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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 1

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Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Halt’s Elder Sister Charles

We went back to Glendale’s Ifrus Academy of Magic. Of course, we returned through the same teleportation portal we used earlier.

The month-long educational excursion was finally over.

Looking back, a lot of things happened during our one-month stay at Alheim.

First, I made a pact with Sylph, the Spirit King of Wind. 

I managed to obtain the super-rare item, Leaves of Yggdrasil, and a lot of them too. We did a walk-through (?)* of the dungeon of Yggdrasil. 

I discovered that the majority of my classmates could fly.

I also became the champion of the tournament. Sarion, who served Tina’s family in the past, was strong.   

Tina shared her past with me.

Won the battle against Apristos,

Defeated Demon Amon.

Obtained Hakoku, Alheim’s national treasure.

And, got married to Tina and Leaffa.

Yeah, it was a jam-packed month.

By the way, Hakoku was too enormous to lug around, so I requested the shining Uncle—Mai and Mei’s father—to store it in the Realm of the Spirits.

Old Man marked the coordinates of the place where Hakoku is stored with a teleportation circle, so I can pull it out wherever I am. 


We’re back to my mansion inside the academy. Tina went to report our safe return and the kind of life that we led when we were away. She told me that my contract with Sylph would be kept a secret. Would they really believe that I participated in the war and won, for that matter?

Youko, Mai, and Mei were chilling out in their respective rooms.

Leaffa made me a cup of tea, and I was just settling down when somebody came to our mansion.

“Halt, long time no see!!”

“Elder sister.”

When I opened the door, Charles, my sister, was standing there. As usual, it’s difficult to believe that this beauty is my flesh-and-blood sis.

She’s a little bit lacking (unfortunately) in the chest aspect, though.

“My beloved brother, where are you staring? Is there something that you want to say?”

Oops, as expected from big sis. She already read what I wanted to say with just a glance.

“No, I have nothing to say. By the way, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

I tried to forcibly change the topic.

“You, I heard you got married.”

“Oh, so it seems that you have heard the news.”

Most likely, Mother already told her.

‘Halt, I’m so sad. You always told me that you’d marry me someday.”

Charles hugged me as she said that. Yeah, it really is lacking, compared to Tina.

“Hey you, you’re thinking something really rude right now, yes?”


Can Charles read my mind?

“Elder sister, there is no way we can get married. We are family.”

I tried to steer the subject again.

“As long as there is love, that hurdle can be crossed!”

Eh? Is this person really like this before? I know she loved to stick to me, but… was it to this extent?

“Excuse me, Halt. What happened?”

Leaffa became worried since I took so long to return, so she came to see what’s going on.

“Ha, Halt! Who is this gorgeous Elf!?”

Charles’ face turned red as she stared at Leaffa.

“I will introduce her. This is the Leaffa, Second Princess of the Elf Kingdom of Alheim, and the one I was married to just recently.”

“I am called Leaffa. Nice to meet you.”




While screaming like that, Charles hugged Leaffa.

Leaffa stood there, bewildered at the sudden turn of events.

“So cute, too cute! Young lady, will you marry me? Even if I look like this, I’m earning quite a lot, you know.”

What a quick change of heart.

Rather than that…

“Elder sister, Leaffa is already my wife. Besides, that seems so painful, so kindly release her.”

“Mu, can you give her to me?”


There’s no way I can hand her over, right.

I pulled Leaffa from Charles.

“Ahm, and this is?”

“My elder sister, Charles.”

“Oh my, so it is sister-in-law! Just a while ago, Halt and I got married. From now on, please treat me well.”

Leaffa respectfully bowed.

“…elder sister-in-law, is it. Ha! In other words, you’re my younger sis-in-law!”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Well done, Halt!!”

And why might that be?

—while I was thinking, Charles hugged Leaffa again.

“For me to have a younger sister, that’s as cute as you—I’m so happy!!

Charles seems really satisfied.

Leaffa looked perplexed.

I’m a little bit happy that Charles is getting along with her sister-in-law Leaffa. It’s because we’re all a family. I want them to get along with each other from now on.

“Elder sister, please let go of Leaffa. You have come all the way here, so please come in.”

Charles, who wouldn’t release Leaffa, was half-pulled, half-dragged toward the drawing-room.


“Leaffa, you are so cute. I have a sister now. Fufufu.”

Charles kept on grinning. It’s quite disgusting.

“Elder Sister, have a cup of tea.”

“Thank you, Leaffa!”

Charles pulled Leaffa and made her sit beside her. Ordinarily, Leaffa should be sitting beside me, isn’t it?

Charles asked after she calmed down a bit, “So, Halt, did you decide on your family name?”

The aristocrats of this world pass on their titles to their heirs. 

My eldest brother will inherit the name Silveray.

The aristocratic children who are not successors cannot use their family names upon marriage, and they have to take upon them a new family name. I consulted everyone, and we decided on our own surname.

“It will be ‘Elnor’. I am Halt Elnor now.”

“So it’s Elnor. Sounds great. What does it mean?”

“In Elf language, it means star of fire. Another meaning is Elven Flames. Halt’s good with fire magic, so we decided to use this,” Leaffa explained.

“I see. Halt does use flames. Ah, by the way, Leaffa’s hometown is Alheim, yes? Didn’t Apristos attack it just recently? Is it alright?”

“Yes, Halt drove the enemies away, and so the country is safe. All of the citizens of Alheim feel deep gratitude toward Halt.”

Oy Leaffa, what are you babbling about.


See, Charles froze up.

Afterward, Charles made me tell her the whole story of the recent events through-and-through. 

Charles seems to possess the ability to see right through my thoughts, so she knew right away and pointed out if I was hiding something.

In the end, I revealed everything, including my contract with Sylph.

“Purifying a devil… as expected of Halt.”

Leaffa didn’t know anything about Amon, so she was also shocked.

“As expected of MY Halt!”

Charles was really puffed out with pride.

I’m not my sister’s.

I’m Tina and Leaffa’s—is what I wanted to say, but it seems like I won’t win in a verbal battle with Charles, so I just kept my mouth shut.


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