The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 12

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Katariona Creates a Gazebo

After polishing Toruka-sama’s shell, I read a book called “The Structure of Buildings,” which I borrowed from our library, in order to create the gazebo.

Incidentally, Leon’s coat of fur is shiny and a glossy silver thanks to Marie’s brushing.  Marie promptly cast some “purification magic” on the brush and thoroughly brushed Leon, while enjoying his mofumofu.

“I’ll start brushing your hair tomorrow with the addition of ‘purification magic’.”

Marie holds up the brush and is very excited. I’m proud of my silver hair, which is said to be straight and beautiful, just like my mother’s.

I had created the brush and cleaned Toruka-sama’s shell together with Marie. Toruka-sama was happy to bathe in the water, and Leon seemed to be pleased with his lustrous fur.

The structure of the summer pavilion is a simple building with no walls, only pillars, and a roof for the purpose of viewing. It is also called a gazebo. 

I see. This looks easy enough. There should be a table and chairs in the center, and the shape should be ……. Let’s make it circular. The fountain is also circular, so it will fit in with the Rose Garden.

The pillars stretch out in a circular shape and form a roof as the magic power is sent into the compartment that was left open for the pavilion. Inside, a round table is surrounded by chairs. The materials are wood.

“What do you think?”

“It’s lovely. Miss.”

As I stepped into the gazebo, I could smell the woody scent. Success.

“Rio has bad taste in embroidery, but she does have good taste in architecture.”

I never had any girl power anyway. If I embroidered, I would end up embroidering bizarre flowers. However, I enjoy making things that don’t require any color sense.

“It’s lunchtime, so let’s have lunch. Desserts are strawberry tarts.”

I’ve been waiting for this!It’s the strawberry tart. I’m so looking forward to it~

Today’s menu consisted of a roast beef and lettuce sandwich and an egg and cheese sandwich. Then some fruit and a nice cold cup of tea. And a strawberry tart!

All the lunches spread out on the newly created gazebo table looking delicious. The strawberry tart looks particularly glorious.

“It’s delicious. Thank you for the meal!”

 After sitting down on a chair, I first picked up a roast beef sandwich.

“Ooh, it looks delicious! I want some, too~”

 Flair-sama came into the gazebo. She looks beautiful today as well. 

“You said you’d only come here occasionally, yet now you show up every single day.”

Leon bitterly snaps at Flair-sama with a mixed gaze filled with disgust and shock. 

“I’m here because I want to see Rio.”

Flair-sama gives me a tight hug and plops down to sit next to me. 

“Isn’t it fine, Leon? Food tastes better when you eat it together with everyone.”

“It will decrease my portion.”

“Leon is so narrow-minded. You’re so stingy even though you’re a god.”

“It’s okay. I’ve prepared extras for occasions such as this.”

I remember her holding two big baskets. As expected of Marie. Always thoroughly prepared. 

“Oi. Let me have some.”

The Dark God emerges out of Flair-sama’s shadow. 

“Here you go. Please enjoy the meal.”

Marie prepares tea for each person, with Toruka-sama by her side.

“I want you to treat me to some, too- zozozo”

“It’s been a while Old Man Water God. I heard that you were on a journey in the sea, when’d you return?”

Toruka-sama went on a journey around the sea? Shall I ask him about it later?I’ve never been to the sea. 

“Umumumumumu-zozozo. I stopped here on my way to the royal capital when I felt the presence of pleasant water-zozozo”

Toruka-sama told Flair-sama that he had made Marie a member of his family and had decided to stay in this fountain. 

“To be able to spot Rio’s personal maid, you’ve got a good eye.”

“This meal is delicious. Did you make this?”

The Dark God asks Marie as he eats a roast beef sandwich. 

“Yes. I’m glad it fits your tastes.”

“You, won’t you become a member of my family? Prepare a meal for me every day. “

Dark God, that sounds like a proposal.

“Water turtle. . . god……I’m a member of Toruka-sama’s family, thank you for the offer, but I cannot become the Dark God’s family member.”

“Then, I shall impart to you [dark magic] as your second mana.  It’s been about 300 years since I’ve bestowed magic to a human.”

