I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 114

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Light and Darkness

[France・ St. Victor Monastery]

After Mr. Gojo left, all of us continued to spend our days kind of feeling down. He had told us that he’d be back after things calmed down, however they were currently only getting worse.

And our Ability Class was also put on hold, due to there being no one that could currently teach us. We were just spending our days going to the same old boring classes. And one day it all changed…

“Everyone, you have visitors.” said the Sister upon entering the classroom. 

Afterwards she gestured to the people standing outside to enter. Just as we were wondering what was going on, one of them suddenly spoke.

“Heya! How are ya all doing?”


The people that came in were Carlo and Anna from The Sanctuary Knights. Due to two of my idols suddenly coming in the room my head went blank for a moment.

“Well a lot has happened so it’s not surprising that you’re scared. We’ve already gotten permission from the monastery so we would like it if you all came with us.”

“W-why are you Mr. Carlo, as well as Ms. Anna h-here?” I asked with a trembling voice, to which Mr. Carlo quickly responded.

“Gojo asked us.”

“Mr. Gojo did? Why did Mr. Gojo… Is it because of the recent cases?”

“We’ll tell you the details later, for now just get ready to leave.” said Carlo.

“Leave!? Where exactly are we going?” I asked surprised, to which Mr. Carlo answered with a smile.



[Judging from these images, it’s clear that Gojo Masakado summoned a huge monster and with its help destroyed the tower. Which leads us to think that he’s abnormal even amongst mutants.]

[I agree. I’m a mutant researcher but I have yet to see a case such as his. Depending on the situation he may have also been the one that created the world’s chaos in the first place.]

[However, you cannot deny that Mr. Gojo was also the one who saved the world.]

“Precisely that’s the catch. What I’m trying to say is that he may be just stirring up trouble in order to get credit for dealing with it later. Humans have the need for social approval, that is why he’s trying to fool himself that he’s a hero of some sort. That might very well be his motive…..]

[I see, considering you’re the one that’s saying it Mr. Takarada even though it might be just a possibility, we cannot think of the matter lightly.]

“What in the world is wrong with this news program!! Thanks to who, do you think you’re able to live normally. Ughh… I just feel like punching him through the TV.” yelled Shimizu in rage while watching the news. 

‘There’s only a handful of people supporting it so he should just leave them be in my opinion…’

“I’m calling the program!” said angrily Shimizu.

Sakamoto: “Don’t, they’ll just shun it off as another complaint. More importantly, is Gojo currently out?” I asked him.

“Yea he’d probably get suffocated if he stayed in the Self-Defense Force’s dorms all day long. He went to buy something from the convenience store. Apparently he’s wearing a hat as a disguise.”

“I just hope he doesn’t run in any trouble.”


I was currently sitting inside a car in front of the Gifu Airbase, however I was yet to see Gojo. 

‘I guess that even though he’s been seen here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s always here.’

Just as I was thinking that I saw a guy wearing a hat coming back to the Gifu Airbase.

I got off from the car and hurriedly approached that man.

“Are you perhaps Mr. Gojo?” I said

“Hm? Who might you be?”


 As my suspicions were confirmed I immediately took out my IC recorder.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Matsuda from Newspaper Company Yoshimoto. I’ve come here in order to ask you a couple of questions. Do you perhaps have a minute or two?”

“I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t do these kinds of things.”

“Mr. Gojo there are currently people around the world that are saying bad things about you. Don’t you think it’s only right to tell them if they’re wrong? There probably must be something you wish to say to them.”

“No, there’s nothing in particular.” saying that Gojo turned to leave.

“Mr. Gojo please wait!” just as I said that Gojo turned around the corner of the fence that was surrounding the Gifu Airbase. I went after him but…


There was no one there. Gojo had disappeared without leaving a single trace… 

‘No way… Could this be one of his skills?’ 

Just as I thought that, I suddenly got a call from my junior in the company.

“What’s wron… HUH?”


When I got back to the dormitory, Sakamoto and Shimizu were waiting in front of my room.

“Gojo, you’re back!” Sakamoto greeted me excitedly.

“Is something wrong?”

“We just now got a call from the Prime Minister saying that the United Nations want to hear what you have to say.”

“What I have to say? About what?”

Sakamoto looked like he was having a hard time finding his words, but in the end he looked at me and continued.

“Actually… two more ability users have been killed. Due to one of them being a famous ability user from Belarus, there have been a lot of people that requested that you begin investigating the matter…”

“It’s just ridiculous. Neither the United Nations nor the Japanese Government doubt you Gojo, but in order to appeal to the public they’re holding a public hearing.” said angrily Shimizu.

