Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 24

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Spirit King’s Blessing and the Treasure Sword

The war was won.

I was the catalyst to make it possible.

Heroine Tina returned. 

And finally, being wed to Tina.

The news that I’m also going to marry Princess Leaffa was spread among the citizens. Cheers and well-wishes resounded from the citizens who gathered all around the royal castle.

The civilians were informed that the marriage would occur because both Tina and Leaffa loved me, and so no one protested.

I was a bit embarrassed when I heard it. Tina and Leaffa’s faces also became beet-red.

It’s my turn to give a speech now, but… 

I was so nervous I don’t remember what I yammered on. Tina and the rest praised me for the excellent oration. 

With this and that, our marriage announcement was made without a hitch.

Ah, well, there was a little bit of a problem, though.

Sylph dropped a lot of Yggdrasil’s leaves throughout the Royal Capital in the name of celebration. She said it was for everyone living in Alheim.

She also let her mouth run, and my contract with Sylph was inadvertently exposed. The country was in an uproar. However, there were people who benefited because of that. Saving the border guards who were attacked by Apristos also became possible.

Thanks to Ryuka, no one died. However, a lot of them sustained heavy injuries that had a poor prognosis. Even with Luna’s support, it was not feasible for Ryuka to completely heal every single one of them.

The elixir made out of the Leaves of Yggdrasil was delivered to those Elves that had serious injuries from the war, and thanks to that, they all recovered completely.

For some reason, the heavily injured Elves expressed their gratitude toward me.

But the one who gave the ingredients for the elixir was Sylph, you know?

Even so, they insisted that it was because Sylph gave the leaves in celebration for my marriage, and so they gave me various presents—a splendid carpet, a dagger encrusted with jewels, and so on.

Elven treasures were continuously brought in inside the room we were staying in.

Uhm… but we can’t enter the room now?

The sheer amount of treasures was so great that they were overflowing. Despite that, the palace maids still continued bringing more treasures. Eventually, they started to bring them to the adjacent room.

“…Isn’t this a tad too many?”

“We Elves have long lifespans, so not a lot of children are born. To compensate for that, the sense of camaraderie is truly strong among our species. Thanks to Halt, many citizens were saved, so this much is just a matter of course,” Leaffa explained.

“Ah, by the way, Papa told me to call you.”

“Got it. Is it alright if it’s in the office?”

“Yes, please.”

I headed toward the Elf King’s office.


“My dear son, Halt, we have been saved this time. You have also been recognized officially as the Hero of this kingdom. I bestow this upon you.”

After saying that, the Elf King gave me a sword that was almost as big as me. It looked huge, but it was feather-light when held.

“It is a treasure that has been handed down to our beloved country. Its name is ‘Hakoku’—Empire Dominator.”

Eh, isn’t it a national treasure, then!?

“I, I cannot accept something like this!”

“Halt, can you hold it with one hand?”

One hand?

Of course, I can, seeing it is as light as a feather. I grasped Hakoku single-handedly and stood in a stance.


“How… with just one hand…”

“Apparently, Sir Halt was a Hero all along.”

The ministers in attendance were all flabbergasted.

W, what’s happening?

“Halt. Only a True Hero can wield that sword. I also exerted effort in order to bear it and pass it on to you.”

“Your Majesty, we believe that you who can hold Hakoku with no assistance are sufficient to be among the ranks of the Heroes.”

According to the ministers, it took five soldiers to bring Hakoku here. 

I felt moved by how awesome the Elf King truly is for handing that kind of sword over to me by himself.

“Anyway, you have been chosen by Hakoku. From here on, that sword will become your strength.”

Guess it’s really fine to take this national treasure.

I got my status permanently fixed due to the Evil God’s curse, so it actually doesn’t matter whatever attack power this sword has.

Ah, but with a sword this big and light, maybe offensive techniques might multiply in strength.


I’m not sure, but it felt like mana is being sucked from the hand gripping Hakoku.

Ah, maybe!

“Your Majesty, if I may?”

I said that as I went to the balcony of the office.

I feel like I can do it, somehow—the mystery that can only be uncovered by those who have mastered the way of swords and magic.

I raised Hakoku way up high…

I trained my eye on the far-off mountain, and swung it down,

A slashing force flew out of Hakoku. It tore through the ground and parted the river!

The mountain was cleaved into two!


“T, this is!!!”

“Ah, no doubt. This is the move that the Hero used in order to slay the Demon King.”

“However, this attack is more powerful than what was said in the legend of the Hero, is it not? If I am not mistaken, the Hero was able to use it at the level of warding enemies that are only ten meters away…”


“W, well, it is clear that this sword is befitting the Hero Halt. Treasure it.”


With this, I obtained Hakoku—the treasure sword that will become my partner and huge support from now on.


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  1. And so the legendary weapon of the Hero which uses mana to attack, has now become even more OP due to Haruto’s/Halt’s glitch factor. That Evil God ought to be crying soon. Cheaters never prosper. XD

  2. Thanks to the Evil God’s spite, the world received the strongest hero who was loved by everyone. I hope he gets to see this and chews his fingernails down to the bones in anger

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