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The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 30

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The One Interfering With Sophia’s Wish

Sophia’s little hands wrapped around mine. When I looked at Sophia with a troubled expression, she giggled mischievously. When Sophia said that she wanted to quit the knight order, I wanted to respect that wish. In reality, however, there would be a lot of trouble to come.

“You can’t quit the knight order that easily.” When I said that, Sophia nodded.

“I know, but it’s more important for me to be with Solon-kun.”

I was happy hearing that, but I thought there would be many people opposing Sophia’s wish to quit the knight order.

First, the members of The Knights of Saint Sophia. For the knight order, Saint Sophia was an indispensable force in both offense and defense. Furthermore, since Sophia was the symbol of the knight order, without Sophia, The Knights would lose the one unifying them. Like Sage Arte, there were many members who adored Sophia. In other words, the knight order executives wouldn’t simply say, “Okay, that’s fine,” and let Sophia leave the knight order. 

Also, Cleon, Sophia’s fiance, would definitely come to take her back. Cleon said that he would protect Sophia in both the eyes of public and in private. So he might have a favorable impression towards her. Even if that wasn’t the case, if his fiancee escaped, Cleon’s pride would be hurt and his reputation would be damaged.

The Imperial Church has given Sophia the title of a saint, but at the same time, they wanted her to be a successful adventurer. So the church must have wanted Sophia to continue holding her position as the captain of the knight order.

And the fact that the marquis of the empire was Sophia’s father. 

“Sophia? Why are you here?”

A small, somber voice echoed. When we turned around, a tall middle-aged man with a dense beard was standing there in awe. He was Sophia’s father, the empire’s marquis, Gorgias. As expected, an influential aristocrat like Sophia’s father would most likely attend this ceremony. He looked dumbfounded. 

Sophia hid behind me as if she was scared. 

“You were talking about quitting the knight order, for such a man?”

He seemed to be asking for the whole story behind our conversation. Gorgias casually pointed his finger at me, looking down. I thought it was rude, but I didn’t dare say anything. I have met Sophia’s father previously, and he has always been an arrogant and narrow-minded man. 

“I have listened to your selfish whims before, but what’s the meaning of this?”

“Bu-but Father was even against me being an adventurer at first!” Sophia argued with a quivering voice. Although she was called a saint and has become the strongest adventurer, her father still seemed to be a terrifying presence for her. 

Sophia, who was too intelligent even from an early age, was estranged by her family. Especially her father, Gorgias, hated her. Even when Sophia skipped grades at the magic school, her father treated her like she was a nuisance. 

Gorgias snickered, “Oh, so you defied me, your father, and became an adventurer. At that time, I could forcefully take you back. But I didn’t. Because if you became an adventurer, you would contribute to the marquis house. But why are you quitting now?”

“That is…”

“Your knight order was recognized by the country and the church, and it also makes a lot of money. I allowed you because all of that contributes towards the marquis house. But right now, you’re saying that you’re quitting the knight order?”

Sophia squeezed the hems of my clothes. I stood in front of Gorgias and said to him, ”Sophia also has her own will. Would you respect your daughter’s feelings? If it is about money, shouldn’t there already be a lot of them?”

In exchange for allowing Sophia to become an adventurer, the marquis received a huge amount of money from her. That was the money Sophia acquired through the knight order’s activities. The Knights has gained considerable treasures from conquering the ruins and profits from selling the resources, which are then distributed among the members. It should all belong to Sophia, but she gave most of it to her father. It should be more than enough. However, Gorgias shook his head. 

“There is no reason for me to listen to a commoner like you. It might be fine for you to leave the knight order, but I’ve had plans to marry Sophia when she graduated from the magic school. I’ve been waiting several years for that, so I’ll proceed with the marriage I’ve prepared.”

He was talking about the engagement with Cleon. An engagement with Cleon, the son of an influential aristocrat, had a high political value. What’s more, if Sophia married a member of The Knights, the marquis could get even more out of the knight order.

“You don’t think about Sophia at all. Sophia’s success in the previous battles should have helped you immensely, but you’re not even grateful?”

When I said that, Gorgias smiled a little.

“What right do you have to talk about Sophia? I’m Sophia’s father, so Sophia should comply with anything I say.”

I was at a loss for words. Different from commoners, for aristocrats, what the father said was absolute. One’s future job and marriage partner had to be according to the father’s wishes.

“Come, Sophia. I won’t let you become selfish any longer.”

Gorgias grabbed Sophia’s arm. Sophia, reluctant, looked at me. “Help me,” she seemed to say. But what should I do?

If Gorgias wielded his authority as a marquis here, it would be hard to help Sophia. He was Sophia’s father, after all. There were many aristocrats gathering in this venue, and they would be on his side. If I tried to force Gorgias to stop, Sophia and I would really have nowhere to turn to. 

But if it were someone in a higher position than Gorgias, then they could stop him. A person who had more power and authority than Sophia’s father. A presence higher than the empire’s marquis. That was, for example, the imperial family. Philia, who had been silent until now, finally opened her mouth.

“Marquis Gorgias, do you know that Sophia is my visitor? So, aren’t you going to listen to me?”

Philia ordered Gorgias with a beautiful voice.


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  1. Finally, the time for Philia to flex her authority as one of the Royal Family (even if she’s ignored/hated by most of them) has come!
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