I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 109

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Strongest Attack

I flew up and headed towards the place where the first mithril ball had fallen.

The earth was deeply gouged out and within that gouged out area, there were numerous leeches tightly packed together.

When it first fell right in front of the tower, I had thought that it had missed its mark, however looking at it now it appeared that it had caused the most amount of damage.

The tower’s tentacles probably started from this place, and spread throughout France, sucking the country’s life force. 

‘So that’s where it’s ridiculous regeneration ability comes from.’

Up until now I thought that the tentacles had been stretching from the tower, but looking at it now, they were under the ground from the very start. 

‘Which means that if I cut off these tentacles, which are supplying the tower with its life force, I should technically be able to destroy it right?’

Thinking that, I immediately turned around and gave my order to my summoned monsters.

“Below! Attack the ground below the tower!!”

As if responding to my call Titan slammed his axe beneath his feet. The ground exploded and a huge crack appeared.

The crack was immediately filled with lava, and all of the numerous leeches within the crack perished.

From up above in the sky Shiva shot off a fireball at the front of the tower. The ground once again exploded in a wide area and a huge hole was formed. Within the hole, as I had expected, numerous leeches could be seen struggling to resist the heat from the attack.

Shiva landed next to the hole and let out a fire breath towards the leeches that were currently exposed in plain sight, turning all of them to ashes.

Not lacking behind the other two, Hydra began circling around the tower, shooting beams of light, disintegrating the leeches underground.

All of them were working on destroying the tower’s source of food.  The tower couldn’t speak however I could definitely feel its enormous hatred pointed towards us.


[United Kingdom・Special Custodies School]

“Cool! The Dragon is flying!”

“There’s a Giant as well!  So cool!”

The children were currently gathered, everyone looking excitedly at the TV. The boys in particular were filled with excitement, it was like they were watching some kind of movie.

“Mrs. Freya what will happen from now on?” asked worriedly a young girl towards Freya who was watching alongside them

“Nothing you need to worry about. The ally of justice will take care of the bad monsters.” answered Freya with a kind voice.

“Does that ally of justice really exist?” asked one of the boys with a doubtful tone. Without even thinking about it, Freya answered.

“Of course he does! He’ll definitely come rushing to us all when we’re in trouble. That’s why you don’t need to worry.”

‘Isn’t that right Gojo…’


[Japan・Osaka Prime Minister’s Official Residence]

“Prime Minister, we received a call from the United Nations. They’re asking us about Gojo…”

“Ignore them for now.” said Prime Minister Tada, while watching the live broadcast within the Prime Minister’s Official Residence with some other Cabinet Ministers. 

The Japanese Government hadn’t received any news from Gojo about France, however considering the circumstances, there was no doubt that he had taken up the subjugation.

“From now on the Japanese Government will probably receive interrogations from a lot of places. To be honest, we’ve already started receiving enquiries from the Japanese newspaper companies.” said the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications with a fed up expression.

“We can’t help it. It’s only natural for Gojo to go out on the front lines with the world facing this crisis.” said Prime Minister Tada convinced that Gojo would succeed with France’s subjugation.

The thing that bothered him the most was the thing that would happen afterwards. How would they treat a mutant that had power beyond belief.

“The Japanese Government will do everything in its power to protect Gojo Masakado. That is our duty.”


[Self-Defense Force・Gifu Airbase]

Sakamoto and Shimizu were currently sitting within a room nervously watching the TV.

Sakamoto: “Considering Gojo went out to take care of it, it should be fine but…”

“You’re right. He has my complete trust, but that’s an unknown monster he’s fighting against. I just can’t seem to relax.”

“Even if he does win, his name will probably be spread all over the world.”

They both knew what had happened after Gojo’s power had been revealed to the Self-Defense Force and the Japanese Government, and how he had been treated.

Shimizu: “There’s a lot of things to worry about later, first he needs to defeat that monster, otherwise the whole of humanity will perish. We’ll think about the consequences later.”

“Guess you’re right. Right now the only thing we can do is trust him.”


