When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 32.2

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VIP area.

The stadium’s auditorium is distributed like this; The lowest level is the civilian area, which is the largest and the cheapest. The second floor is the aristocratic area, and the fare is at least ten times that of the civilian area.

As for the third floor with better visibility, there is no charge. The positions here are reserved for the big names of the Mohe Kingdom. How can the privileged class be charged?

His Majesty the King and his new envoy, occupy the fourth floor with the best view.

And there is a screen in front of them.

His Majesty the King introduces, “Among these children, I am most optimistic about the children of the Feng Family and the Long Family.” The match between Feng Linlin and Long Tian.

But… he shakes his head again. “The opponents right now… are too weak to look at.”

Although the alchemy contest ends after a fair battle usually, to His Majesty the King, he can see the winner by looking at the participants’ faces and their refining postures.

The envoy stays cold and doesn’t speak. Born in the Daqing Empire, he has a high vision and feels that these people are too low-level, unremarkable. He thought he could see some exciting battles, but surely enough, a small place is a small place.

The envoy’s gaze narrows and he stops the scrolling screen on the 39th arena. “Is this… abstained?”

He determines that these people are very low-level and he won’t be able to see any wonderful contests, so he focuses his attention elsewhere.

He just saw a contestant walk into the time dilation space, glance at his opponent, and then leave the space looking pale.

His Majesty the King also notices, and is very dissatisfied: “Even as a pill master, they don’t have the slightest concept of hard work. When they meet a strong enemy, they flinch.”

Of course he’s very dissatisfied. All the people who come to the competition are his Mohe people. If the people are good, he is naturally shameless, but right now he’s still in front of the special envoy of the Daqing Empire.

The point is that if you say that the opponent is very strong, it’s fine, but just look at that opponent’s alchemy technique- this one is also a weak chicken.

All those who come to participate in the Shengdu contest are geniuses in some way. If they know that they are out of reach, they would still try to the bitter end. His Majesty the King has seen such a coward for the first time after watching the test for so many years.

At this time, His Royal Highness the Prince, who announced the rules, comes back to rest, and as soon as he enters the door, he hears his father’s evaluation.

The prince glances at the screen subconsciously, and the corners of his mouth can’t help but twitch. He says to the king, “Father, it wasn’t a forfeit, the opponent has already finished refining.”

“How is this possible?” The king’s eyes stare hard at the arena. “Is it a second since he went in and out? Even if the time dilation has the effect of compressing time, it can never be so fast! You are so confused while still so young!”

“I’m done, this is the pill,” the contestant says.

The king says nothing. His face hurts.

( ^ face hurts = got face slapped/told off/proven wrong)

The Shengdu competition is much easier than imagined. Because of the flow of time, Kong Wuying no longer needs to wait until dark as he did the first time.

The test is over very soon.

On the second day, 150 falls to 50, and on the third day, 50 becomes 25. Both Kong Wuying and his students pass, it’s very dull.

The opponents are too easy and there is no way to really show off.

On the fourth day, the smooth wave through competition finally reaches a bump.

It’s not Kong Wuying but his student Chen Bin, he met the most powerful champion of the competition, Long Tian.

Chen Bin was the last person in the class before Kong Wuying arrived. He was silent and unwilling. In simple terms, timid. After Kong Wuying, the situation was a little better, and even when being assessed by Danta, he got good grades, but his cowardly nature did not change.

In this case, when encountering Long Tian, ​​this situation was nerve wracking. Everyone is sweating for him.

Yuan Ruo asks, hands to her cheeks, “Why did it happen when it was 25 to 13 style? If he passed today, it’ll change from the elimination system to the points system.” 

Yes, only when they get a place in the later competition, can they be proud in front of their family.

“What did you say?” Feng Linlin glances at her, dissatisfied. “Our Xiao Bin is going to win, screw that Long Tian!” She turns to the arena. “What are you doing, Xiao Bin, I’m waiting to compete with you in the points race!”

(^ xiao = small/young/familiar term of address)

“Yes, yes!” Everyone cheers for Chen Bin.

“Screw Long Tian!”

“Make him into dragon scale shoes!”

(^ Long = dragon)

“The teacher taught us for so long, we’ve gotten stronger than before!”

That being said, everyone knows the result.

They all come from the Shengdu family. They have heard of Long Tian’s name- from their parents, when being scolded for not being good enough. This Long Tian person has been an abomination to other people’s children since his childhood.

At the age of five he became a first division master.

At the age of ten, he became a second division master.

When he was fifteen years old, he competed with a third division master, and not only returned with a victory, but the third division master also wanted to worship him as a teacher.

At the age of sixteen, the assessment to third division was successful. Everyone knew that he already had that strength, but he was dragging it out.

Now he is twenty-three years old. The strength is very close to the fourth division.

Even if it was Feng Linlin, who has the strongest alchemy talent among them, she still couldn’t measure up to Long Tian.

