I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 111

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

After the Battle

That day, the image of the giant monster being defeated was broadcasted throughout the whole world, and every person that saw the phenomenon cheered with joy.

[Ligurian Sea Rescue Boat]

“He did it!!! Mr. Gojo defeated it!” yelled Arthur and Victor. This was also the first time that I experienced a feeling like this as well. Looking behind me I could also see Emily crying.

‘She’s finally able to let it all out’… I embraced Emily and once again turned to look towards the broadcast.

“It’s finally over, isn’t it Mr. Gojo.”


[United Nations Geneva’s Executive Office]

The members that had stood up before, all fell on their chairs as if having lost all strength.

“Thank god… Humanity somehow managed to survive.”

“However the problem from now on is that a lot of people will appear that will start doubting the United Nations.”

“To think that President Hans would disappear at a time like this… We have absolutely no clue as to where he might be.”

“A lot of bad rumors circulated about him either way. They’ll probably use this chance to dig up even more stuff.”

Afterwards it would be revealed that the research facility that President Hans was working with, was trapping and using Mutants in order to create weapons for Prometheus, the whole thing would become a huge scandal.

The Prometheus that was originally made in order to denounce Mutants, committed actions that completely went against its ideals, and it was precisely those actions that brought its downfall.


[Switzerland・Bern・The Sanctuary Knights’ Headquarters]

“He finally did it.”

Leo: At first I thought that it was impossible as well, however Gojo had managed to prove me wrong. Looking around I could see that all of the members of The Sanctuary Knights had shock showing on their faces.

“Leo, we’ll be pretty busy from now on won’t we?”

“I guess so, we also need to go to the United Nations and explain the situation to them as well. And the media will probably flock us as well, but if it’s just that then it’s going to be fine.”

‘And I also need to go and thank Gojo as well.’

“The appearance of this monster, I get the feeling that this time it was really set out to eliminate humanity… It almost felt like it was moving according to someone’s will.” said Alexander voicing out what I was thinking as well. It still wasn’t the time for us to let our guards down, rather the real fight could very well have just started.

“Either way, we must fortify The Sanctuary Knights. We should cooperate with Gojo and not let even the smallest change escape our sight.”

The members that were currently gathered here, in this point in time, made a new vow.


After going to the place where I defeated Vishnu, as I had expected, the candy was lying there on the ground. It’s like something was trying to tell me that these candies were essential. I picked it up and appraised it.

<Life’s Cradle> SSR

Drastically increases the owner’s life force.

“Life’s Cradle?”

‘I don’t quite get it, but I guess I’m going to need it for later battles… I mean I ended up using Dragon Blast as well…’

I didn’t like it at all, but I still ended up eating it. After which I look at my status…

HP 5397/5397 → 49876/49876

‘My HP really did increase drastically! It went up close to 10 times… But what exactly is the meaning of this?’ 

Thinking about that, I noticed that a change had occurred in another part of my status as well.

‘Did it get influenced by Life’s Cradle?’ 

My Unique Skill Ultra Recovery had experienced a change as well.

<Ultra Recovery (Ultra)>

‘Ultra Recovery… Ultra? What in the world is going on!?’ 

I decided to appraise it once more to see what had changed. 

The owner can completely regenerate even if he loses 99% of his body.

Thinking back to it Ultra Recovery was an amazing skill on its own, but looking at it now it’s on a whole new level. No matter how I looked at it, there was no way I could die.

Finishing up with appraising the skills, there was one more thing that I had to do.

Before fighting, I used a certain Class Slate. It was precisely the Alchemist Class Slate. It wasn’t a class that had anything to do with the fight, however I thought that it would be great if I could create weapons for the kids so I had decided to use it. Appraising myself once again I saw that…

Alchemist Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Alchemy Rank D → B

Acquired Skills:  Divine Protection (I) x 2 SP Increase (I) x 3

Alchemy’s rank had increased up to B. Using this chance I decided to take a look at my whole status.

Alchemist Lv 99

HP 49876/49876

MP ∞/∞

Strength 106,860

Defense 53,380

Magic Defense 23,300

Agility 56,370

Dexterity 5771

Wisdom 56,280

Luck 460,000

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: “Magician King”

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank A

Mapping Rank SSS Title: “Cavern King”

Magic Library Rank D

Swordsmanship Rank SS

Martial Arts Rank SSS Title: “Martial God”

Generate Rank C

Dismantle Rank C

Plunder Rank D

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS Title: “Monster Overlord”

Alchemy Rank B

Archive Rank D

Chi Control Rank A

Magic Sword Rank A

Protection Rank B

Light Protection Rank C

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation / Barrier / Armor of Sin

Infinite Magic Power / Ultra Recovery (Ultra) / God Speed

Gravity Manipulation / Peerless Strength / Dragon King’s Coffin

Complete State Immunity / God Eyes / Dragon Blast

Goddess’s Blessing / Immortality / Life’s Cradle

[Skills] [Magic]

Appraisal (XVII)     Wind Magic (XIX)

Detection (XXII)   Earth Magic (XVIII)

Strength Increase (XXX)   Fire Magic (XVIII)

Clairvoyance (XI)   Light Magic (XVI)

SP Increase (XI)       Summoning Magic (XXX)

Cold and Heat Resistance (XVI)         Lightning Magic (XXII)

Physical Resistance (X)         Water Magic (XVIII)

Magic Resistance (X)                       Dark Magic (XIV)

Magic Aptitude (XIII)   Strengthening Magic (XVI)

