Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 3

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Sage Luarno’s Tutelage

Volume 4 Chapter 3

Sage Luarno’s Tutelage

Five months had passed since I was admitted to Ifrus Academy of Magic.

A year in this world is equivalent to ten months, so I can say that half a year has already elapsed.

The wedding reception for Tina and Leaffa was planned for next month, but before that, we have an upcoming event in the academy.

It was a special lecture by Sage Luarno Vell Ifrus.

Every half-year, only one class section has the privilege to attend the lesson personally conducted by the Headmaster. It has to be the class with the most excellent grades.

It is a very rare opportunity to be taught directly by a Sage.

This time around, our class was selected for that event, which even the professors in the academy covet.

I heard that a lot of students enroll in this academy with the aim of participating in the Sage’s lecture.

By the way, the criteria for selecting the qualifying class were as follows: number of wins in matches, results of every examination, as well as the achievements during the one-month excursion.

We were constantly victorious in the battles against the upperclassmen, and we also passed our examinations with flying colors. 

Not only that, we did save Alheim during our trip, so indubitably, no one contested that we got the top marks.

And so, Sage Luarno came to our current classroom.

“This class was able to achieve such unprecedented success during this half-year period. You did well in saving Alheim during your excursion. His Majesty was also exceedingly pleased.”

It appears that the Elf King wrote a letter of gratitude to the Glendale Kingdom regarding the matter of us saving their country.

He also included Leaves of Yggdrasil as proof of amity.

The king was ecstatic, and so he ordered the headmaster to reward us.

“I am supposed to grant you rewards under the direction of His Majesty, the King. If it is the usual occasion, I conduct the class for the highest-ranking section for one day only. I considered extending it to a week for you. Is that alright?”

What a marvelous reward.

We’ll receive lessons from a genuine Sage—the real deal, and it will be for one whole week.

There is no other prize greater than this for a learner of the magical arts.

It’s true that I am also a Sage, but in the end, it’s just because of the reincarnation privilege, so I got to change my profession.

I am compensating for my magical detection and manipulation. That’s why I can execute moderately strong magic. But if you ask me whether I can perform magic in its true essence, I definitely doubt that I can.

I know there’s plenty of room for strengthening my magic.

I want to grasp the true essence of magical arts. That’s the reason why I wanted to receive continuous lectures from Headmaster Luarno, the authentic Sage.

“Gramps, stop spouting stingy nonsense like ‘one week’; just come here regularly and teach us.”

Luke appealed to the Headmaster. Luke’s the grandson of Sage Luarno; however, even with that, it’s obviously impossible.

Headmaster Luarno is the only Sage in this Kingdom. Not only does he run the whole Academy, but he also bears the burden of defeating monsters that those ordinary soldiers and adventurers cannot slay. In fact, he is summoned for subjugating S-ranked demons, in particular.

It’s already a miracle for such a busy man as Headmaster to free up his schedule and teach us for a week.

“I guess it can’t be helped since it’s a request from my grandson. Alright, from now on, I’ll show up once a week.”


Soft, too soft, Headmaster!

He’s a real softie towards his grandson.

Will that be alright?

Well, I’m elated about this, though.

“In return, I’ll have you help me in slaying monsters, any problem with that?”

Headmaster turned the tables and laid out his terms.

Just by helping him defeat monsters, we’ll be able to learn under him? Then with pleasure, we’ll— 

Hmm? Wait a minute… 

Demons that require summoning THE Sage Luarno in order for them to be defeated?

O, obviously, aren’t those S-ranked demons!?

“Okay, Gramps.”


Don’t agree so readily on your own!!!

“Luke, wait! Those monsters are on a level that they require the Headmaster to be summoned, you know? Be more cautious!”

“Eh, but if you rephrase it, aren’t they just demons that Gramps can defeat, right? With Halt and Teacher Tina with us, we won’t lose for sure.”

W, what the heck are you talking about?

“Hmm, that’s true. If we consider magical versatility, I am proud to say that I am still the preeminent expert in the world. However, in terms of simple combat ability, Halt and Tina are superior. As for single-shot attacks, Luke might be a cut above me.”

Luke looked flattered after being acknowledged by his grandfather.

“Demon subjugations might be a great experience for them. I believe it would be good to accept that proposal.”

Looks like Tina also agreed with the Headmaster’s plan.

Defeating S-ranked monsters might be a great experience, you say… 

“Above all, there is no better learning experience for everyone other than being lectured by Sage Luarno on a regular basis.”

“W, well, you do have a point…”

“To tell you the truth, I am old. Destroying high-ranking monsters is getting arduous. With that, I would like to rely on you from now on.”


“I will hand everything I know to you. And from now on, you will be the ones to protect the peace of this world.”

“W, world!?”

The topic suddenly got out of hand.

What’s the meaning of this?

“Actually, we have gathered people who have the potential to become the force that will protect the world—all in this class. Elves, Beastkin, Dragons, Demon, Spirits, and Humans—I made it so that a representative with potential from each race will enroll all at the same time.”

Headmaster faced each of us in turn as he continued talking.

I see.

So that’s why different races gathered in this class.

By the way, apart from humans, there is no age restriction for admission to the magic academy.

It is highly probable that the admission of Luke, the Sage’s grandson and a promising candidate from the human race, was coordinated with that of his potential comrades.

“Not only that, Heroine Tina Harivell came to me with the request of becoming a professor, and that accelerated my plan. Originally, I intended to groom you all when you reach your Fifth Year, but…”

Headmaster choked on his words.

“I did not expect that you would attain the top rank while still in your first year… All of you are a little divergent, yes?”

Yeah, I also thought that way.

“However, since you already have the aptitude necessary for training, it would be best to hone you now. I did say that I was giving in to Luke’s request, but the truth is, I have already decided to train you regularly. “

“So that’s how it is.”

Apparently, Tina didn’t know either.

“Of course, I’m still entrusting the responsibility for this class onto Tina from now on. However, grasping the essence of magic will make you stronger by another level. I want you to learn about it during my classes.”

“Yes!” (all)

In this way, it was decided that we will be studying under the Great Sage Luarno in order to obtain the power to protect the world.


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