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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 22

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Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Birth of a Hero


When I teleported back to the Royal Castle of Alheim, Tina was waiting for my return, and she hugged me. Something familiarly huge and soft pressed against me.

Ah, bliss.

“Tina, I’m back.”

“Welcome back, Halt-sama.”

“Halt, welcome back. I’m grateful for your safe return.”

Leaffa also hugged me.

“I’m back, Leaffa.”

Reality of my return sank in after being hugged by my two wives.

“Welcome back, Master.”

“Welcome back, Halt-sama.

“I’m back!”

Youko, Mai, and Mei also came toward me. I had assigned them to help the citizens escape since there was a possibility that they would be summoned if the former general knew that they had formed a contract with me.

“You’re back, Halt.”

“Yeah, I’m here. Oy, wait, Luke, you almost hit me with your ultimate magic!”

“Eh, did I? Sorry, sorry. Ah, but if it’s Halt, even if I did hit yah, you could resist it, right?”

Nope, didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t hit me!? That’s why I didn’t even use defensive magic. If it did hit me, wouldn’t I turn into charcoal!?

The Elf King arrived while I was talking with my friends.

“Halt, well done. You have my utmost gratitude.”

The Elf King bowed before me.

“No, I just protected my wives’ home country. Please raise your head, Your Majesty.”

“Won’t you call me ‘Dad’? The marriage between you and Leaffa has been officially recognized in our beloved kingdom. In other words, I will become your father-in-law.”


“P, Papa…”

Leaffa turned red in embarrassment.

“A, alright, then please allow me to call you ‘Dad’ except in official places.”

“Yes, sounds good. I will also greet Halt’s parents as early as possible. So, should I write them a letter?”

“No, there is no need for that. I am the third son, so my parents will not oppose my marriage.”

“Is that so, then it’s good. I am looking forward to conferring you the honor of being the Hero who saved this Kingdom, as well as my son-in-law.”

Conferring honor…

Well, I’ll be marrying Leaffa, who is beloved by many citizens, so I must be at the level of a Hero at least, I guess?

To obtain the citizens’ approval, I decided to go along with the Elf King’s proposal.

Do I have to deliver a speech?

I’m nervous about talking in front of a crowd, though.

Eh, that time when I addressed the soldiers of Apristos?

I was tense, so somehow, I managed it.

In the end, the Elf King told me that I’d be conferred the title of Hero of the Kingdom tomorrow, and my wedding with Tina and Leaffa will be announced at that time, as well.


Isn’t that too soon?

The people who evacuated from the royal capital will return tomorrow. The war was won, and the kingdom was protected, so the minsters clamored that the country’s celebration and honoring the heroes be done today. However, only a few citizens would be able to join in, and the Elf King thought it was too lonesome.


With that, I teleported Tina and Leaffa back with me to my own family home.

“I’m home. Is Father around?”

“Welcome home, Master Halt. The Count should be in the study.”

I called out the maid cleaning the garden and asked her regarding Father’s whereabouts.

“Welcome home too, Tina. Ahm, excuse me… who might this person be?”

“Ah, my fiancée.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Leaffa Alheim.”


“Ah, I’ll be marrying Halt-sama, too.”


The maid stood frozen while clutching the broom. We left her there and headed toward Father’s study.

“Father, it’s me, Halt.”

“Oh, so you’re home. Come in.”

We entered Father’s study. 

“Oh, so you’re with Tina. And who might this little lady be?”

Father noticed Tina and Leaffa.

“I am delighted to make your acquaintance. I am the Second Princess of the Kingdom of Alheim, Leaffa Alheim.”

“Alheim… the Country of the Elves, right. So, for what reason did the Princess come here with this son of mine?”

I glanced at Leaffa and Tina. They nodded a little.

“Father, I am going to marry these two.”


Father was stunned.

“No, no, no, no, no, wait a minute. Even if that was true, I understand regarding Tina, since she already expressed long ago that she wanted to marry you in the future.”

It seems that when I was born, Tina thought I was the reincarnation of the Hero that was with her during their adventure, so she requested the Count to make her my exclusive maid, relying on her status as the Heroine. 

