The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Chapter 16

Examinee Selection Committee – Siegfried Granbull

“An impertinent examinee dares to mimic an examiner?! And he was talking to the Crown Prince, Ronald, and Duke Kruger’s son, Alan. This cannot fly!”

So it’s come to this. Siegfried Granbull blatantly wore his displeasure towards the incessantly whining vice-principal on his face and knit his eyebrows.

“Hm, this is certainly bad.”

The fact that nobody raised any objections to the vice-principal’s statement didn’t stem from them carefully choosing their words around him or anything. Besides the few like the vice principal, whose stiff mentality stemmed out of their origin from the Imperial Guards, the faculty at this magic academy were extremely talented; they understood just how deep Grey’s abnormalities extended.

In that short period of time, he had taught those children who might as well have been amateurs a completely new type of magic that not even the empire recognized. And what’s more, they should be aware of the cataclysmic effect his magic will bring.

In addition, almost all of the professors here were the head of their own territory or city’s magic academy, and if they could get Grey for themselves, they might even obtain enough power to stand equal with the Imperial Magic Knight Academy. In short, their plotting had already begun.

“We might as well just deduct points from him. As the vice principal so eloquently put it, he really went and did as he pleased in the last martial arts exam.”

“I agree. And while we’re at it, should we pretend his silver emittance in the magic exam was white?”

“Well, he did fail several times before getting silver.”

“But to make silver white…”

The professor with a crew cut mockingly tossed his documents onto the table. It was understandable; silver only appeared when the measuring device detected the magic power as unmeasurable, and there were only a few in the entire world who had silver magic. He could only take it as some kind of bad joke.

“But following the rules, we’re forced to give him full points for the target practice,” declared the bald professor.

“Ah, when he created eight fireballs with a single incantation, not to mention the fact that they consisted of the strongest type of fire, azure.”

“I though the professor in charge of him was daydreaming when he told me that.”

The sound of someone gulping echoed through the now quieted room. Azure flames were the pinnacle of fire magic. It was the strongest spell that the first emperor, Phillip Rose Archive, often used. Anyone who could master that spell would definitely have their name carved down in history as a flame master.

Moreover. Moreover. With the events that transcribed during the practical exam, even the students might become able to use the spell if they go through Grey’s instructions.

“So what!?” yelled the vice principal. “He dared to say that our magic talent, bestowed upon us by none other than God Himself, was just another subject! I’ll never allow someone like that into this academy!”

We wouldn’t get anywhere at this rate.

“Calm down a bit, vice principal. So? What were Grey’s results on the subject tests?” Sieg asked Rebecca, who was wordlessly reading through several sheets of paper.


Rebecca remained silent and continued reading on with intense concentration.


“Ah, yes. Sorry. His subject test scores. Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter what we give him.”

“What does that mean?” Sieg furrowed his eyebrows.

It wasn’t often that Rebecca said such vague sentences.

“He got full marks on history, carefully explained everything, and his general knowledge is spot on. However, he threw out several questions.”

“He’s questioning the etiquette behind our traditions!? What a rude brat!” shouted the vice principal as he shot up from his chair.

What a loudmouth. Sieg wished he would just shut up.

“That’s not even the most surprising of it. Everything he wrote about magic is just plain strange.”

“Strange? Why are you beating around the bush? That’s not like you,” the blonde professor with a crewcut pointed out. “Start from the beginning.”

Rebecca was one of Sieg’s most brilliant disciples. Just who are you, Grey, for your answers to shake her this much?

“Sorry. Um, let’s see. Let me start with this: his answers to our essay questions over magic rituals began to differ from our prepared answers after the first few questions.”

“So he’s wrong? What’s strange about that?”

“About that. There aren’t really any mistakes. I asked one of the staff members to use one of his incantations and—”

Sieg could already guess what would come next.

“And a spell came out, right?” Sieg answered. “An incomparably strong one, nonetheless.”

“Yeah, it’s just as my master said. After casting 【Rock Bullet】……”

Rebecca trailed off for a moment.

“Stop beating around the bush!”

“It split the giant boulder in the training room in two,” Rebecca finished.

His eyes widened into saucers. And it made sense why. The giant boulder in the training room was extremely sturdy and many often used it to test their spells on. No matter how many 【Rock Bullets】were fired off, it would only leave a couple of scratches.

“There’s no way.”

“I agree. Maybe a fissure happened to appear at the same time?”

“Several rock bullets rotated and struck the boulder at extremely high speeds. That doesn’t sound like a coincidence to me. And it was the same with the other spells. Although a bit difficult to control, they all exhibited effects that can’t be classified as any type of known magic.”

That Grey is becoming a bigger monster with every passing minute.

“I won’t pay any heed to the spells that some scoundrel came up with. He should try to get closer to the spells that our founder, the great emperor, came up with!”


A silence descended onto the room once again. It’s not like the vice principal was saying anything weird, rather, that was how everyone regarded magic up until now. Everybody was taking her words with a grain of salt. Even Sieg, who often strayed from the path of common sense, could barely believe his ears.

