The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 11

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Marie Becomes a Member of the Water God’s family

Charlotte has no attributes? That can’t be… But, the Darkness God wouldn’t lie. 

“She said… Charlotte had indeed confirmed that she had been given light magic by the Light God himself, though.”

(*You might be saying that the god of light is actually a goddess, so she’s lying, but the term for god in Japanese is gender-neutral, so sadly, that doesn’t count as evidence T.T) 

“This Charlotte person is the main culprit who framed Rio, right? Well, suppose in your previous life I did do that. I don’t have any plans of giving her magic in this lifetime, so you can have a piece of mind.”


I wonder if my return back in time has caused history to change?

Even after Flair and the Darkness God returned to the world of gods, I was still absorbed in my thoughts while in bed.

“Rio, can’t sleep?”

Leon takes on his lion form and wraps me up in his embrace. It’s warm. Leon’s warmth is soothing and helps calm me down. 

“Are you thinking about the person named Charlotte?”


Leon licks my cheek. Is he trying to comfort me? 

“I’ll stay with you, so you should relax and sleep.”


My anxieties melt away naturally. When Leon is by my side, I feel like everything will be okay. Wrapped in Leon’s fluffiness, I drifted off to sleep, feeling extremely comfortable.

* * * * *

On days when I didn’t have any plans in the morning, it became a routine for the three of us to go to the forest after breakfast. Marie apparently woke up early ( though the mansion servants are naturally early risers) and prepared some strawberry tarts for us.

“What are you planning to do today?”

“Today~ I was thinking of making a gazebo for us to relax in. You know, since the usual picnic blanket hurts to sit down on?”

For the gazebo design, I’m going to use the building in the rose picture book as my reference for picturing it in my head to make it.

“I’m going to have a look in the forest to check something out. I’ll be right back, so you can go ahead without me.”

“Okay. Be careful, Leon.”

Leon nods and dashes into the forest. 

When I reached the rose garden in the forest, I noticed that the scenery was different from the usual. There are now water lilies blooming in the fountain.

“My, those are water lilies, right? Miss, did you cast magic on the water lilies in the fountain to make them bloom?”

“No, I wasn’t the one who created those water lilies.” 

I peer into the fountain and saw a turtle leisurely swimming. 

“Ah? There’s a turtle.” 

“There really is. It’s quite a big turtle.” 

The shell is about 1 rirudo in size. (That’s equal to 1 meter) The fountain is made in such a way that it is large enough for playing in the water, but I think it is too small for a swimming turtle.

“I’m not a turtle.”

The turtle starts to swim toward us, and it suddenly pokes its head out and raises its arm.

“”The turtle spoke!””

“I’m saying, I am not a turtle-zozozo,” it declared. “I am the Water God-zozozo.”

“Eh!? Mr. Water Turtle?! I mean not a turtle, but Water God!?”

The Water God—not the water turtle, extends his neck and nods. 

“Oh? Isn’t it Old Man Water God? Long time no see.”

Leon, who had gone out to patrol the forest, returned and greeted the Water God when he saw him. If Leon says he’s the Water God, then he’s definitely the Water God.

“Forest God. It has been a long time-zozozo. I sensed the presence of pleasant water, so I came-zozozo.”

Since yesterday, various gods have come to visit. Nevertheless, the Water God’s favorite phrase to add is [zozozo], huh. Since Leon called him an old man, I guess he’s old. His tone of voice resembles that, too.

“Hmm. That girl with chestnut-colored hair is able to use water attribute magic-zozozo? Was the water in this fountain created from your magic?”

Speaking of which, Marie has chestnut-colored hair. My hair color is silver. 

“Yes. I was the one who created the water in this fountain using my water magic,” Marie replies to the Water God. 

“As expected-zozozo. I can feel the same wavelength in the water as you.”

I decided to ask the Water God a question I had been wondering about.

“Did the Water God make the water lilies bloom?”

“That’s right-zozozo. These water lilies have magic that purifies the water-zozozo.”

What?! Did water lilies have a function like that? This way, I won’t have to clean the fountain every time!

“Thank you very much, Water God.” 

“I feel the wavelength of the Forest God and the Light Goddess from this girl-zozozo.”

“Rio is a member of my family. I hate to admit it, but the Light Goddess also gave her sacred magic.”

