I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 108

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Time of Silence

Everyone who saw the scene was completely lost for words, leaving the world in a state of silence. A Giant and two Dragons had appeared and were currently attacking the so-called tower. An unbelievable scene was unfolding before their eyes.

The Giants and the Dragons were known to be the strongest types of monsters. The ones who sowed fear in the hearts of men.

And now those monsters were currently fighting with the tower that was about to bring humanity to its end. Just thinking about it seemed unreal, however no one could deny that it was actually happening.

However, there was a different matter that brought about even more confusion――

[United Nations Geneva Executive Office]

“Isn’t that the Dragon that was in England?”

The European Parliament and the United Nations were currently holding an emergency meeting. The topic of which was of course the battle currently being held in France.

All of the participants in the meeting were currently looking towards the big monitor situated in the meeting room.

Up until now the United Nations had gathered information about the BOSSes from their respective countries, however they hadn’t received any news in regards to Titan that had been in America. Even so they had heard numerous rumors about him.

And the Giant currently being broadcasted on the screen was none other than Titan.

The Giant that had nearly brought about America’s destruction had suddenly appeared in France, causing a wave of shock throughout the world.

But even so, the thing that shocked the people even more was one of the Dragons. The information the United Nations had gotten about England’s BOSS had come directly from Leo Garcia.

However, in Leo’s report there hadn’t been anything about taming the BOSS.

“The BOSSes are attacking the tower!? What in the world is going on.”

“Could it be The Sanctuary Knights’ Carlo? If I remember correctly he should have the Beast Master Class. However was there any news about him being able to tame BOSSes?”

“It’s been reported that Carlo isn’t participating in this battle. And there’s also a monster that’s thought to be Titan. However, from what I remember, The Sanctuary Knights shouldn’t have been to America.”

The people currently participating in the emergency meeting were both members from the European Parliament as well as the United Nations. However, due to none of them having any concrete information, all of them could only voice out their speculations.

“For starters, is it even possible to tame Titan and the Dragon King. I‘ve never heard of an ability user being able to do something as ridiculous as that.”

“You can clearly see both of them before you, can’t you? We can only accept that it’s possible.”

In the midst of the heated discussions going on between the members, a single person gathered everyone’s attention with his words.

“Shouldn’t the person currently fighting there, be one of the people that participated in the United Kingdom’s subjugation? After all, that’s the only way he could have tamed the dragon’s BOSS.”

A lot of the members within the room agreed with that statement.

“Who were the other participants besides The Sanctuary Knights?”

asked one of the European Parliament members towards the United Nations’ members, who had information about the mutants that had participated in the subjugation. One of the United Nations’ members immediately connected to the database and began searching for the necessary information.

“The people that participated in the United Kingdom’s subjugation, apart from The Sanctuary Knights, were Suzaku’s leader Wan Xin Yi and its Vice Leader Ryu Zu Hao, as well as…”

“A Japanese by the name of Gojo Masakado.”


The continuous summoning of the BOSSes was taking a huge toll on my body. Even though I had infinite magic power, the amount of magic power that I could produce at once was limited.

And even with my power, I could only summon a handful of high levelled monsters. I couldn’t summon any more.

And due to the magic power needed to sustain the summoning of the BOSSes being way too high, I could only maintain the summoning for a bit more. I definitely had to destroy the tower before the summoning reached its time limit.

The tower was letting out an ominous black aura while looking over the surroundings. Hundreds of tentacles shot towards the sky, creating a scene out of a nightmare.

Hydra and Shiva were both dodging the tentacles while circling around the tower.

During their flight Shiva didn’t miss a gap between some of the tentacles and fired off a fire ball. The ball of fire headed towards the top part of the tower, colliding with it and exploding, peeling off some of the tower’s outer layer.

On the other hand, Hydra was shooting off beams of light, completely disintegrating the numerous tentacles.

Hydra was shooting off light in all directions, hitting everything in its vicinity. Looking at Hydra’s beams I got a bit worried about Titan that was right under it. No matter how strong Titan was, he probably wouldn’t come out unscathed if hit by one of those light rays…

And talking about Titan, he was currently right under the tower, wielding his Axe of Destruction horizontally cutting and shattering the tower’s lower part completely. Which shook the whole tower.

