I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 110

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Name of the Boss is

People throughout the whole world were left dumbfounded by the sight. However what they didn’t yet know was that true fear was still about to strike.

The enormous pillar that rose out of the well reached a height of over 3000 meters.

Afterwards the mountain-like pillar began splitting into six. The now six smaller pillars bent downwards under the gravitational force.

In the next moment, all six of them pierced the ground beneath firmly embedding themselves. The impact shook the whole country, and the place near the impact was covered in a huge screen of smoke that rose to the sky.

Looking at the scene from afar, the six pillars looked almost like legs.

More precisely they resembled a grasshopper’s hind legs. The legs that had embedded themselves into the ground suddenly shook, and looked like they were beginning to pull out something from within the well.

The ground began shaking and cracks could be seen beginning to form everywhere.

In the centre of the six legs, an enormous body slowly began appearing. After its head, chest and abdomen appeared, every single human who saw it could easily say that it resembled an insect.

I proceeded to appraise it.

 Vishnu (Immature Form)   

 Divinity Lv 9936

 ■ ■ ■

 ■ ■ ■


Upon laying eyes on it, the whole human race fell into despair. All other things aside, the thing that shocked everyone the most was its sheer size.

Compared to it, the Giants and the Dragons looked like ants.

Humanity had forgotten. They had forgotten the despair they had felt after The Calamity, they had forgotten the past.

America, China, Russia and the United Kingdom, all of the places where the subjugations were deemed to have been difficult, had been taken care of one after the other. That is why everyone had thought that peace was soon to be upon us once more.

However, everyone once again began to realize. The Giant of destruction, Titan, that had suddenly disappeared. The Dragon BOSS which was deemed to be unbeatable. The person who had defeated both of them…

The mutant whose name no one knew, the one currently being broadcasted on TV.

The nameless hero who had continued fighting. That person was currently facing an enemy that was unbeatable, in the real sense of the word. Seeing that reality, humanity gave up. They began to think that their destiny might really be one of perish.

However there was only one person who wouldn’t accept that――


“I can do it.”

Even though this Vishnu monster had a stupidly high level, it was still in its immature form.

‘I guess it couldn’t complete its growth because I destroyed the tower. Which means that all of the attacks up till now weren’t meaningless. Furthermore――’ 

I slightly wounded one of Vishnu’s legs with Wind Magic, and even after a bit of time passed it didn’t regenerate. 

‘As I thought, its regeneration ability doesn’t work anymore. I can definitely win! The problem is…’

I looked at my summoned monsters. It was still in its early stages, however I could clearly see particles of light being emitted out of their bodies.

The time limit was drawing close. I wouldn’t be able to maintain them for much more.

It was at that moment that Vishnu took a step forward. With just a single step it caused an earthquake. Afterwards from the numerous pipes spread throughout its whole body, a type of miasma began pouring out.

In just an instant the miasma covered a distance of over 10 km. Corroding everything it came into contact with.

Titan and Hydra were fine even after coming into contact with it, Shiva on the other hand however, I thought might suffer from it so I ordered her to fly high up into the air, so as not to touch it.

Me as well, I decided to move out of the miasma’s way just in case. Vishnu proceeded to raise its head and let out an ear piercing shriek, which created shock waves that reduced everything within its vicinity to nothingness.

After which it brought up its abdomen. Looking closely at the abdomen I could see that there were  small egg-like things attached to it that were struggling to hatch.

In the next instant the eggs began hatching one after the other, and from within them huge bee-like monsters began appearing.

I used appraisal on one of them.

 Killer Bee   

 Insect Type Lv 203

They fly at high speeds and produce poison from their needles that can melt living organisms.

Several tens of thousands of those killer bees suddenly hatched, however that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they didn’t focus on me but rather flew in all other directions.

It seemed like this BOSS had appeared specifically to bring an end to humanity. I raised my hands towards the heavens and began gathering magic power.

“Heavy Thunder!!”

Thunder shook the skies, and tens of thousands of lightning fell on the monsters that had just appeared.

When all of the killer bees died, I felt Vishnu looking at me with what appeared to be a look of hatred. It once again took a step forward shaking the earth, and seemed like it was preparing for war.


As if responding to my call, Hydra began gathering light in its mouth while still in mid-air. After it had gathered enough magic power I ordered it to shoot at the joint located at the top of Vishnu’s front left leg.

Hydra’s full powered light pierced right through Vishnu’s leg. No matter how big it may be, attacking one leg at a time wasn’t that hard. Next Hydra continued moving its light, extinguishing everything around the joint as well.

Finally the joint reached a point where it couldn’t continue to hold up to the weight of the body anymore and snapped leaving the whole leg to fall on the ground. The absurd drop once again caused a screen of dust to cover the surroundings.

Following which Vishnu let out a scream of pain.

“One down! Shiva!!”

Shiva which was flying high up in the air focused her attention on the middle left leg. She shot off her strongest fire breath, which landed directly on the top joint of the leg.

A tremendous explosion occurred and everything was covered in flames. However――

The joint was badly wounded, however it was still holding. 

“Failed huh.” was what I thought, but in the next moment I saw Hydra heading high up in the sky.

A huge amount of light particles were covering its body. It only had moments before it would disappear. I gathered all of its remaining power, focusing it all in its right head which shot off a single ray of light.

The ray of light fell on the leg’s joint tearing it apart, separating the leg from the torso.

After which Hydra completely turned into light particles and disappeared.

“Two down! We’re gonna finish this.”

I put my hands in front of my chest and began gathering light. This was a skill that I couldn’t fire off in succession. After shooting it once I would have to wait a period of time, before I would be able to use it again. I was planning to finish it with this attack――

 “Dragon Blast!!!”

The light ray stretched in a single line, shooting towards the joint of the front right leg, piercing through it. It was able to wound it, however it wasn’t enough to sever the leg.


Shiva responded to my call with a frightening roar.

She shot off a ball of fire, after which turned into particles of light. Her final attack landed on the already wounded leg and exploded.

When its third leg was severed, Vishnu lost its balance and fell starting its head. Its torso collided with the ground creating a tremendous boom.

After Vishnu fell, waiting right in front of its head was Titan.

“Titan! Finish it!!!”

Titan raised his axe with his right hand, and took a step forward with his left leg that shattered the ground beneath it. He put all of the power he could muster and threw his axe, which collided with Vishnu’s head.

The axe cut through Vishnu’s head, like a knife cut through butter, reaching right up to its chest area. The place where the axe passed was covered in magma which completely destroyed all important organs within Vishnu’s body.

With that, Titan turned into light particles and disappeared.

After all of my summoned monsters disappeared, the only thing left was the nearly dead insect like BOSS.


A tremendous magic circle appeared, after which Vishnu turned into light particles and disappeared… I could clearly see its name displayed on my Tame List.

I slumped down, looking around the now completely brazen scorching land.

“I’m beat…”

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  1. So now he has two god-class monsters.

    Considering the difficulty of this fight, he needs to start some serious level and class grinding before facing the antarctica boss. He should fly over there ASAP and fight the minion class monsters to gain levels. I bet the minions in antarctica are all as strong as the bosses from Russia and China. It’s going to be crazy.

    1. Honestly, I was expecting him to grind when the swarm of bees came out. Kind of disappointed he didn’t take advantage of that as a mob farm, oh well.

  2. well, that was anti clamatic,, and here i thought there will be tremendous battle, (human size and vs mc)
    the egg is harder to destroy than the queen..well at least it is over…

  3. well a lot of monsters have names of gods from hindu mythology and i dont know why…

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