When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 32.3

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Editor: Diya


On the second day, thirteen contestants go to the competition venue.

At this time of the game, the audience have been waiting a while for a champion and the tension has built up. As soon as the players enter the venue, the audience burst into applause.

During such applause, His Royal Highness, with a smile on his face, announces the rules of the game; “You will enter the virtual space inside through this crystal ball. It simulates practical needs for alchemy and you’ll earn points from the people you help.”

He glances over at the contestants, “The competition time is four hours, which is forty for you. When the time ends, you will be judged on your points. Remember that no matter the end result, you have all reached this point, proving beyond a doubt that you are all outstanding pill masters that Mohe is proud of!”

Thirteen contestants line up and touch the crystal ball in the hands of His Royal Highness one by one, entering the virtual space.

Kong Wuying only feels darkness before his eyes, and then he abruptly sinks into the sand of a desolate desert. 

But where can he find someone to earn points in a desert?

As soon as the thought crosses his mind, he sees an old man with a camel passing by.

When the old man sees Kong Wuying, his eyes light up, and he takes the initiative to talk to him. “Boy, I have walked for so long and I am very thirsty. Can you make me a thirst suppressor pill? I will give you a point as a reward.”

A Thirst Supressor pill is the most inferior elixir, even without a grade. Any pill master division can easily refine it, and Kong Wuying is naturally no exception.

Seeing that Kong Wuying nods and agrees, the old man smiles.

A furnace and medicinal materials are taken out of the camel’s bag for refining. Kong Wuying soon passes the refined pills over. 

The old man is a virtual character, and isn’t surprised at all by his instant refining. The man collects the elixir that’s given to him without any worry, and quickly puts everything away.

Kong Wuying reminds him, “What about my points?”

The old man blinks his eyes slyly, quickly straddles the camel, and rides off at a fast speed. “Hahaha, I am Yeying, of course I don’t have points to give you! How naive! You have been fooled!”

Kong Wuying stares after the man in shock.

In real space, the experiences of thirteen contestants are rolling across the big screen.

The expressions on the faces of the audience at this moment are exactly the same.

They are all…

In the lounge, the special envoy praises, “Nice, how wonderful. This game is a bit interesting. An excellent alchemist must not only be outstanding in alchemy, but also be street smart.”

His Royal Highness next to him smiles dryly, and says that this disgusting game format is not for the assessment of cleverness, but to create drama for the audience, and increase the highlights of the game.

Finding people to earn points is needed, but some of them are real and some are false. Some people will really provide points, and some are purely liars. Identifying these people has become one of the highlights of the game.

Presumably the audience will find it interesting. However, the players involved in it may not.

In the desert, Kong Wuying smiles. “Interesting.”

The Shengdu alchemy competition has also been held for many years. Each year, the final points competition is different, but it always requires people to enter the simulated space.

Therefore, the students in Class 7 have already prepared for it, and even set the time and place to meet after entering.

After six hours in the virtual space, five people from class 7 gather together.

“This is too bad!” Jiang Chen complains as soon as he finds the others. With his IQ, it must be the worst test to give him.

Chen Bin says, “I got three points, how about you?”

“Almost four.” Yuan Ruo is disheartened.

Feng Linlin’s face is not very good. “One.” Her strength in refining is the strongest in the class, but she only got one point. You can imagine how miserable she is.

“Yi Ren, how about you?” Feng Linlin asks.

Yi Ren smiles shyly. “Thirty-two.”


Ah, how awful! This number is too bad!

Yi Ren calmly continues with, “This should be… the gap in IQ!”


How hateful! Kick her! Kick her until she cries!

“Where is the teacher?” Feng Ruo looks around. “Where did the teacher go? Ah! There!”

Kong Wuying wanders up to the group, fashionably late. 

Yuan Ruo asks, “Teacher, how much did you make…” She trails off, because she finds that the teacher’s face seems a little dark. Maybe he got cheated.

(^ dark face = anime style shadowed/angry)

Kong Wuying is angry, Kong Wuying is angry, Kong Wuying is angry.