‘Looking at it like this, Titan looks just like a woodcutter. Maybe he’ll really be able to cut it down.’

Is what I thought, however the tower was being supported on four sides by enormous vines. And if those four vines weren’t destroyed it wouldn’t fall.

“Titan! Aim for those vines!”

Titan quickly changed directions heading for the nearest vine. To be honest I wasn’t sure if he actually understood me, however I believed that I had managed to get my point across.

In the next moment hundreds of tentacles shot towards Titan, trying to stop him in his tracks. If it was only a number of tentacles Titan should have been able to burn them with the heat radiating from his body, however with several tens of tentacles even Titan had a hard time moving.

Up above in the air Shiva and Hydra were also covered in tentacles.

If the tentacles managed to stop them for only a moment, they would be able to surround them even more completely blocking their movements. In order to prevent that, Shiva tried to fire off a fire breath, however she had her neck suppressed by the tentacles.

Hydra had its Absolute Defense skill as well, however it couldn’t stop the tentacles from surrounding it.

The three BOSSes had their movements completely sealed. Just as I was about to try and help them with magic, Hydra began shining.

“I forgot it had that card.”

Hydra turned into a ball of light, which quickly became bigger. All of the tentacles that were restricting Hydra were completely disintegrated.

As if being enraged by what had just happened Hydra began shooting off light from its mouths. The light beam hit the middle of the tower, completely destroying its outer layer. In order to prevent any more destruction and to buy time so that it could regenerate, the tower immediately covered the wounded part with tentacles.

After which it focused its complete attention towards Hydra, shooting hundreds of tentacles with tremendous speed at its direction.

‘I need to first find a way to deal with those tentacles.’ 

Thinking that, I began gathering various types of magic power in my hands. Fire, Darkness, Lightning, all of them became one.

“Combination Magic: Blooming Dark Lightning”

Lightning covered in black flames made their way towards the hundreds of tentacles! The tentacles that were heading towards Hydra were hit by the lightning and as if turning completely numb, had their movements stopped and were enveloped in a pillar of flames.

Hydra didn’t miss the opportunity and used its light rays to completely evaporate all of the tentacles in its line of sight.

Lightning also hit the tentacles that were surrounding Titan and Shiva.

The lightning didn’t hurt both of them that much, however for the tentacles it was a nightmare which burned them completely.

‘Due to the weakening of the constraints, Titan and Shiva would be able to escape.’

Titan’s body became even hotter and the remaining vines that were surrounding him completely burned down. After he freed himself, he once again picked up his axe and began chopping at the enormous vine.

The vine was completely cut down, which reduced one of the supporting sides of the tower by one.

The tentacles covering Shiva also weakened due to the lightning. Seeing that Shiva used all of her strength to fly up, tearing apart the remaining tentacles.

After she flew high up in the air, she began gathering as much magic power as she could, which she turned into a fireball that could destroy anything, and shot it off. The ball of fire collided with the top of the tower, accompanied by intense heat and booming sounds.

Including the egg, the top of the tower was completely destroyed.

‘Even if it’s the egg it shouldn’t be able to regenerate completely after that, right?’ 

Is what I thought, however without even needing a minute, the egg was back to what it had been before.

Looking at the egg once again I felt that it was certainly strange. Compared to the other parts, it’s true that its regeneration is fast, however the thing that bothered me was that I didn’t feel any resistance when attacking it.

It felt like it was inviting us to hit it… 

‘It can’t be…’

“Is it tricking us to attack it?”

‘Or is it just trying to redirect our attacks towards it so that it can defend its other parts. Which means that, that thing is no egg. It probably functions as a lizards tail. It’s probably planning to cut it off later.’

Due to not getting any concrete information about the egg beforehand I might have just been attacking it meaninglessly up until now.

‘Which means that it really is trying to protect the tower itself. Or maybe something even deeper…’

“I wonder if there’s anything underground.”

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