Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 33

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Solon and Clarice’s Daughter?

When she heard me, Clarice stiffened, looking confused.

Well, it wasn’t surprising. Taking Philia out of the Imperial Palace and letting her live inside a commoner’s house wasn’t normal after all.  

But now, this was the most effective way.

“If it’s possible, of course.” 

After waiting for a while, I added, just in case. Clarice then calmed down and said unbelievingly, “So-solon-sama’s place?! Solon-sama has a mansion in the Imperial Capital?!”

“Why are you concerned about that?”

“Bu-but Solon-sama is a child of a servant from the duke’s house in the frontier. You lived in the dorms when you were in the magic school. And the headquarters of the knight order is in a port city east of the empire. I never thought Solon-sama had a mansion.”

“Well, yeah, that’s right. I don’t have a mansion.”

“Eh? But you said it earlier, ‘Philia, Sophia, and Clarice, these cute girls will be mine and live in my mansion!’”

“I didn’t say that… Isn’t Clarice-san’s image of me too much of a rascal?”

“It’s a joke. Solon-sama that I know is a very kind person.”

Clarice smiled softly after saying. If I was suddenly being told something like that, of course I would be embarrassed. Even at these times, Clarice was still making fun of me. 

“Solon-sama, are you embarrassed?”

“Because of Clarice-san.”

“Hearing it was because of me, I’m a little happy.”

“Happy? Why?”

“If you couldn’t understand, then that’s okay….. That’s right. The main topic is Solon-sama’s mansion. You almost got me fooled changing the topic.”

“No. Clarice-san was joking too much, that’s why we were distracted.”

Without any regards to my protest, Clarice asked, “So why did you say ‘I’ll make all three of you mine because you’re cute,’ even though you don’t have a mansion in the Imperial Capital?”

“I didn’t say that! Well… I indeed said you three would live with me. Sophia’s chance to be able to live in the Imperial Palace is low. What’s more, there are many of Philia’s enemies inside the palace. Besides, we don’t know when they’ll attack. So it’s better to stay outside of the Imperial Palace.” 

“That’s why we have to live in Solon’s place.”

“Right. There’ll be Saint Sophia there too, if she puts up a magic barrier, the enemies won’t be able to come easily. It would be far more reliable than the guards, at least.”

There would be many problems with that, but this was the best way. If Sophia stayed by Philia’s side, she could be more free. And if it was about protecting Philia, Sophia could do that. After all, she was the strongest adventurer of the Knights of Saint Sophia. There was nothing more comforting than this fact. 

Clarice, Philia’s private maid, was someone important to Philia. 

And me, acting as an escort for those three. Philia and Clarice were powerless in combat. Even Sophia who had tremendous power wasn’t perfect. In the knight order, there were many people Sophia could rely on, the Holy Knight Cleon for example. But since Sophia left the knight order without any notice, and I was the only one here, I would be the one who’d fight by her side.

Objectively, there wouldn’t be many people who could defeat us.

“But the problem is the place. We couldn’t live in a place that doesn’t exist.”

“As Clarice said, I don’t have a place in Imperial Capital as of now. But why don’t I just buy one?”

There was no reason to pay someone from the imperial family who was staying outside of the Imperial Palace. The imperial family, which was currently facing financial difficulties, would be happy not having to pay for Philia. There were many princes and princesses in the Imperial Palace, so the amount of budget was considerable in total. In other words, the imperial family and the officials should be willing to allow Philia to live outside of the Imperial Palace in exchange for less money spent. 

The palace was destroyed all over, so the princes and princesses would have to evacuate to the aristocrats’ mansions, their mothers’ homes. In that sense, going outside of the Imperial Palace wouldn’t be that unusual. 

The remaining problem was money. 

I said, “I’m not going to ask Philia for the money.”

“Then what are you going to do? Will Solon-sama buy a mansion for us three?” Clarice said, giggling. I nodded without laughing.

“That’s right. I will personally prepare the mansion.”

“Will you? Bu-but you will need a huge amount of money.”

“Normally, adventurers make decent money. But if they do well, they could make much more. For example, if you have a partnership with the merchants who could sell your treasures.”

“You mean, Solon-sama made money that way?”

“That’s right, so there’s nothing amazing with buying a place in the Imperial Capital.”

The money I got as the vice leader of the empire’s strongest adventurer party was a considerable amount. Unless I were to buy a huge mansion, buying a place in the Imperial Capital wasn’t such a big deal. Even if there weren’t any problems concerning Philia and the others, I had intended to continue living in the Imperial Capital anyway. It was a plus to have a mansion in the Imperial Capital. 

Originally, Sophia should also have a considerable amount of money, but she has entrusted her money to the knight order. And considering her circumstances in which she left the knight order without official notice, I was wary about where the money went. 

Clarice muttered as if impressed, “As expected, Solon-sama. You’re really going to make a harem.”

“I won’t. I forgot to ask something, Clarice-san, are you really okay with it? Do you agree with my proposal? Because Clarice-san can stay in the Imperial Palace if you want.”

“Do you think I won’t agree? I think your proposal’s great. And if it’s for Philia, then I’ll agree no matter what. Besides, I’m worried about staying in the Imperial Palace. If I’m close with Solon-sama, I’ll feel more relieved.”

Saying that, she looked up at me.

“I understand. So will you now hire me as a maid?”

“Of course. Philia-sama and I need Clarice-san as a maid.”

“Yes! Oh, but I have something to say.”

When she said that, her eyes sparkled mischievously. .

She whispered in my ear, “If that was really a proposal, that’s also fine, you know.”

“I’m sorry if I misled you.”

“If Solon-sama and I get married, Philia-sama will be like our daughter.”

For a moment, I wondered if Clarice knew about the father-daughter act I played with Philia, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 

Clarice continued laughingly, “I’m sure we’ll be a happy family. Besides, Philia is cute!”

“Is that so?”

“And Sophia-sama will become Solon-sama’s younger sister. With this, we could make a family of four! Darling~”

For a moment, Philia who called me “Dad” and Sophia who called me “Big Brother Solon” came to my mind. I shook my head to rid off my delusions.

Clarice looked at me and laughed.

Then she said happily, “It’s a joke.”


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