Important things must be said three times!

Of course not because he was tricked. He’s so angry at whoever designed this arena. Yeying people would spit on this, so unprofessional!

First of all, in Yeying, people will deceive you into thanking them while they count your money out in front of you. 

He’s so angry at how bad this is!

When the Mingguang continent thinks of Yeying, why do they think of scumbags who can’t even trick people properly?  

There are also other details; the vast desert here, the mulches, and the rags on people. Is Yeying made up of refugees?

What the hell, Yeying has an endless amount of gold. Even the common folk wear silk, satin and drink delicious spirits!

Kong Wuying really wants to…

The ex-Lord of Yeying has a dark face. He looks up to the five students. “This false and ugly world should be destroyed.”

Five students: “…”

In real space.

Putting aside the initial surprise, the exciting scenes in the stadium quickly catch the attention of the audience.

Honestly, it is very interesting to see them being foolishly fooled or fighting against the inhabitants of the simulated world, which is much better than just looking at basic alchemy.

It’s almost like watching an entertainment show.

These sacred pill masters are being teased like clowns, which greatly satisfies the audience’s self-esteem. This ticket fare is worth it!

However, while watching, everyone starts yawning again.

It’s boring.

The scrolling pictures they see now is a player walking in the desert, walking, walking, and walking for a long time without seeing any people. They walk for five minutes, which is fifty minutes in the simulated world. 

Then the screen changes to the next player, still walking alone in the desert; walking, walking, nothing.

For another five minutes, walking alone.

The audience start to yawn for a long time, and begin to swear at the stadium; so boring!

Just after the fifth player has their five minutes of desert scenery, the change finally appears.

A dark-haired young man comes up on the screen, with a slender figure and a cold face. He looks at the audience, almost as if looking through the screen, and then the screen turns off.

It’s really over.

The crystal ball on the playing field suddenly shatters, and thirteen people fall out of it. Well, twelve fall, the thirteenth remains standing and looks rather upset.

Everyone gazes at the players. Four hours? This is only an hour. 

Liars! Bad review! Refund!

His Royal Highness also comes onto the scene with some confusion. “It seems that a small accident occurred, and the virtual space seems to be broken. It doesn’t matter if we count the existing points.”

So thirteen people hand over the points in turn. Due to the sudden incident, most of the players did not get any points. Yi Ren has thirty-two which is a high number among all of them, but Bai Han scores ninety-two.

Kong Wuying opens his hand when it’s his turn and a number appears in his palm: “One thousand, three hundred and eighty-nine.”

This number… too… amazing!

His Royal Highness blinks rapidly. “So much? Is there so much credit in the virtual space?”

Kong Wuying tsks. “To destroy the world, naturally.”

“What!” A figure rushes down from the stand on the third floor, with a look of anger. “You ruined my virtual space!”

On the fourth floor, the envoy asks, “Who is this?”

The king explains, “Minister of Commerce and Trade, the designer of this competition. And the ticket collector.”

Regarding the rant of the Minister of Commerce and Trade, the blank look remains unchanged on Kong Wuying’s face and he declares, “That kind of ugly and false thing should not exist.”

The prince smiles, a bit confused, but grabs the Minister of Commerce and Trade before the man can actually attack Kong Wuying. “Since he has the most points, he should be the champion.”

“No!” The Minister of Commerce is furious. “Someone who ruins my virtual space can’t be champion!”

On the fourth floor, the special envoy shakes his head, and takes a sip of his tea. There’s a hint of coldness in his eyes. “This kind of uncontrolled person, you should not let them climb too high.”

He was born in the palace, and he most dislikes this kind of person with no self-control. 

Just listen to the Minister of Commerce below with red eyes and vicious words: “Who the **** are you! Report your name to me, I will never let you get away with this!”

Kong Wuying scoffs. This is the designer then? “Yunyue City, Ning Zhao,” he declares in a loud voice.

The envoy spits his tea out all over the king’s face. 

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