“The spirit of magic is talented magicians training themselves until they reach the quintessence of that spell, incantation revocation [1], isn’t it?” one professor asked.

“Wha! That’s—” the vice principal cried out, but nobody him any heed and instead patiently waited for Rebecca’s response.

“No, that’s not true. He laid out three points in his answer to the final question. They’re all difficult to understand, but extremely interesting. This next theory, especially, rattled me to the core.”

“And that is?”

Sieg wanted to hear it, but he felt a heavy unease pounding on his heart that threatened to grind the beliefs he had held up until now down to dust.

Rebecca cleared her throat and began reading aloud the answer.

“‘Incantation revocation is undoubtedly the peak of any spell. However, it would be hasty to presume that this means a spell casted with an incantation is inferior, as understanding the words behind the magic ritual from a spell with an incantation may vastly change the nature of the spell. Maybe these incantations, which are constantly evolving, hold the key to the truth beyond science, the so-called source of knowledge.’”

He didn’t really understand what Grey meant by science, but if incantation magic really has that kind of nature, they may need to change the very fundamentals in which we see magic.

“There’s a report at the bottom,” Rebecca added with a strange look on her face. I feel like my common sense is going to be shattered once more.

“Isn’t that about his thoughts over the spells that his Majesty, the first emperor, had thought up?” one professor asked.

Obtaining even the name of the King of Magic, the first emperor had invented several spells. Over time, only the names of these legendary spells remained. Currently, the academy had a custom to ask the examinees’ thoughts over these spells.

“Yes,” Rebecca replied. “That’s there too.”

After that, she said no more, and everyone in the room soon found out why.

“No……did he recreate it?”


“Impossible! But that’s lost magic!?”

The blonde-haired battle magic instructor with a crew cut shot up and slammed the table after Rebecca wordlessly nodded.

“I get why you don’t believe me. I, myself, can barely even believe I’m saying these words.”

Rebecca’s hand twitched.

“Give me a break! If that’s true, then we shouldn’t be sitting here debating about whether to pass him or not!” he replied before beginning to storm off.

“Where are you going?”

“Do I really need to say?”

“To beg for his teachings?”

“Then let me ask you this. Is there any other option?”

“Do you really think you’ll be forgiven if you break your code of chivalry?” spat the vice principal.

A vein bulged on his forehead as he began to rattle on, before the battle magic professor shot back, “This isn’t a knight school, but a magic knight academy. You old knights need to keep your mouths shut!”

Having been alienated from the other professors for the first time, the vice principal flapped his mouth in surprise.

“Although, personally inviting someone who knows the details behind lost magics over to my academy is sure to bring about backlash,” said the old professor with black hair.

“So that really was your intention?”

“And you’re different?” the battle magic professor shot back.

The professors looked around with wry smiles.

“Are you planning to turn your back on the emperor emeritus’s wishes!?” the vice principal stood up and shouted. Certainly, to the emperor emeritus who ascribes to the lineage above all ideology, he’d need to eliminate any heathens like Grey.

“No, Grey had unmistakably been acting on his own during the martial arts exam. He fails. That’s fine with everyone, right?”

Everyone silently agreed. It looks like everybody was thinking the same thing Sieg was. Yes, everybody except for one.

“Hm, then that’s fine.”

The vice principal crossed his arms and, as if his wailing before were all but a lie, meekly returned to his seat.

Now, things would get busy from here on out. Sieg would have to somehow persuade that monster in human clothing, not to mention the emperor and the prime minister. He’d need to be prepared from any resistance on the emperor emeritus faction as well.

Yes. Sieg and the others were trying to do something incomparably more difficult that pass him. Still, this was an obstacle they’d have to face for both the future of the empire and the development of magic.

“I’ll show you!”

Sieg steeled himself and bounded out of the conference room.

[1] Previously translated as chant revocation, but I feel like incantation has been a much more suitable word with these recent chapters.



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  1. The vice principal’s sturbboness isn’t that far from how scientists and educators in our world think: if it isn’t established knowledge or knowledge they came up with, then it either doesn’t count or should be ignored or even ridiculed.

    Example: quantum physics took forever to be treated seriously, the establish scientists treated those who studied it as almost crazy people.

    1. Indeed its a completely understandable and realistic response when you consider it in that light. Im still unsure as to why Grey needs to attend the academy. As they said hes more knowledgeable than the faculty theres not much he could gain from it knowledge wise that he couldnt get easier elsewhere.

      1. I believe its to get his own territory after he was given a new title. Its more of a formality thing as he has already upset the noble world, obviously he has also kept his capacity for magic largely secret and only really showed his worth as a tactician, the only instance publicly is him harming the hero severely which may have been under reported or misreported due to the noble who tried to interfere with him so that information could have just been chalked up as a rumor to the powers that be.

    1. How so? I’m still trying to figure out how I want to translate this so any tips or pointers would be much appreciated!

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