Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 5

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Isolated Training

Afterward, I started implementing the training method for expanding the mana meridian as taught in the lesson, but a problem occurred. 

Tina and all my classmates that were training with me in the same hall suddenly collapsed.

“I, is everyone alright?”

“Ugh, I feel nauseated.”

“My head hurts!”

“I feel like I’m jelly… I can’t stand.”

“M, me too…”

Their physical conditions varied, but all exhibited symptoms of weakening.

Tina and Leaffa were in a state similar to how they were back when we were at the dungeon of Yggdrasil.

It’s as if–

“It’s Magical Intoxication. I also feel unwell.”

Sage Luarno diagnosed it.

So it’s really Magical Intoxication.

But… aside from me, everyone else was training on expanding their manaforges. 

I don’t understand; mana intoxication should have been possible only while training for broadening the mana meridians.

Not only that, I’m the one supposed to feel those symptoms, but I didn’t have any.

What’s going on?

“Halt’s mana spread throughout this training hall. Its density is on a higher level than that of the Demon King’s Palace.”

The former Demon King, who ruled in this country, released overwhelming mana that spread throughout his palace. Anyone who sets foot inside won’t be able to move a muscle.

And now, it seems that my mana, which is stronger than that of the Demon King, freely floated in the space.

“Apparently, Halt’s mana diffused excessively, and it entered our manaforges… In the meantime, could you kindly absorb it all again? I’m already in a wretched state.”

‘Eh!? Ah, I’m sorry!”

I hurriedly reabsorbed all the remaining mana that I previously released into the air. It was quite a large amount, but I didn’t feel sick one bit.

“Sigh, much better.”

“Huff, huff. A moment longer and…it’ll be dangerous.”

Seems like everyone has recovered.

Leaffa, Luna, and some of the others have flushed cheeks. 

Luna, I’m kinda bothered but, why would it be dangerous?

“I’m sorry, guys.”

“I did not enjoy the feeling of having mana forcibly pushed on me, but if it’s Master’s mana, then I won’t resent it.”

“We felt like we were floating.” (Mai and Mei)

Youko, Mai and Mei forgave me.

“Halt, sorry, dude. I can’t tolerate your magic; it felt like my head will split.”

“Me too, same with Luke.”

Luke and Ryuushin experienced severe headaches, so they told me not to practice widening my mana meridian within their vicinity.

But I did not release my mana intentionally. 

I had immediately reabsorbed my mana as soon as I released it. Moments before they all collapsed, I took a break and was just observing everyone as they exercised their manaforges. 

“Halt’s mana meridian expanded too much, so your mana gushed out. It is leaking out even as we speak.”

I scanned my surroundings using Magic Perception.

It’s true; there’s a light discharge of mana.

It’s because of this that everybody’s health was jeopardized.

“W, what should I do?”

“Imagine a valve at your core, and close it.”

Valve… is it okay if it’s something akin to a water faucet? 

I closed my eyes and imagined a faucet. Immediately I saw something similar to water dripping out of it.

I closed that faucet.

“Hm, you did well. As expected of you.”

Seems like the mana leakage stopped.

“Halt already cut off the source of his mana, so there’s no problem even if his mana gushes out, but I believe you should not train if there is someone else in the room.”

I was just practicing the expansion of mana meridian, but the whole place turned into something as dangerous as the Demon King’s castle.

“It is better for Halt to train on his own.”

“… Yes.”

Since everyone else planned to continue enlarging their manaforges, I decided to head out to a nearby room to practice.

Ah, but if I were to do it full force, I think it’ll be a disaster for the surrounding people, so I decided to go somewhere further.


I went to the forest beside my home mansion using teleportation circles.

It’s the forest where I did demon-hunting training with Tina in the past.

Although it might be considered as adjacent to the mansion, it was still a few kilometers away. There were no houses nearby, so I thought I’ll be able to practice widening my mana meridian with all my strength in this place.

“…Let’s do this?”

I mumbled as if to ask myself.

I feel a bit lonely now that I’m all alone.

In the past, I used to hide from Tina, and I sneaked out to practice magic here.

But ever since I enrolled at the academy of magic, training alongside everyone became my norm.

So I’m feeling a bit blue now that I am alone for the first time in a while.

Well, let’s get this mana meridian business done with, so I can go back to where the others are.

Starting over, I began releasing my mana.

Apparently, I’m doing a good job broadening my mana meridian, and the release of mana sped up. 

Ten huge spheres of mana hovered around me. 

I turned them into one mass and— 

I pictured the mana’s pathway on my outreached right hand. Then I pushed the mass of mana towards that vein.

The mana flowed back to my body while forcing the mana meridian to distend.

I did this repetitively a few times.

It’ll be my left hand next after I finish enlarging my right hand’s mana meridian.

To expedite the process, I released my mana not only through my left palm but through my fingers as well.

I can release ten mana at a time.

Long ago, I also researched for a process that will hasten the continuous release of mana.

One day, I discovered that it will be faster if I release one mana each from my ten fingertips rather than releasing 10 mana from my palm.

And so, whenever I use advanced level magic, I release mana from my fingertips from both hands almost at the same time.

The mana meridian along my palms expanded. Now it’s the magic veins up to my fingertips.

I started to release my mana again.

“Since it’ll be ten fingers worth, I wonder if I should use ten times more mana?”

My magic overflowed in the surrounding space.

It seems like the earth is quaking, but…

Well, it’s fine, I guess.

Suddenly, a huge shadow obstructed my field of vision.

‘Hey!! Won’t you stop!? Just what is it that you want that you have to wake me from my slumber at this place!?’


A monstrously huge white wolf bared its fangs menacingly at me.

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