While I was restraining the tentacles with my magic, the three summoned monsters were attacking the leeches underground.

Titan’s axe split the earth, letting magma flow within the cracks. Shiva’s fire balls blasted off the soil in a wide area and Hydra’s destructive light made its way deep underground.

And even now, the three of them were still looking towards the three remaining vines that were supporting the tower.

The chance that those vines were supplying the tower with energy was pretty high. If we didn’t destroy them, it would probably just keep regenerating.

As if being able to read each other’s thoughts, the three BOSSes attacked the three remaining vines at once. The vines couldn’t hold out under the pressure and tore, separating themselves from the tower.

“With this the preparations are over. Hydra, come!!”

The enormous dragon flew and landed right next to me, its heavy landing shaking the ground and creating a cloud of dust. After Hydra landed, I got on its back.

Was it due to having its energy supply cut off, or because of something else I didn’t know, however the tower understood that it was in danger and began producing tentacles from its frame, forming a wave of tentacles that swept through everything.

I put both of my hands in front of me. In front of my palms light began gathering, and Hydra, taking up an imposing stance, was also beginning to gather light in its three mouths.

This would be the attack, that would finish it…

“Dragon Blast!!!!”

Me and Hydra shot off the light rays at the same time. The four rays of destructive light faced the wave of tentacles, completely going through it and heading towards the tower.

The four light rays passed through the tower, creating an enormous hole and continuing further into the distance.

Me and Hydra slowly began raising our still active light rays towards the sky. The light slowly split the tower right down the middle, heading towards its top energetically.

After the light disappeared, the tower was left in a pitiful state. There was a huge hole in it, and from there until the top of the tower its whole frame was in a sorry state.

And as expected the egg on top of the tower didn’t regenerate as well. ‘With this…’

Just as I thought that, the tower began crumbling. The tower that once boasted a height of 1700 meters slowly began getting smaller.


The change occurring with the tower could clearly be seen on the live broadcast as well.

[United Nations Geneva Executive Office]

“Did he do it!?”

said a member of the European Parliament jumping to his feet. From what they could see on the screen it looked like the tower was crumbling after all.

The world is saved. Was what everyone thought.

[China・Suzaku’s Headquarters]

“YES! You finally did it Gojo!!” screamed Wan, while sitting at the forefront of their group watching the monitor. 

Currently almost all of Suzaku’s members were gathered and were watching the scene unfold in France on a big monitor.

Most of the members already knew about Gojo, so they all naturally supported him, however the person raising her voice the highest was definitely Wan. It even left some of the members a bit embarrassed.

Still looking at the tower, that was said to be able to destroy the whole world, crumbling, anyone would feel like cheering. In the midst of that――

“Wait… Something’s not right!” said one of the members.


“What is going on…?”

The tower was rotating and getting smaller, however on the other hand it was getting wider. It was obvious it was making strange movements which brought about worry.

Looking at it from the sky, it was changing into something that looked like an enormous well. The middle of the well had turned into a huge hole, which bottom couldn’t be seen.

It reminded me of the United Kingdom’s Abyss.

From the middle of the well I could hear some kind of noise… The noise gradually grew louder and something began appearing from within the well. It was then that I finally felt a response on my Hostility Detection for the first time.

The thing that occurred afterwards was something way beyond my imagination. From within the well that had a diameter of over a 1000 meters, tentacles that had been formed from a gathering of numerous leeches were crawling out of the hole simultaneously, making their way towards the sky.

The pillar-like things were towering above everything, giving me a completely different feeling compared to the tower.

“What in the world is going on!?”

France’s difficulty should have been A. No matter how I thought about it, it shouldn’t have been this hard to deal with. I once again opened the Great Sage’s Archive.

Glancing at it I instinctively opened my eyes wide.

Canada Rank B / America Rank S

Bolivia Rank C / Greenland Rank D

Russia Rank A / China Rank A

Japan Rank B / India Rank C

Georgia Rank D / France Rank SS

United Kingdom Rank S / Libya Rank D

Angola Rank C / Australia Rank B

Antarctica Rank ■■■

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