Father didn’t make things hard for her, and he readily agreed with her request.

“However, the problem lies with Her Highness Leaffa. Not only is she the Elf Princess, but you’re also marrying such a beautiful girl, I’m so jealou— Ouchhh!!!”

“What are you talking about, dear?”


My mother had entered the room without anyone noticing, and now she was pulling Father’s ear.

“Halt, Tina, and that girl, Leaffa, over there, I heard from the maid about your wedding. Congratulations, I support you.”

Mother acknowledged our marriage.

“Mother, thank you very much.”

“Yes, I’m so glad that this son of mine will be able to have such cute girls as brides. I entrust my son in your care, both of you.”

“Y, yes!”

“Madam, thank you very much.”

“Tina, if you are going to marry Halt, then call me Mother, alright?”

“Y, yes, Mother.”

Tina called her Mother with a tomato-red face.

“Yes, sounds good.”

Mother looked as if she was over the moon.

“Ahm… May I also call you as such?”

“Why, of course! Leaffa, treat this home as your own, and feel free to come and play whenever.”

“Thank you so much, Mother.”

“T, then call me Father— Hiii!!!”

Mother stared at Father with ogre eyes.

He’s a bit pitiful, but he’s in the wrong for ogling at my wife.

After various things, my wedding news-breaking finally ended safely (?). My parents acknowledge my marriages.

I told them briefly about the happenings in Alheim, and I also told them that we need to return as soon as possible.

Father’s a Count, and Mother has some work to do, so they won’t be able to attend the wedding reception in Alheim tomorrow.

We will set another wedding reception at a later date, to be thrown by the Count of Glendale. 

As we were doing the preparations for returning to Alheim, Mother came by and handed something to Tina and Leaffa. 

“You know, I wanted to give these to Halt’s future bride.”

Leaffa got a necklace. Tina received a bracelet.

“Mother, thank you so much.”

“Thank you very much. I will treasure it.”

“Take care on your way back. I’m looking forward to your wedding.”

Mother waved us off, and as we waved back at her, we teleported to Alheim.


T/N: The Japanese have separate terms for Father-in-law (お義父さん)and Mother-in-Law (お義母様). Unfortunately, I don’t think people keep calling the parents of their spouses with the suffix –in- law, so I decided to drop it. I’ll be reducing the Elf King’s Father- in – Law name to Dad, too, since Elf King wanted Halt to use a more informal tone compared to Halt’s mother. 😁

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  1. Considering Halt’s power, instead of Hero, maybe the elves could revere and venerate him almost like a god, perhaps a God-Emperor? lol. The elves could just build a few temples and fanes here and there in peristyle that are adorned with entablatures with carvings on them that depict his effulgent and aureous struggle against the Evil God. Also, they could also make some sculptures and place them on some plinths and pedastals and have some paintings interspersed there depicting him with some kind of aurulent gloriole or nimbus or some sanctified aureole lol.

    1. They cannot revere Halt like God,since they treat Sylph as their God and ironically she is subordinates/servant of Halt…😆🤣🤣

  2. Also, because you mentioned something about language…check out “Babel-17” by Samuel R. Delany. It’s a science fiction story that’s all about language.

    Also, check out “Ficciones” and “El Aleph” (usually translated as “Fictions” and “The Aleph”) by Jorge Luis Borges. They’re more surrealist fiction than fantasy or science fiction, but Borges was known for his use of language in Spanish and his short stories did influence some people such as Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe, and Guillermo del Toro. He was fluent in several languages and was actually the guy that inspired me to actually learn foreign languages (my second language is German (which I’m currently increasing my vocabulary in, I already understand the grammar), I’m probably going to start Russian and improve my Spanish soon (my Spanish is decent, but still pretty rusty lol)).

    Anyways, enjoy.

    1. I think it was noted early on that earl is also the equivalent of count..:) so went with count..like prince edward is the earl of wessex, while his wife is the countess of wessex 🙂

  3. {Father’s a Count, and Mother has some work to do, so they won’t be able to attend the wedding reception in Alheim tomorrow.}

    I wanna say what type of parents are they prioritising work ober their son’s wedding?😶

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