When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 32.1

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The special envoy Xu also feels that his request is a bit too difficult, and he coughs. “Just do your best, this one may not be in the Mohe Kingdom.”

Huo Ziying receives the portrait and asks with a straight face, “What other information do you have besides this picture? For example; what is the family name, the age, the body proportions?”

The emissary frowns, thinking for a while. “That person should be exactly twenty this year. As for the name, he should not use his real name, so I will bother His Royal Highness to pay more attention.”

Huo Ziying can’t help but look up at his father. After his father successfully pushed the blame-pot to the prince, the king now peers off towards a wall as if he has nothing to do with the conversation.

So Huo Ziying can only reluctantly say, “I will live up to the trust you’ve given me.” Damn, he only knows an age, and this portrait that looks like some kind of horror story.

Seeing that his son agrees, His Majesty regains his cheerful expression, and says to the special envoy, “Leave this matter to the children. Tomorrow will be our annual Mohe Kingdom alchemy contest, and the entire Mohe Kingdom’s geniuses will gather. I don’t know if the special envoy would be interested?”

“Naturally,” the envoy agrees readily.

Well, important errands are important, but taking some time to enjoy the scenery is also the hallmark of a good envoy.

The weather is good today. The sky is high, the air is clear, and the wind is light and cool. 

Within Shengdu, Qingyun Stadium.

At this time of the year, two hundred young alchemists from all parts of the Mohe Kingdom will gather here to compete for the highest honor.

The Mohe Kingdom occupies a million acres and has more than thirty cities. Naturally, there are not only two hundred young alchemists. Instead, these two hundred were previously selected from various regions. Only the best are eligible to participate in Shengdu.

Of course, as the natives of Shengdu, naturally there is no need to go through layers of selection, but usually there is only one slot for a single family, and only the best child can enter.

In the seventh class of Tianhong, there are as many as five students participating.

Except His Royal Highness, who is unable to participate, and Chen Fan, who can’t compete with his twin brother already being selected, the remaining students gather.

Of course, being able to study at Tianhong Academy is also a demonstration of their strength.

“Teacher, please rest assured, we will bring you back the championship.” Looking at the participant area close by, Feng Linlin raises a confident smile and pats her chest proudly.

“You can’t bring it back,” Kong Wuying says earnestly.

Feng Linlin wrinkles her good-looking nose. “Teacher, how can you pour cold water on us now? This competition is certainly for only the best masters, but we are your students, how could we lose?”

The other students don’t speak, but their faces say they’re in agreement.

They will never lose! Be sure to bring the championship back to the teacher, make it a performance, so that the teacher will stay for a long time!

All the students make such an aspiration at that moment.

“Okay, teacher, you can just stand here. I know you don’t worry about us, but the chicks must leave the eagle’s arms in order to spread their wings and fly high. Just wait and see!” Feng Linlin holds out her arms and goes for a hug. 

Kong Wuying skillfully avoids her hug, takes out the participant’s number plate that he has, and wonders, “What did you just say?”

Feng Linlin: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Feng Linlin hesiates. “Teacher, you also have to… join?”

Kong Wuying deadpans, “Of course. If it wasn’t for the Shengdu competition, why would I run to Tianhong to teach?”

As soon as this remark is made, all the students are stunned, including the most intelligent Yi Ren who could not have possibly predicted this.

“How does teaching at Tianhong have anything to do with the Shengdu competition?”

Kong Wuying explains, “To be able to learn something. Wait a minute, it seems that I haven’t learned anything. I was cheated.”

Everyone: “…”

The participants’ area is arranged according to the number plate everyone has been given. After leaving his students, Kong Wuying goes off to find his seat.

Since the Xiao family has been in decline for a long time, the seat is in the corner.

But the corner is also occupied.

A big, two-metre tall man sits there. His muscular body is not off-putting but between the opening and closing of his eyes, there is a kind of faint bloodlust and killing intent.

No one dares to approach and there’s a large radius of empty seats around him.

Of course, Kong Wuying is not a person who cares about these things. He is holding his number plate and walking towards the Dahan.

( ^ dahan = great cold/references the killing intent)

Seeing a thin little chicken walking towards the frightening big man, everyone feels a cold sweat appear, for fear of seeing flesh and blood flying later.

Kong Wuying stands in front of the Dahan and says lightly, “This is my position.”

The big man slowly raises his eyes to look at him. The eyes are cold.

Kong Wuying’s eyes are just the opposite, clear and calm like thousands of miles of clear sky.

The big man looks at his number plate, and then suddenly stands up.

Kong Wuying is not short, but the big man has completely blocked the light.

The big man frowns and his deep voice is like rolling thunder. 

“Sorry, I don’t know much about numbers. Can you tell me where the 66th seat is?” Dahan says apologetically. 

Kong Wuying silently shows him the way, and finally he’s taken back to his seat.

As soon as Kong Wuying sits down, someone rushes to his side and says to Kong Wuying, while wiping away a cold sweat, “You’re so brave. Once that person came, I didn’t dare sit down. I’m the 78th, Xiao Xiao, second division pill master.”

Kong Wuying hums.

Xiao Xiao doesn’t care about his indifference. He glances at the badge on the chest of Kong Wuying. “You are also a second division pill master evaluated by the Alchemy Association, that’s where I got mine too. Hey, actually, I wanted to go to Danta for the assessment but the tower collapsed, you know, so I could only go to the Alchemy Association. It was weird, such a big tower and it collapsed.”

The culprit that caused the Danta to fall: “…”

Xiao Xiao shakes his head and sighs, “I thought I passed the second division and got a good ranking but everywhere I look is a third division, so powerful! Not to mention the three favourites for this championship.”

Kong Wuying finally stops ignoring him. “Three favourites to win?”

Xiao Xiao is surprised. “You don’t know? There are three main champions in this competition. All three of them are famous and talented. They are very difficult to match. The first one is from Shengdu’s Feng family. The youngest lady in the family, Feng Linlin, is said to be only 17 years old this year.”

That’s his student.

“The second place is Jiang Chen of the Jiang family in Shengdu. It is said that although this person has some problems with his mind, his qualifications are absolutely brilliant.”

This is also his student.

“The last one is Master Longtian of Shengdu’s Long Family. It is said that when Master Longtian was born, he was full of vitality. He was already a third division alchemist at the age of sixteen. It is said that he’ll go to the Daqing Alchemy Academy this year. It’s a college in the Daqing Empire!”

This one… I don’t know.

During the introduction between Xiao Xiao and Kong Wuying, all the contestants finished their admission.

The lottery determines the competition order and opponents. The competition sequence of all participants will be displayed on the central screen.

The host of this Shengdu competition is His Royal Highness, and with him announcing the start of the game, the atmosphere of the entire stadium becomes unprecedentedly warm.

The prince looks around and finds Kong Wuying. “77 and 78, who is 78?”

Xiao Xiao pauses. “… it’s me.”

Unexpectedly, friends who have just met, will soon be playing against each other in the arena.

The contest with Xiao Xiao goes smoothly.

Because alchemy is a very time-consuming thing, in order to speed up the process of the game and maintain the enthusiasm of the audience, the contest has deliberately used a time dilation battlefield. 

The flow rate between inside and the actual time is ten to one, which means that ten hours have passed inside, and one hour has passed outside. This is indeed quite a difference.

But it’s all for nothing. Is there a difference between 3 seconds and 0.3 seconds?

It turns out that there are still differences.

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