The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 10

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Receives a Gift from the Light Goddess

This is not a part of the story, but it seemed important.

A note from the author: It was pointed out to me that the tone of the Light Goddess, Flair, was similar to a certain game character, so I revised it significantly. I don’t play games often, so I didn’t know about the game itself. There’s a possibility of violating the copyright, so I hurriedly revised it. Thank you for your understanding.

Now~ on to the chapter: 

I succeeded in creating a strawberry sapling, so I plucked some strawberries from the saplings that bore fruit. It seems Marie is going to use them to make strawberry tarts for tomorrow’s snack. I’m looking forward to it~

On the way back to the villa, Marie unexpectedly blurts out, “Miss Katariona. Have you told your family about your time travel?”

“Hmmm~ I don’t know if they’ll believe me or not. It’s such an unbelievable story, after all.”

“I’m sure that Master and Madam will believe in their own daughter’s story. Even Young Master Siegfried will, too…”

Marie wraps around in front of me and halts, putting her hands on her waist. “If the same thing happens again, I will gladly sacrifice my life to help Milady. Also, it was that scum Crown Prince who executed your family.”

Even if he’s scum, he’s the Crown Prince… That’s disrespectful, but… I also think so, too.

“Thank you, Marie. I still have time to consider whether to tell them or not.”

“When you are ready to tell them, please inform me. Although it is presumptuous of me to say, I also wish to help Milady.”

Leon chuckles softly.

“Leon, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. Just, I think you guys have a very good relationship as master and servant.”

Speaking of which, Marie, why are you willing to go to such an extent to serve me? Is it because my father helped her father in his financial need? Is it because I’m my father’s daughter?

As if sensing my doubt, Marie responds. 

“When Young Miss was just born, you looked as if you were an angel. You were the cutest thing, so I couldn’t help trying to stick out my fingers, and you grasped them, refusing to let go. Father scolded me,” Marie said, playfully sticking out her tongue. “However, Madam said, ‘The child appears to like you a lot.’ The Young Miss smiled as if trying to give a response.”

It was love at first sight… No good, I can’t do that with a woman. Though, Marie being a *natural-chan, probably didn’t mean it that way.

(*I think I mentioned this earlier, but it’s calling her an airhead)

“Isn’t that great, Rio. Many people love you.”

“Do you also love me, Leon?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you. I also love you, Leon!”

I drop my lips to Leon’s forehead. It’s covered with fur, but I don’t care.

“Hey, you’re a grown lady now. You—” Leon suddenly turns his face away. Huh? Is he being shy?

“Miss, what about me?”

“I love Marie, too!”

I stood on my tiptoes, and Marie bent down to meet me. Then I gave her a kiss on her soft cheek, to which she smiled happily in response.


Flair arrived earlier than expected. 

On the evening of the day I met Flair, I was relaxing in my room and reading a book. I heard a rapping sound at my window, so I opened the curtains. 

A beautiful golden bird was there pecking at my window with its beak. 

“Wah! What a beautiful bird.”

“Muh! Light Goddess?”

Leon’s words startled me. Eh!? This bird is Flair?

I quickly opened the window, and the golden bird gracefully flew into the room and took on the form of a human. It really was Flair.

“Hey~ Rio, I’ve come!”

“I wasn’t expecting you to come this late at night. You’re absurd.”

Leon scowled with an intense frown on his face. He seems to be very displeased.

“There’s no such thing as night and day for gods and goddesses.”

“So, your original appearance is that of a bird, Flair?”

“The gods don’t have fixed forms. The Forest God… Leon, now was it? He should be able to transform into a human as well.”

I spun around to face Leon.

“Really? Leon, let me see your human form for a bit.”

“I don’t like being in my human form.”

“No way, don’t say that! Come on, just for a little bit, please?” I put my hands together and assume a begging stance to Leon. 

He groans and stands up, saying, “Only for a little bit, okay?”

A gentle, enveloping wind picks up, and a human-shaped figure finally appears. It is a beautiful young man of tall stature. He has silvery-white hair and a pair of blue and gold odd eyes.


“It’s me.”

Handsome! Leon is handsome even in the form of a person. I couldn’t tear my eyes off of him for a while.

“Does Rio like me in this form?”

“Your human form is handsome, but I think I prefer your fluffy form better.”

Chuckling softly, he says, “Is that so?” and abruptly returns to his appearance of a small beast.

“Well, I like my fluffy form better as it’s more convenient. Light Goddess… You’re not planning on staying here, right?”

“It’s F-L-A-I-R! And, I am not planning on staying, but I will drop by frequently to visit Rio every now and then.”

Frequently? Er—well, I guess it’s fine. Flair is pleasing to look at as she’s pretty. Her behavior is also acceptable. Plus, I could never grow tired of watching her cute gestures and antics. 

“Hmph! Next time you come back, stay in your bird form.”

“Why? I think being in human form is fine.” Flair pouts, puffing her cheeks out.

“You might not care, but human society, especially aristocrats, are troublesome to deal with. Being in beast form doesn’t require any needless explanations.”

“Hmmm. The human world is, indeed, bothersome. But, well, I see what you mean!”

If I were to introduce Flair to my parents, I could say she was a noble from a distant country… Oof, doing that would be impossible, huh?

“Rio, I shall bestow upon you sacred magic, so, kneel.”


