Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 2

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Charles’s Ability

“I have returned.”

Tina arrived while I was chatting with Charles and Leaffa.

“Tina! Welcome ho—me!”

Charles greeted Tina.

“Charles-sama, you’ve come. It has been a while.”

“Yeah, it’s been ages! So, I heard you finally married Halt. Congratulations!”

Charles hugged Tina.

This person, won’t she be satisfied unless she clings to everyone?

“Thank you very much.”

“In the past, you always had a dreadful expression as you glared at me whenever I played with Halt. It’s quite a relief that you’re together with Halt now.”

“Y, you noticed!?”

S, so it was like that.

“You were like ‘I won’t hand Halt over, ever!’, you know. Ah, but since you got hitched, Tina got Halt now.”

“Yes, Halt-sama IS already mine now.”

Tina beamed triumphantly.

“Dear Tina, hold your horses. Having been wed to my beloved brother means Tina is part of MY family now. And the properties of family members are possessions of the whole ménage. It is not an exaggeration to say that Halt is mine.”

W, what’s with that reasoning!?

No matter how you think about it, it’s pure nonsense!

“What? Hmph!”

Tina, no need for ‘hmph’. There’s no way that’s true, you know.

“My elder sister can be considered as a beauty so long as she keeps her mouth shut, so I presume you are quite popular. So, could you please detach yourself from your dear brother?”

“Halt, you said I’m a beauty!”

Wait, did you manage to grasp only that part?

Your selective hearing is quite impressive.

“Actually, I already received a lot of proposals. Most of the people requesting my hand were just aiming for the Count’s properties, or else they were only looking at my face. The rest were trash who harbored perverted thoughts.”

“My elder sister truly is gifted with discernment since long ago. It is only natural that they cannot be your opponent when it comes to exposing ulterior motives.”

“Well, rather than discernment, you can say it’s a skill. I know exactly what the other person is thinking.”


What a staggering revelation!

Tina and Leaffa also looked stupefied.

Eh, wait, so does that mean… up to now, she was not merely reading my reactions?

“That’s right. It’s a single person at a time, but I can grasp what that person is thinking.”

I was seen right through.

“…Is this for real.”

“It is for real. It’s the [Telepathic Perception Skill]. Ultra-rare, isn’t it?”

Of course.

I don’t think you can find psychic mind readers loitering around.

“By the way, the only ones who know regarding this matter are our parents, the royalty of this kingdom, as well as you, my dears, so keep it a secret, okay.”

Hey! Don’t spout out such valuable information so lightly!

Eh, wait? If the royalty knows about it, then…

“As expected, you’re sharp, Halt. I’m working in the National Bureau of Intelligence. Even if there are spies who do not succumb to torture and won’t spill their secrets, it doesn’t matter to me.”

So that’s why she was treated so preciously by this kingdom.

“Ah, the only one I ‘read’ in our family is Halt, since long before, so Tina and Leaffa don’t have to worry.”

Eh, why would you read only me!?

Hm, wait… 

Since long before?

M, meaning, she discovered that I am a reincarnated person?


While laughing, Charles drew closer and whispered to my ear.

“Do not worry. About that matter– I never spilled it to anyone else.”

Aahh, what the heck.

I’ve been exposed thoroughly to Charles.

Tina knew, but I still haven’t told Leaffa.

For my own sister to uncover the truth…

Hmmm, so what should I do now?

Leaffa became my wife, so I don’t think I’ll be in an unfavorable position with her.

That’s why— 

“Leaffa, I also want to tell you my secret.”

And so, I told her.

That I’m a reincarnated person— 

That the Evil God cast a curse on me— 

And because of that curse, this is my current power— 

I talked to her about all of these.

“Evil God… So he did exist. However, that explains Halt’s anomalous power. It can be said that Halt possesses infinite mana.”

Leaffa believed in me.

Well, she did witness my actual magic.

“I will never tell a single soul about what I heard now. However, if there is a person possessing the same [Telepathic Perception Skill] as Elder Sister, then Halt’s matter will be exposed.”

Leaffa seemed to be regretting that she listened to my spiel.

The people who knew I am reincarnated were the Headmaster of the academy of magic—the Sage Luarno Vell Ifrus, Heroine Tina, my elder sister Charles, and Leaffa—a total of four.

Charles graduated from the academy of magic as summa cum laude, and she won’t be taken captive by enemies easily, right? Besides, she works at the National Bureau of Intelligence, so I guess she has her own guard.

With that, out of the four of them, Leaffa’s the one with the least fighting ability.

That’s why she was scared that when captured, she won’t be able to hide my matter from the enemy.

“No worries, even if everything we talked about leaked out, there’s no problem. Besides, I’ll protect Leaffa.”


“Hyu~ Hyu~ so hot! If somebody captures me, save me too, okay.”

I just said something amazing, but Charles poked fun at me.

“Elder sister can do something about it yourself.”

I’ll treat her a little coldly.


Charles sulked.

You reap what you sow.

“Ah, by the way, it seems your wedding reception will be held next month.”

“Is that so.”

I’m relieved not to be told that it’ll be held the next day, like what happened when we were in Alheim.

I’m the son of the Count, so even if I’ll be moving out from the Count’s family, a reception party is still essential if we’re going to announce it to the nobles.

Charles’s real purpose was to relay this information to me.

Afterward, Charles returned after giving us the schedule for dress-fitting and other stuff.

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