special envoy is holding a thigh at this moment, bursting into tears. “Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness! This old slave has found you, it was so hard…Your Royal Highness!” He sobbed, so miserable that the listeners can’t help but feel pity.

Kong Wuying twitches in the man’s tight hold. “Your nose is dripping on me.”

The envoy swiftly wipes his nose, and says with tears in his eyes, “Your Royal Highness, this old slave was looking for you so hard! Finally, I’ve found you.”

“Sorry.” Kong Wuying moves a little bit further away, then a little further again. “I don’t know you. I’m afraid you have the wrong person. I’m not the person you’re looking for. Goodbye.”

The envoy cries even more, “Your Royal Highness, how can you say that!”

Kong Wuying feels someone poke him.

System says, “Host, he’s talking about the original owner of this body, Ning Zhao. Don’t be afraid of being found out.”

This is the first time in so many days that the system has talked to Kong Wuying. It seems that its psychological trauma has been overcome. Or at least suppressed. 

Looking at the envoy, who is really still crying, Kong Wuying takes another step back. “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

The envoy is crying miserably, and this stone hearted young man’s indifference remains unmoved. The king feels that the scene is too awkward, and comes out to save the day himself.

“Okay, okay.” The King smiles. “Lord Envoy, if you have any questions, please talk later, and let us finish the game first.”

As for the Minister of Commerce and Trade, can he still speak at this time?

With the envoy of Daqing here, no one has any objection to Kong Wuying getting the championship. The king personally hands over the championship prizes, the furnace to Kong Wuying and then awards another twelve prizes according to the ranking. 

Kong Wuying doesn’t go home after, but follows the crying envoy to the lounge on the fourth floor.

After the envoy calms down his emotions, he begins to persuade him; “Your Highness Zhao, I know that you are uncomfortable with your father, but you know that there are no parents in the world who do not love their children. Please understand him and believe in his love for you.”

The envoy clasps his hands together. “Now that the country is in crisis and the royal family will fall, it is time for you to turn the tide. As long as you say a word, I will die for you immediately. So can you please return to your father? Anyway, it’s for your biological parents, for the sake of the dead concubine, for my Daqing’s sake, how about coming home with this old slave?”

He is sincere and very touching.

In response to this, Kong Wuying replies, “I don’t understand. Explain properly, otherwise I’ll leave.”

The envoy is agitated, and his lips purse together. “His Majesty is seriously ill now, and you’re the only prince left. You need to go back to inherit the throne to keep the empire from being occupied by others.”

Now that Kong Wuying understands, he can’t help asking: “I’m the only one left in the royal family? What about the others?”

The envoy replies bitterly, “The first died when he was practicing alchemy, the second royal was bitten to death when he was on a hunting trip, the third royal committed suicide. His Highness number four was murdered by his newlywed wife, His Highness five was seriously ill and died, His Highness six sank when he went out on board a ship, His Highness seven and His Highness eight killed each other, His Highness nine and his concubines were all executed, and His Highness ten was killed by an assassin. His Highness eleven … “

“Wait a minute!” Listening to the deaths of the Daqing princes, Kong Wuying feels like there’s definitely something wrong here. “How many sons does my father have!?”

The envoy hums. “Not much. Before you left the palace, there were forty-eight. Now you have fifty-two. Oh, my highness fifty-two was concealed by the mad concubine, so he is a very new addition.”

Kong Wuying says nothing for a long moment. 

Well, fifty-two is a bit much. Mingguang, this emperor of such a small empire, has more sons than Kong Wuying!


Of course, the point is not this…

“More than fifty princes, except me, are all dead?” Kong Wuying asks, raising an eyebrow.

What, is the highest-risk occupation of the country being a prince? The causes of death are more bizarre with every prince.

The special envoy bows his head: “Your Highness twenty-two, don’t listen to outsider’s nonsense. The causes of death of the other Highnesses are all coincidences, all coincidences!”

Coincidence? One or two can be said to be a coincidence, yet more than fifty are also coincidental?!

The envoy tilts his head and calls out gently, “Your Royal Highness? Your Royal Highness?”

Kong Wuying blurts out without thinking, “I don’t want to die! I can’t go back with you!”

“Your Royal Highness!”

“I’m not stupid!”

In the Royal Palace, Huo Ziying the prince holds the portrait of Ning Zhao, which was provided by the special envoy, and was… beautifully done by the artist. 

Really though, although this portrait doesn’t seem to be anything at first, after careful consideration, it has a shadow of the teacher in it. Maybe.

Next to him, the King says, with much emotion, “I never imagined that participant seventy-seven is the one that the special envoy was looking for, let alone that he was the Prince of Daqing.”

The special envoy is also very strange. After attending the tournament for so many days, he didn’t recognize the prince of his family. He had to wait for the name to be said. 

At this time, the special envoy enters the room and asks Huo Ziying, “I heard that His Royal Highness is your teacher. Do you know what weaknesses His Royal Highness has?”

Huo Ziying doesn’t even need to think about it, so he answers directly; “The teacher is perfect, there can be no faults!”

Special envoy: “…”

King: “…”

Perhaps the expressions on the faces of the two are too subtle, but Huo Ziying thinks about it again, and is not sure, “Well, I think it should be… he’s poor.”

Kong Wuying cruelly refuses the special envoy of Daqing and, holding the new pill furnace, goes home to upgrade the soul puppet spider.

This busy work lasts for two days, and when Kong Wuying comes out, he receives the official bill from the Mohe Kingdom.

Kong Wuying is incredulous. 

He couldn’t believe it: 2.5 billion?

The **** who came to deliver the bill smiles and says, “You have destroyed our virtual space. This treasure is of great value. For the sake of the prince’s teacher though, we will only charge you the exact amount needed for the materials.”

Kong Wuying is still staring at the bill.

“Of course,” the messenger muses. “You can find the special envoy. The Daqing Empire should not be short of this little money.”

Kong Wuying inhales deeply.

That afternoon, Kong Wuying goes to the special envoy.

“I took my time to think about it,” Kong Wuying says gravely. “Although my father was not good to me before, he is my biological father after all. Now that all my brothers are in trouble, and my father is seriously ill, I think I should be willing to go back.”

With a sincere expression on his face, the Special Envoy smiled with victory and joy. 

Then Kong Wuying’s tone of voice abruptly turns, and he becomes extremely arrogant. “Of course, this is my thoughts before I received this bill. I now see that since you used such a trick on me, the situation certainly shouldn’t be as urgent as you said. In this case, there is no need to go back, right?”

The envoy opens his mouth but can’t say anything.

Kong Wuying turns to leave and a smirk appears on his face, hidden from sight. This man dared to threaten Kong Wuying, he won’t be let off lightly. 

Seeing that Kong Wuying is about to go, the envoy is anxious, and he quickly persuades: “Your Royal Highness! Please don’t leave first, there are many benefits to coming back with me. Once you become emperor, you are the master of Daqing, sitting in a harem of three thousand beauties, supreme power, fame and beauty all within easy reach.”

The envoy rushes after Kong Wuying. “Massive alchemy resources are available! Oh, our royal chef in Daqing Palace is definitely one of the most powerful royal chefs in the world, proficient in specialty cuisines everywhere. Like the Heber Empire’s Beef, Braised Spicy Fish from the Empire of the South China Sea, and Red Dust’s Purple Taro, even the food of the Yeying continent!”

Kong Wuying stops dead. “Let’s go.”

The world is so big, only food won’t disappoint him.

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