When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 31

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Soul painter

Kong Wuying turns his head away. He doesn’t want to talk to Kongbao. “Don’t talk rubbish! I’m in a bad mood since you’ve defiled our pure father and son relationship!”

At the same time, on the Yeying mainland.

The beautiful purple moon hung in the sky, emitting a faint light. Beautiful, but dangerous.

In a spacious and gorgeous bedroom the man on the bed frowns in his sleep, beginning to stir. His eyes suddenly snap open and he jerks upright with a gasp. “Father!”

A few strands of hair are plastered to his forehead with a cold sweat, but his handsomeness still stands out. His dark eyebrows are long and narrow, his lips are pale, his forehead bright with a touch of vermilion blush, and his long hair spills down his shoulders and back like ink, which adds a trace of softness to his whole body.

But the people who sleep next to him don’t feel any sort of softness. The other man on the bed is also awake. He has straight eyebrows, a deep profile like a blade, and looks very beautiful despite being stricken with panic.

“My lord?” the male pet asks carefully, quietly.

The first sighs and places a hand on the male pet’s neck. “What have I said about making noise?”

It doesn’t take long until the pet stops struggling, eyes white and face a blue-purple. 

The man releases the pet’s neck, his eyes showing a rare tenderness as he gazes at his beloved’s body. There is a faint smile on his lips.

Very gently, he helps to tidy up the corpse’s clothes and kisses the corner of the body’s lips. “When you’re quiet, you’re the most like father.”

Kong Wuying is so upset that he just storms off back into the house to continue to soak in his medicine bath and leaves Kongbao on his knees outside. 


What seems to be shaking?

It doesn’t matter.

It’s important to take a bath.


It seems that the shaking is getting worse…

Kong Wuying finally fixes his gaze on his own chest, more precisely the weird stone hanging from his chest. “What do you shake?”

The stone shivers again and the system anxiously asks, “You, you, you… who are you?”

Kong Wuying smiles. “Just now, you also heard. I’m a poor Yeying commoner who got bitten by his soul puppet.”

His voice is very gentle, but the system is about to cry out; liar!

“I heard that just now, he called you Ah Ying,” System says. “You have twelve godsons! You are the devil who killed Chu Chu, right?”

Kong Wuying’s gentle smile gradually grows and he very calmly asks, “What are you trying to say?”

System pauses. “It’s okay, I see you are busy right now.” And then it retreats, shrinking to a corner and falling into self resentment.

An inner voice cries out, ‘This is the big devil who killed Chu Chu. If you are a man, fight with him! Avenge our last host!’

Think about how miserable Chu Chu was when he died! Think about your relationship with Chu Chu, loving each other for hundreds of years. Think about-

System covers its head. Don’t say it, I’m not a man! I’m a system!

Kong Wuying does not care about the psychological problems of the system. After confirming that the system has no rebellious mind and no rebellious ability, he puts his whole mind on getting rid of impurities in his body.

I’ll talk to that annoying soul puppet later.

But there is no later.

Seven days in that bath, after removing the impurities, Kong Wuying looks at the empty garden in a daze.

This dead Kongbao is running away again!

Kong Wuying closes his eyes and searches.

Kongbao’s status has changed to; ‘Your soul puppet has died, please raise again.’

Go to hell.

Heart full of anger, Kong Wuying releases a small spider from his fingertips. Spider Kong has gotten fat from continuous feeding and has almost become a full circle, it almost can’t walk.

Slender fingers gently stroke the Spider Kong. Kong Wuying smiles gently. “Don’t learn from your brother, do you want to be obedient?”

Chubby Spider Kong shudders, and his eight feet did not dare to move.

The days after that were very dull.

After getting rid of impurities, Kong Wuying began to practice his demonic cultivation. It is divided into ten levels from top to bottom and the technique is called Heavenly Demon Dafa, only able to be used by nobility in Yeying.

Different from the Imperial Puppet technique, which depends on the level and characteristics of a soul puppet, the Heavenly Demon Dafa focuses on mastering one’s own ability. After practicing the skill a person’s strength, speed and constitution will change significantly.

Moreover, it is not a simple attribute increase or decrease, but a more mysterious change.

For example, if the ordinary power is one, then the power of the Heavenly Demon Dafa is one plus a touch of the evil internal force that enters the human body.

For example, the ordinary speed is one, and the speed of the Heavenly Demon Dafa is one plus the ability to use Dafa Escape.