Compared with such people, normal folk can only say; there is still hope, do your best.

What if Long Tian has diarrhea today?

Although everyone is desperately comforting him, Chen Bin’s head is lower, his expression sullen and silent.

Feng Linlin hurriedly pushes Kong Wuying, who is drinking tea next to the students. “Teacher, please say something.”

Unable to drink tea because of the jostling, he raises his head when he hears the words, and says saltily, “Come on.”

Everyone throws up their hands. This, this, this, this… too perfunctory!

Unexpectedly, Chen Bin actually eats this kind of meal. He raises his head, his face flushed, and his fists clenched determinedly. “… Teacher, rest assured that for you, I will surely get the victory…”

The tone of resoluteness is completely different from the timid and shy tone of normal. 

Everyone is still wondering to themselves; what did the teacher say to make him confident enough?

Kong Wuying blinks. “Who are you?”

Chen Bin’s expression stutters. “Teacher…?”

Putting down the tea, Kong Wuying says, “You and I are not familiar with each other, so don’t use my banner for what you do, you are not qualified to do anything for me. Everything you do is for yourself, you. Life is all about yourself. Understand? Don’t drag me into it.”

Chen Bin freezes. “Teacher, you mean… how do I compare to you? Do you even care?”

“What’s that got to do with me?” Kong Wuying glances at the student strangely. He picks up the tea and seems to think of something. “Oh, actually, the president of the academy says I get a bonus for every student that gets to the ranking stage. So for my bonus, please work hard.”

Chen Bin: “…”

From the honor for the teacher, over to the bonus for the teacher, why is there no motivation at all?

The next day of the game, out of friendly care for his classmates, His Royal Highness the Prince pays special attention to Chen Bin’s game when he’s in the lounge.

Then he finds out that he can’t follow it.

His father and the new envoy, the ambassador, guards the game field of the 77th.

Turntable, that is absolutely not allowed.

Although it’s said that Teacher Ning practices alchemy quickly, the results are announced only when his opponent finishes as well, so His Royal Highness has to look at the teacher’s impatient face on the screen for a long while.

Although the teacher’s bonus was in Chen Bin’s mind last night, and the teacher’s bonus caused insomnia, Chen Bin finally won the competition.

Long Tian didn’t have diarrhea.

He also did not play abnormally.

His victory was so logical, and yet…

When Chen Bin gets qualified for the next game and steps off the stage, he’s still a little bit embarrassed. Was he already so strong?

In any case, the teacher’s bonus is finally saved.

Kong Wuying successfully defeats his opponent after a lot of waiting, and goes home. It’s dark when he returns, but the garden is lit.

Kong Wuying sneers as he storms in. “You finally came back?”


Standing in the garden, Xiao Yue freezes because this is the first time Kong Wuying has spoken to him in this tone.

Kong Wuying pauses. “Never mind.”

Damn Kongbao, causing him to recognize the wrong person.

After a moment of anger, Kong Wuying regains his light-hearted expression. “Is there something wrong?”

Xiao Yue shakes his head: “I’m here to remind Ning-ge, you have to be careful tomorrow.”

Then, he takes out a recording device and shows the image of a man, tall and mighty.

Kong Wuying thinks he looks a little familiar.

This man… seems to be the big man who sat in his place the first day.

“This person is named Bai Ping. He comes from Yunjin City. These battles are very low-key each time he beats his opponent, but he wins every time. He might be hiding his strength. According to our internal analysis, the strength of this person should be at the peak of the third division. If you want to win the championship this time, this person is the one who you should pay the most attention to.”

The others don’t have to worry about it. Ning-ge has five people in his class to enter tomorrow’s game. In addition, Ning-ge makes six people, occupying half of the participants, and the stadium will contract them regardless.

“I see, what else?” Kong Wuying asks. 

Xiao Yue shakes his head. “This is all the current information related to Bai Ping, this person is very mysterious, and we can’t investigate too much. In short, Ning-ge, be careful. I believe the final champion must be you!” 

Kong Wuying premises he’ll be careful and dismisses Xiao Yue. Xiao Yue is completely sincere to him. If he hasn’t been in a good mood recently, otherwise he would have talked to Xiao Yue more.


Bad mood? Why is he in a bad mood? That annoying Kongbao is gone, it’s a good thing!

He’s just unhappy that there’s no bean curd left.


Thinking of Yeying, Kong Wuying sighs. He really wants to go home. Mingguang, he really can’t stay here.

But now he is inferior in strength and Yeying respects strength, so he’d just run over to humiliate himself if he left now.


The more he can’t go back, the more he thinks about it. Since his rebirth, people related to Yeying he’s met has only been one stupid fat man and the annoying Kongbao.

What’s the name of that fat man?

Bai Heng?

Kong Wuying glances again at the recording device in his hand.

This big man is called Bai Ping.


No, no, no. This is just a common name, he must be thinking too much.

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