He’s not pleased about it… Hey, let’s try to be a bit friendlier with Flair, Leon. 

“Fumufumufumu-zozozo. This is my first time seeing a human who has both creation magic and sacred magic-zozozo.”

Hm? Creation magic and sacred magic?

“Leon! Isn’t my second mana supposed to be hidden from others?!”

“The divine eye of a god and the appraising eye of a human are two vastly different things.”

So God’s eyes are all-powerful, huh? I wonder how much information it can tell you? Oh yeah! Let’s try wearing the bracelet that Flair gave me.

When I looked at Marie to test it out, ‘Magic Attributes: Wind and Water’ appeared above her head.

Leon is next. He came up with… “Unappraisable”. Hm… Is it because he’s a god?

The Water God seems to have taken a liking to Marie.

“You should be a member of my family.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I am unfit to be a vessel and member belonging to a god’s family.”

“You’re very humble-zozozo. I like you more and more-zozozo. As a bonus, I’ll let you use purification magic, too.”

Marie’s ears perked up when she heard that.

“Can anything be purified? Such as the obstinate stains and stains that cannot be removed…”

“It’s *concrete-zozozo. Of course it can-zozozo. Anything can be purified to be as good as new- zozozo.”

(* It’s a definite thing, not an abstract idea) 

“I’ll become a member!”

Marie’s face is glowing. Is it my imagination, or did bright stars appear to be shining all around her? Are you that obsessed with cleaning!?

“Umumu-zozozo. Then kneel down where you are-zozozo.”

Marie kneels near the fountain and puts her hands together. The Water God places his hand on Marie’s head and transfers his magic power. Marie’s surroundings glow like bubbles of water.

“The family contract is finished-zozozo. Speaking of which, what is your name?”

Marie gets up and does a curtsy.

“My name is Marie.”

“Umumu-zozozo. The Forest God is also called Leon, so I want you to give me a name as well.”

Marie hummed and put her fingers under her chin, mulling it over.

“Well then, how about Toruka-sama?”

“Toruka… I like it- zozozo.”

He is splashing around in the water. He seems to be happy. By the way, when I named Leon, his tail was wagging wildly.

Will the Water God come to our home as Leon did?

“I like this water fountain-zozozo. Is it okay for me to continue living here-zozozo?”

“If it’s all right with the Water God, by all means! Marie can come to visit here every day.”

The Water God is laughing, which makes his eyes narrow, and he extends his neck out to nod his head. 

“Is the silver girl called Rio? You may call me by my name.”

“Is that okay?Well then, Toruka-sama. Please treat me well.”

The Water God… Toruka-sama said, “Umumu-zozozo”, and once again swam in the fountain. 

“That’s good, Marie. It’s great that you’re now a member of Toruka-sama’s family.

“Yes! This way, I can make the young lady’s room shine every day and take care of her dresses and ornaments as if they are brand new.”

…It’s really for cleaning purposes, isn’t it? It’s great that you’re so passionate about your work, but do use your magic for yourself, too, Marie.

“Marie isn’t a greedy girl. She just cannot resist wanting to do her best for her precious Rio. That being the case, she won’t use her magic for anything bad,” Leon murmured as if he had read my thoughts.

“Who in a god’s family would want to use magic for bad things?”

“Some of them are devout when they first become a part of the family, but then they start to get ambitious.”

I’m just guessing, but was Charlotte like that in her previous life?

“But I’m sure Rio and Marie will be fine.”

He believes in me, doesn’t he? I embrace Leon.

“I want to live peacefully with Leon and everyone. That’s all I want.”

I’ve had enough of the turbulence of my previous life.

“I will do my best to fulfill Rio’s wish.”

“…fluffy is nice.”

Marie is staring at me. She wants to fluff, huh. Leon, who couldn’t stand Marie’s gaze, groaned.

“I give you permission to fluff…”

“Then, if I may be so presumptuous, I shall give you a good brushing!”

She took out a brush and started humming to herself as she admired Leon’s fur.

“You can enjoy my carapace if you like.” Before I knew it, Toruka had come out of the water and was pointing with his head at his shell. I later offered to polish his shell. 


TL Note: There were a lot of onomatopoeias in this chapter as well. If you have a suggestion of a word to replace the “umumumu” parts, I’d be very thankful. Also, I’m on break now, so I’ll be posting earlier than usual~ ♥

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