Escaping refers to integration into nature, which makes people unable to find any trace. The duration of time for using this escape technique corresponds to the level. For example, the first level of Dafa Escape is one minute.

Constitution is to improve the physical quality, not to be invaded by poison, cold or heat, always remaining fair and delicate.

Kong Wuying rushes to the second level before the Shengdu competition. During this period, he finds other medicinal materials to upgrade Spider Kong, through his royal highness. After he wins the Shengdu competition, Spider Kong can be upgraded further by the melted pot prize.

And on the Danta side of things, although the prince paid the bill for Kong Wuying, they refused to admit that Kong Wuying passed the second grade examination.

However, Kong Wuying finally got the second grade pill master badge, which was issued by the Alchemy Association instead.

As soon as the Alchemy Association heard that Kong Wuying was so fierce he collapsed the Danta, they immediately sent someone to give the second division badge straight to Kong Wuying’s hand and encouraged him to continue to refuel and strive to continue to collapse the Danta…

East Palace of Mohe kingdom.

Huo Ziying looks at the pile of documents in front of him and sighs heavily. He has seen so much, but rest is still out of sight.

He has tomorrow off at least, because it will be the Shengdu alchemist talent competition. The prize for the champion is Master Wu Feizi’s Mo Hui furnace, which is far more generous than other year’s prizes. Therefore, there are a lot of alchemists participating in the contest.

But he doesn’t want to see it at all. He wants to go to Tianhong to have a class with his teacher.

Why did he take up the responsibility of the country so early?

It’s not because he has a king father who is obsessed with alchemy and doesn’t want to go out, no, of course not.

Huo Ziying is upset.

He reluctantly picks up his pen and is preparing to make two strokes on the document when all of a sudden, an eunuch bursts in.

The eunuch gasps, “Your highness, your highness! Your majesty, please go to the council chamber.”

“Chamber?” Huo Ziying is stunned and says, “What happened today? Is father willing to go out?”

The eunuch’s pale face rushes up and he explains, “Daqing Empire! Daqing sent a special envoy.”

“Special envoy?” Huo Ziying raises his eyebrows and says, “Daqing doesn’t generally interfere in our internal affairs. Why has a special envoy been sent all of a sudden? Is it that I did not write a good memorial about the fifteenth prince? But there’s no problem with my writing.”

Eunuch: “The last one to die was the thirteenth prince.”

Huo Ziying: “No, I’ve moved on already. My mourning is for the fifteenth prince… Have they died yet?”

Eunuch: “I don’t think so.”

Huo Ziying: “…”

The prince raises his head, a face full of hardship. “It’s over. I’m going to die this time.”

Eunuch: “Your highness, it has been a blessing to serve you.”

Huo Ziying goes to the meeting hall in fear.

He sees his incomparably honourable father, who never leaves the house, and the white faced and beautiful special envoy standing beside the king.

The so-called special envoy is just an eunuch who usually sits beside the Emperor of Daqing. But since he was sent here, his identity is not just an eunuch, he symbolizes the supreme will of the Emperor of Daqing and the empire.

Even the king, who usually doesn’t even leave the door open, has come out of his bedroom to receive the eunuch warmly.

To Huo Ziying’s surprise, the special envoy doesn’t investigate him for writing a wrong memorial. 

Instead, the eunuch says to the Mohe king, “At this time, I’m here to ask the King of Mohe to find someone for us.”

The king raises his eyebrows. “Looking for someone?”

The special envoy motions his men to present a portrait to the king, and then said, “At this time, his majesty sent eight envoys to search for people in the eight dependent countries. He specifically says to not make a public statement about this matter, but to look secretly.”

Looking at the portrait, the king’s mouth twitches violently. “I see…” Then he gives the portrait to his son. “Ziying, I’ll leave it to you. You must find the person for the special envoy.”

Huo Ziying looks at his father’s face and thinks that it’s a little ugly. It’s just looking for someone, what’s difficult, right? Just one person, right? Ha! Although it can not be said outright, but with their manpower and material resources, it’s not easy to find someone in the whole Mohe Kingdom.

These thoughts immediately vanish when he sees the picture.

When he sees the portrait, he can’t help but praise, “T-the painter of Daqing really deserves such a reputation, only but a few strokes have outlined the charm.”

Just a few strokes?

Oh, my God!

This piece of paper is scaring him!

What kind of soul painter is this, Daqing Empire?

Did they have a stroke while painting this!?

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