“Kneel down and clasp your hands together, just as you did when you became a member of Leon’s family.”

Flair puts her hand on my head, and a stream of magical power flows into me.

“Rio, you now possess sacred magic. I’ve put it as your second mana, so appraisals won’t be able to detect it.”

“Thank you so much, Flair. By the way, may I ask you something?”

As if to urge me onward, Flare nods her head at me.

“Flair, have you given anyone besides me light magic before? Do you recall the name, Charlotte Campbell?”

“Hmmm.” Flair pondered. “Besides Rio, I haven’t granted light magic or sacred magic to anyone in the last century. Also, I don’t know a human named Charlotte.”

“But, in my previous life, Charlotte was able to use light magic.”

“That’s really odd. I have no intention of giving anyone sacred magic besides Rio.”

“Shall I look into this?”

Out of Flair’s shadow, a black-haired boy suddenly appeared.

“Waah! He just came out of your shadow!”

The boy looks disgruntled for some reason, and his entire figure emerges from Flair’s shadow. He has jet black hair and eyes. Even the clothes he is wearing are black. 

“I am the Darkness God. The Light Goddess is my older sister.”

“The Darkness God!?”

Flair smacks the boy… the Darkness God’s head.

“Don’t call me “sis”, call me ‘sister’!”

So the Light Goddess and Darkness God are siblings. Today sure has been full of surprises. 

“You’re interested in knowing, right? Then, sis—err, I mean sister. I’ll go investigate this Charlotte person.”

“Got it. I’ll leave this to you.”

I nod, agreeing, then the Darkness God points at me, declaring, “Just so you know, I’m not doing this for you!” Upon saying that, he angrily disappeared into the shadows.

Huh? Is he a tsundere? The Darkness God is a total sis-con, huh. Well, I understand his feelings. I love my big brother, too.

“Is the Darkness God Flair’s younger brother?”

“The Light Goddess and the Darkness God are two sides of the same coin. The Darkness God typically hides in the Light Goddess’ shadow,” Leon replies. 

Oh. The Darkness God is a shut-in, isn’t he?

“This guy’s magic allows him to travel between shadows. He’ll definitely be able to get the information Rio needs.”

Oh, so, the Darkness God is suitable for *espionage work. 


“That’s right! I brought Rio a souvenir.”

“A souvenir?”

What kind of souvenir would a god give? Is this what she was preparing?

Flair took out of the small bag she was carrying a box that was tied with a pink ribbon.

“Look at how cute the wrapping is!”

Flair puffs her chest out, looking proud. Fufu. Such a gesture is cute.

“The ribbon looks splendid. Is it fine if I took the ribbon as well?”

“Of course. Open the box.”

“It doesn’t seem like a *jack-in-the-box,” Leon impolitely declares as he suspiciously eyes the box.

“That’s only something Leon could do. So, you may rest assured that there’s no problem.”

Leon scowls. “Flair… Did you do something to make Leon think it was a jack-in-the-box?”

I was holding the box in my arms.

After nervously untying the ribbon, I carefully open the present.

“Wow! It’s so pretty!”

Sitting inside the box was a gold chain bracelet. Attached to the bracelet were tiny, cute flowers made of intricate gold craftsmanship.

“That bracelet has a similar function to appraisal. If you wear it, you’ll be able to see a person’s status.”

“Eh? No way, is it really that awesome? That very same rare item is going to be given to me? Is that okay?”

Flair waves her hand, making a fufu.

“I’m giving this to you, so it doesn’t matter. Has Leon given you anything, Rio?”

Flair gives Leon a disdainful look. Leon averts his eyes.

“Err, I was planning on giving her a gift sooner or later.” Leon snaps back.

Eh? Leon is also going to give me a gift?

“Sis, I’m coming!”

The Darkness God reappears from Flair’s shadow.  

“So, how did it go?”

I cross my arms, and the Darkness God looks at me with great difficulty.

“The human child named Charlotte was non-attributed.”

Eh? It’s not light attribute, but non-attribute? How can that be!?


TL Note: Hey~sorry if my onomatopoeia word choices were confusing. I’m open to suggestions~ : )
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    1. Well, I’m not sure if I interpreted your question correctly, but I don’t think she can steal spells?
      I think she was originally born with sacred magic, but she changed her first attribute to creation magic instead by becoming Leon’s family member. Then Flair comes up and gives the option of having sacred magic as her second mana pool I guess? Did that answer your question?

    2. Less ‘steal’ as that is permanent removal. ‘Copy’ or ‘disguise’ yourself as having ‘light’ attribute… perhaps. All Charlotte needs is to fool people, which would suggest a powerful backer will likely be involved.

  1. The chapter is very much appreciated!!! So does non-attributed mean she has NO attribute or does it mean she has a non-attribute. (Fire, Earth, wind, Water, Light, Darkness, and Non-Attribute.)

    1. I believe it means she has no attribute whatsoever. I’m not sure if she doesn’t have magical powers, or if she has some but it’s just a small amount that doesn’t really have a compatible attribute. I’m guessing she probably can’t use magic, but I’m basically on the same track as yall, so I’m not positive. I guess we’ll have to wait and see~

  2. She has 4 gods hanging around her…and she’s afraid her parents won’t believe she’s sent back in time??!! Can’t she just have the TIME GOD explain it to them?? Are all crown princess candidates this clueless? I worry for the country…

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