Growth Speed (XII)       Healing Magic (XIX)

Stealth (XII)

Agility (XXX)

Precise Repair (XI)

Coercion (VII)

Thought Acceleration (X)

Telepathy (VIII)

Hostility Detection (XIII)

Imitation (VIII)

Mind Defense (VI)

Divine Protection (XIII)


Divinity Type Vishnu SSS

Dragon God Hydra SSS

Rock Titan Titan SSS

Flaming Dragon King Shiva SS

Fairy Type Spriggan AAA

Beast Type Chimera AAA

Spirit Type Phoenix AA

Metal Giant Gigas A

Dragon Type Flying Dragon B

Metal Titan (Middle Rank) B

Rock Titan (Middle Rank) B

Human Titan (Middle Rank) B

‘It’s good that I managed to tame Vishnu, but will I even have the chance to use him? To be honest I don’t think I’ll even get the chance…’

With everything out of the way I used teleportation and went back to the monastery.


[Japan・Tokyo・Newspaper Company Yoshimoto]

“There’s no mistaking it. It’s him!”

“How did you find out?”

“A friend of mine is in the Self-Defense Forces. He really is Japanese! Apparently he’s a mutant called The Explosion Magician. He appeared around the time Japan’s BOSS was taken down.”

It seemed like Matsuda had friends in the Self-Defense Force and the Government, which he had used in order to gather information. With a number of contacts he had been able to confirm the validity of the information, and had already gotten the go to from the copy editor department.

“Are you announcing it in tomorrow’s morning paper?”

“Yes. We’ll be on time! Tomorrow’s headline will be a huge one! It will go like this: The Mutant’s Identity is Gojo Masakado!”


Noah: The following day the evacuation order was lifted so all of us went back to St. Victor Monastery. We were all kind of relieved because we were back to the place we called home, however there was still something weighing on our minds.

It was that Mr. Gojo’s name started appearing all over the news this morning.

Everyone was really worried about it. And in that moment――

“Oh, you’re back.”

“Mr. Gojo!?”

Mr. Gojo was leisurely sitting on a chair in the monastery’s lounge, like nothing had happened. When we went to see him, he stood up and smiled as he always did.

“Mr. Gojo, you.. are you hurt anywhere? Is everything okay?” asked Sara worriedly, to which Mr. Gojo responded with “I don’t even have a scratch.” 

I felt like he was just saying that in order to calm all of us down.

“I came back yesterday, but everyone had already evacuated. I got a little bit worried because there wasn’t anyone, however I knew that you’d come back eventually so I just waited.”

“Do you know that your name has been all over the news since this morning? Is everything okay?” I asked

“Yea I know. It will get a bit hectic for a while I presume.”

“Mr. Gojo, what do you plan on doing from now on?” asked the Sister. It was also the question that all of us were dying to know as well. 

If possible we would all want for Mr. Gojo to continue teaching in this monastery forever, but…

“I’m quitting starting today.”

“Is that so… I understand.”

Upon hearing those words I felt my strength leaving my body. It was probably the same for everyone else as well. Emily in particular…

“Mr. Gojo…”

“What is it Emily? You don’t need to cry. It’s not like we won’t see each other ever again.”


“When everything settles down, I’ll come again. Didn’t I promise you that I’d take you all to America and England? I’m a man of my word!”


Mr. Gojo got close to her and petted her head.

“Mr. Gojo, what will you do from now on? Are you going back to Japan?”

“I guess. If peace comes to be I’d like to retire somewhere deep in Japan’s mountains, however if new enemies appear I’ll definitely appear to vanquish them. So don’t worry and just live peacefully.” saying that Mr. Gojo turned around and picked up one from the numerous identical metal plates lying on the table behind him. 

After picking it up he came up to me and showed me the plate.

“Noah this is a present from me.”

“For me? What is this?”

“This is High Purity Mithril. I couldn’t make it up until now, however I think it will come in handy when making new armaments, so use it well.”

The plate was completely different from the Low Purity Mithril that we had been using up until now. Its glow showed that it was a completely different kind of metal. There were numerous armaments in the Magic Library that used this material so I was extremely happy.

“Thank you Mr. Gojo! In fact we have a present for you as well.”

“Really? For me!?”

Arthur took out a sword from the long and narrow bag that he was holding, and handed it over to Mr. Gojo. While we were in the Rescue Boat, we received help from the Blacksmith Twins and made it together.

“We don’t know if it will be of use, but take it.”

Mr. Gojo grabbed the sword and took it out of the scabbard. What came out was a single edged sword made from Dragon bones and scales as well as the rare metal that Mr. Gojo had gathered for us.

“Dragon Embers’ Sword… That’s what it’s called in the Magic Library.”

“It’s a fine sword. Thank you.”

We were all happy that Mr. Gojo liked the sword. It was at that moment that――

“Everyone! We have a problem!”

Mr. Phillip was yelling while running towards us.

“The media is in front of the monastery. The bell hasn’t stopped ringing…”

They had somehow found out that Mr. Gojo was working here, which led to a huge crowd gathering.

“It seems I’ll only cause trouble if I stay here any longer. I guess I’ll be leaving. Everyone don’t slack off on your studies!”

“But Mr. Gojo…”

“I’ll come visit you again. Well then take care everyone.”With that Mr. Gojo disappeared. It was only a short couple of months but Mr. Gojo had taught us a lot of things. Our connection with the teacher that we felt we could trust more than anyone else… came to an end just like that.

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