‘So it’s basically a kind of performance… I guess something like that really is necessary. I wonder what they’ll ask me.’

“I don’t mind going, but where is it being held?” I asked

“The Japanese Government tried to push it to be held in Japan, however due to the United Nations wanting this to be fair, they scheduled it to be held in three days in a United Nations’ Executive Office situated in Bangkok, Thailand.”

“Bangkok huh…”


[England・Special Care School]

“It’s already so late…”

It was already past 8 PM. There was also the call that I had gotten from Leo, informing me about the black knight that was going around killing mutants, and that I might be a target as well.

I was already familiar with the cases thanks to the news, however it was still hard for me to believe that Alexander had really been killed… 

‘Will he really come for me as well?’

Thinking that I returned to my room with a feeling of lingering anxiousness.

In a corner of my room a box that had been sent to me by Leo was lying there. Inside was the thing that I had left behind after leaving The Sanctuary Knights.

It was Georgius’ Sword. Leo had sent it in case something were to happen… 

‘I never thought that I would see it again.’

I opened the black box, taking out the sword inside. Just as I picked up the sword it started shining with a dim light.

“It can’t be…”

I opened my door’s window and looked down outside. Looking down from the second floor where my room was at, I could clearly see the school yard and a bit further from it I felt an intense killing aura.

Gripping my sword I went down the stairs to the first floor and exited into the school yard.

Upon reaching the school yard, from within the darkness up front a human silhouette appeared. It was a knight like figure, donning a black armor and gripping a sword. ‘So that’s…’

“The Black Knight!”

He stopped around 10 meters away from me.

“Who are you? Did you come to see me?”

Without answering he just started accelerating towards me. If I was his only target that would still be fine, however the school filled with numerous children was standing right behind me. I had no choice but to fight!

Just as Georgius’ Sword started shining I saw the Black Knight’s blade right in front of me…

[Dimensional Slash]

The slash cut the air transforming it into a black grid pattern. After I had dodged the attack, the Black Knight once again looked towards me as if confirming something. Apparently he didn’t think that I would be able to dodge.

The Light Magic Skill Luxon, for only an instant it allowed me to move at the speed of light. If it was dodging I could do it without breaking a sweat. However, the Black Knight didn’t seem to care at all and once again charged towards me.

I raised my hand above my head and began gathering magic power. Numerous light orbs appeared in the air, which then formed into light spears that shot towards the Black Knight.

“Shining Meteor!!!”

The numerous lights spears fell upon the Black Knight. However… The Black Knight dodged most of the spears by a hair’s breadth, and those that he wasn’t able to dodge he shattered with his sword.

‘Those movements are not human.’ 

Just as I thought that, he was already right next to me, lowering down his sword. I somehow managed to move backwards by using Luxon, but the ends of my hair were left in pieces. If I had been just a bit slower I would have been killed.

‘It’s no surprise Alexander was killed. To think that there’s an ability user as strong as this…’ 

The Black Knight once again got closer and began raining blows down on me.

With each single strike being terrifyingly heavy! 

‘It takes everything I have just to defend. The difference in our strength is way too great. If I prolong this any longer I’ll definitely lose. I have to settle it in one strike.’

I began gathering magic power in my sword, and just as the Black Knight brought his sword down, I used Luxon in order to get into his blind spot. I gathered all of the magic power that I could and raised my sword, bringing it down at the speed of light.


‘He shouldn’t be able to dodge this one.’ 

As I thought that, the Black Knight raised his left hand that wasn’t holding the sword, and deployed three shields of light. 

‘This is… The Paladin’s Protection!’ 

The giant sword of light annihilated all of the shields, landing on the Black Knight’s shoulder and breaking a part of his armor.

However, as if nothing had happened the Black Knight just brushed it off. Due to the Protection skill a great percentage of the sword’s power had been lost. Even though I had used up a great amount of magic power in that attack I still hadn’t been able to finish him.

Standing in front of the Black Knight, I had already prepared myself for death.

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  1. If you want things to be fair, you won’t go to Thailand

    We’re pretty shit at organizing stuff here and, assuming you give them enough money or have good connections, our officials would prepare red carpet for you even if you were to murder someone

  2. literally all he has to do is stop time. what in the hell. Time and Space are equal in terms of boundaries so [Dimensional Slash] should be targeting the space Gojo is at. If he just stops time and appears somewhere else he won’t get cubed meat. Plus in them time he’s at the airforce base why aren’t we shown him trying out new magics. Quite dumb when you can stop time + Infinite magic.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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