Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 31

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Philia and Sophia

The empire’s Marquis Gorgias looked skeptically back at Philia. When he finally saw the silver brooch on her chest, he was taken by surprise. The brooch was in the shape of a double-headed eagle, a symbol that Philia was a member of the imperial family. He probably didn’t realize there was an imperial family near him. 

Gorgias hurriedly corrected his posture. 

“Is it not the first time we are meeting, the 17th Imperial Princess, Your Highness Iris?” Gorgias said confidently. Even aristocrats couldn’t remember each of the tens of the emperor’s children. Certainly, Gorgias wasn’t an exception, calling Philia the wrong name. She giggled.

“It’s unfortunate, Iris is my older sister. I’m Philia, the 18th Princess, you know?”

“I apologize for that. And what is the Imperial Princess’s business with my daughter?”

“I told you. Sophia-san is my guest, so Marquis doesn’t have the right to take her away.”

“Your Highness, however, I am the father of this child.”

“I don’t think the Marquis deserves to be Sophia’s father.”

“Your Highness shouldn’t interfere with my family matters,” Gorgias said sternly. 

However, Philia did not care. She stood in front of Sophia and smiled. Meanwhile, Sophia who was timid, stared at Philia restlessly. 

Philia asked Sophia, “How about this? Why don’t you serve me?”

Princess Philia had asked the famous Saint Sophia to become her servant. This move was certainly the best way to solve the current problem. No matter how cold of a treatment Philia’s got, she was still an imperial family. This way, not only the marquis, but also the church and the knight order wouldn’t be able to bother Sophia, at least in public.

I nodded at Sophia, who looked confused. Sophia replied to Philia with an awkward voice, “I-if Your Highness offers, I will… gladly accept.”

With this, Sophia has become Philia’s servant. The marquis was at a loss of words because there was someone who suddenly interfered. Then he looked at us with hatred in his eyes and left without saying anything. 

I sighed in relief, “Philia-sama, you saved us. But are you going to be okay? Telling the marquis off like that…”

“Solon wants to help this person, right? Then I also want to help this person, because Solon has helped me. Sophia will be my servant from now on, so I have to prepare a room in the Imperial Palace.”

Then Philia smiled as if she had come up with a good idea. 

“But I will be the only one living with Solon in the same room, okay?”

“Same room?” Sophia muttered in puzzlement, then looked at Philia and me.

“What do you mean?” she asked Philia.

“It’s what it sounds like. Solon is sleeping next to me,” Philia smiled beautifully. She deliberately said it in a misleading way, perhaps because she was always so full of mischief. I held my head in my hands. 

Sophia, with her cheeks dyed red, drew her face closer to me. 

“So, Solon-kun, you’re living together with the princess, is that what it means?”

“Well, it’s a long story, but it’s not like what you imagine.”

Interrupting my words, Philia ran her mouth happily.

“I have Solon waking me up in the morning, you know? Also, when I woke up, Solon hugged me gently and even kissed me.” Philia’s eyes were sparkling, and she looked at Sophia as if to say, “What about it?”

If it was about this morning, rather than me hugging Philia, it was more accurate to say that Philia was the one hugging me. As for the kiss, it was barely even a kiss, I only pecked Philia’s cheeks a little. 

But of course, Sophia wouldn’t know about that and so she would misunderstand. Her face became even redder. 

“A-as I expected, I shouldn’t forgive Solon-kun! You’ve never even done that to me!”

I awkwardly averted my gaze and stared at Lucy-sensei, who remained silent all this time.

She was the only person with a serious face, deep in thought. 


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  1. Philia gets her Solon’s friend out of a sticky situation, gets the gratitude of said bodyguard/teacher/father-figure, gains a pretty high-profile person as her servant… and shows off her closeness to Solon.

    I wonder if that’s enough to call it a “pro gamer move”?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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