When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 30

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What do you think I am?

Kong Wuying is surprised.

He tries to move but his body is frozen. He calls for Kongbao in his mind, to use the link between a puppet and the puppeteer. 



The reply is the same.

“Your soul puppet is dead. Please raise it again.”

“Your soul puppet is dead. Please raise it again.”

Just like what happened when Kongbao ran away, this bland, white noise replies. 

Kong Wuying gradually calms. He gazes at this familiar but strange ‘Kongbao’ in front of him. “Who are you?” Kong Wuying demands, his voice icy.

‘Kongbao’ shows his teeth. “Ling Jinying, this is my name.” He leans forward, lips right beside Kong Wuying’s ear. “Ah Wuying, you can never forget. Tonight, this will be your man’s name.”

(^ Ah = familiar way to call someone)

Kong Wuying throwing a fit inside his mind. Kongbao, this bitch, how dare you throw away the name this master lovingly gave to you!?

He just wants to punch this disgusting face, however, he can’t move. Of his entire body, only his mouth can move, which is definitely due to Kongbao’s spirit energies.

Ling Jinying pulls back to appreciate the expression on Kong Wuying’s face.

After seeing Kong Wuying’s very unhappy expression, Ling Jinying becomes very happy and then says, “Ah Wuying, it’s not that I want to bully you. It’s not my fault you’re so weak, so weak and cute that I can’t help trying to bully you.”

Ling Jinying slowly leans forward and licks Kong Wuying’s lips. He licks, expecting that he might be bitten.

However, he’s surprised by the result. Kong Wuying is very obedient and allows Ling Jinying to lick it. Ling Jinying grows bolder, kissing Kong Wuying’s lips and then-

Ling Jinying’s silver hair and purple eyes become black hair and black eyes.

Kongbao collapses, his whole body stiff and immovable. 

This feeling… how familiar.

Kong Wuying’s mind gets a cheery alert; “Congratulations, your soul puppet Kongbao has been rebooted successfully.”

“Dumbass,” Kong Wuying announces.

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Wuying unscrupulously exercises the master’s power he holds. “Kongbao, you are on thin ice. Release the restrictions on my body and then go outside to kneel in apology.”

Kongbao’s body shakes, and although very unwilling, he still has to totter outside to kneel.

Five minutes later, Kong Wuying walks out of the bathroom dressed neatly and sees the naked Kongbao kneeling outside, shivering.

“Master?” Kongbao blinks his big eyes and cries pitifully.

What a pity that Kong Wuying has now seen through the baby’s true face, there’s no way he’d eat up this joke of an act. Looking at Kongbao’s beautiful and lovely face, Kong Wuying can hardly wait to step on this idiot. 

In fact, he does.

Stepping on Kongbao, Kong Wuying crosses his arms. “Do you know why you are in this position?”

Kongbao is silent.

Kong Wuying leans down and pats Kongbao’s face hard enough for it to be a gentle slap. “Because you are an idiot. I am not someone you can treat like this, I am your master.”

Kongbao’s expression twitches slightly in resentment.

Kong Wuying straightens up and drawls out, “Tell me, why did you become such a ghost? Where did you go when you left me?”

Why did this brat ‘die’ and dare to call himself such a ridiculous name when ‘Kongbao’ is perfectly fine.

Moreover, it seems that Kongbao, when in that odd state, is not affected by the master-servant contract at all.

Kongbao purses his lips and has to be honest. “I became that way because I was dead.”


Kongbao nods and looks at Kong Wuying. “Master, do you remember what I said to you when I was born?”

When he was born?

Kong Wuying hums, trying to recall. To be honest, it has been more than 1000 years, and he really can’t remember.

But looking at Kongbao’s face, he does have a faint impression of the memory. Unlike other soul puppets, Kongbao was not born in his soul puppet studio, but on the battlefield.

Kong Wuying had been the Lord of Yeying for many years, and it wasn’t all smooth sailing. That year, he led his army to quell the rebellion.

Although the final victory was his, he also suffered a lot of damage. On the battlefield, a sea of blood red out to the horizon. Kong Wuying, covered in it, both from enemies and allies alike.

Kongbao was made in that situation. Although Kong Wuying had collected a lot of the precious materials needed beforehand, the most precious thing was the soul of a soldier who could not be defeated even after a thousand years on the battlefield.

Kongbao was made to be a natural warrior.

As Kong Wuying had expected, the birth of Kongbao was the birth of a legendary Divine soul puppet beyond all ranks.

Powerful and beautiful.

That was exactly what Kong Wuying needed.

At that time, it seemed that…

While the unique lilac moon of Yeying shined on the earth, the land dyed red with blood seemed to be covered in a haze with this gorgeous and dreamy purple color. On the open and desolate land, with black hair and black eyes, a man with his head held high came to Kong Wuying. The man knelt on one knee and kissed Kong Wuying’s fingers gently.

And now, Kongbao looks so sad, kneeling on the ground quietly, staring up at his master. Just like the memory, Kongbao speaks.

“I was born out of blood and death, from the will of my Lord.”

“My body, mind and soul are yours.”

“I will be loyal to you forever, I will offer my all to you.”

“Your joy and sorrow will be my joy and sorrow, your love and hatred will be my love and hatred, and your sorrow will be my sorrow.”

“I was born for you and died for you.”

“You are everything to me and my unswerving pursuit in this life.”

“I will give everything for you, only need you to give me your trust.”

“With your trust, I have strength.”

“Without your trust, I will die in despair and helplessness among the cliffs and valleys.”

The words overlap with the past, Kongbao’s kneeling body identical to that undefeatable soldier.

Kong Wuying’s answer also echoes the words in that memory; “I think you’d better put on your clothes.”

After a moment, with Kongbao now dressed, he continues. “That’s what happened. You didn’t believe me and I died. Born again, I forgot you, forgot everything, muddleheaded away from Yeying to Mingguang.”

Kongbao gazes at Kong Wuying. “After so many years, due to the subtle influence of the events of that year, I lose my memory every century and wander for a year. This year, I met you, a totally different master. Master, you recognized me and took me home, so that I can recover all my memories.”

The experience sounds tragic, but there’s no sign of guilt.

“Trust?” Kong Wuying asks. “Are you blaming me?”

Kongbao purses his lips and doesn’t speak.

Kong Wuying snaps out, “I also want to trust you, but you talk nonsense all day long! I asked you to look after my twelve godsons, lest anything happen while I was on a trip away. How did you report back to me? Huh?”

Kong Wuying throws up his hands. “How could you say that all my twelve godsons have strange thoughts about me? You’re the one with the strange mind! Nonsense! If you say one or two, maybe I would believe you. After all, there are always crooked branches when children grow, but how can all twelve be the same!? What do you think I am?”

“Not just those twelve,” Kongbao says instantly. “Millions of people!”

Kong Wuying wants to throw something.

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