Do you really want to eat Marie’s cooking that badly?It’s true that Marie’s cooking is delicious; it’s on par with our head chef. 

“It won’t show up on appraisal. However, can I really handle something as terrifying as [dark magic]?”

“[Dark magic] itself is not anything to be afraid of. For example, if my master is in danger, I can cross the shadows and rush to them instantly.”

Her ears perked up again. 

“I’m in! Please grant me [dark magic]”

The dark god gives a meaningful smile. He purposefully said that. I’m sure of it.

“After the meal, I’ll grant you the spell. And you should think of a name for me.”

“Yes. This way, if Miss is in danger, I can rush to her immediately!”

 ……Marie. Just where are you heading to? I’m starting to worry about Marie’s future.

I managed to get the strawberry tart I had been waiting for. I then proceeded to cut it into bite-sized pieces and popped it into my mouth. The sweetness of the strawberries and custard cream matched perfectly with the moist tart dough.

“Mm. Delicious!Strawberry tart is indeed the best!”

“Oh, so it’s made from those red berries! They’re delicious!”

“It’s really delicious. As expected, I want you in my family.”

“She’s a member of my family-zozozo. It’s very good-zozozo.”

“I didn’t know strawberries could be used to make these pastries. Rio, you should create some more.”

The gods seemed to like the strawberry tart. Then let’s create strawberry plants with fruits again today.

* * * * *

After lunch, the God of Darkness bestowed “Dark Magic” to Marie. There was a dark aura around Marie as she knelt down, will she be okay?

“Have you thought of a name for me?”

“Yes. How about Daaku-sama?

“Yes. That’s a good one. Oh, and sis’s favorite girl, Rio, right? I’ll allow you to call me by my name as well.”

 The God of Darkness, …… Daaku-sama puffs out his chest and turns his face away. The gesture is so cute, it’s like a child trying to look grown-up. However, he’s a god, so I’m sure he’s not as young as he looks.

““Thank you very much, Daaku-sama. I am looking forward to working with you.””

Marie and I do a curtsy together.

“Brother! No, it’s Daaku. I’ve always told you to call me sister, not sis!”

Flair-sama drops a fist on Daaku-sama’s head. They’re very close, aren’t they?

“It smells so good.”

I hear a voice in the wind. Is this a pattern!?

A boy about sixteen years old appears from a small whirlwind. When the boy shakes his head, his light blue hair, which was disorganized, shakes.

“Wind God, huh? That’s unusual. I didn’t expect you to stop.”

I knew it was a god! All gods appear out of nowhere, don’t they?

“Forest God? You’ve returned to your original form? That’s good.”

The Wind God is laughing wildly and slapping Leon on the back. Leon’s fluffiness is in danger!

“No. I only stopped by because I smelled a fragrant, sweet scent with a hint of sourness.”

Is it the strawberries? I pluck a strawberry and offer it to the God of the Wind.

“Is it the scent of these strawberries?

He takes the strawberry in his hand and smells it.

“Here, here. This is it. Are they called strawberries? Can I eat this?”

“Yes, you can eat them. Please try it if you like.”

When he threw the strawberry into his mouth, the Wind God opened his eyes.

“It’s delicious! I’d like another one ……, no 5, no maybe more!”

I hurriedly pluck the strawberries and deliver them to the Wind God.

“Ah~that was delicious! Thank you for the food! “

As I waved my hand, another whirlwind came up and the Wind God left.

“Ah, why’d that fellow come here?He’s as busy as usual.”

With a suspicious look in his eyes, Leon gazed at the area where the whirlwind had occurred. 


TL Note: Hey, so I previously sorta skipped out on Flair’s honorifics (the -sama.) I thought it’d be fine. Well, what do you know, I got some more gods popping up, and so I’ll just stick with the -sama after all. Well~ I hope you guys enjoy the chapter. 😛
P.S. I didn’t get a response from my editor. . . so I edited it. Please excuse any grammar mistakes.

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  1. When Rio internally comments on Daaku’s age shouldn’t it be that she thinks he must be older than he looks not younger?

    1. Ah well, I just meant that his appearance doesn’t match his age. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll fix it~

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